Why Am I Not Alive When You Were?

For almost three weeks now I've been very busy about school. There's the endless projects, exams, reports, presentations, etc. I just breathe today after a week of preparation for my presentation in one of my major courses. lol. Thank God he's always there to give me enough time and energy to have fun amidst the busy schedule I have. Never thought junior year in college would be this tough. Well, nobody said it was easy anyway. I'm just glad to make it through. Next week is our midterm exams and hopefully I'll manage to make it too.okay, I'm talking (complaining) a lot now. gomen.
So here's just another post that made me breathe much better :)

my sketch of Audrey Hepburn
This is my favorite photo of her when I searched for her over the net. I haven't really achieved the original look she had on her photo. yep I made her photo as my guide in sketching this one. Anyways,she's always stunning in every angle and I don't know why but I find Audrey easy to sketch.haha.srsly.

Another sketch of Hepburn
I actually made this aheadof the other sketch above. This is the first I did too when my mom bought me my first sketchpad.

yey, It's Lennon! John Lennon
Here's a drawing I made for my favorite The Beatles member, John Lennon. I don't have to explain why, do I? hahaha Made this using my signature ballpoint pen, mygel 0.5 LOL. Btw, I had some guide or reference to made this drawing too. I just searched for Lennon over the net too and found a similar drawing above so I made it. I don't remember who made the drawing, just found it in google. But the one above is my version.Credits for that guy anyway :) Lennon is always cool w/ his signature glasses.

Marilyn Monroe
An artwork for Marilyn Monroe. I don't really like, idolized her that much but a friend of mine asked me to draw her and so I did :D It's actually a combination of ink, paint (for the lips) and pencil (for shadowing).

The Beatles
My artwork for my favorite band.yey.The Beatles!!! This one's the famous FaceBeatles photo they have. I really, really love how they look in this drawing. You can find a lot of photos similar to this one. Funny fact about this thing is its size. The actual size of this drawing is 1x2, so you can imagine now how small it is. It just looks big here because of the photo size but if you notice it's a bit blur.lol. The important thing is I managed to succeed in making theface beatles. I tried making another version of this one, a lot bigger, but it didn't turn out to be the best. My classmate Valerie asked it from me as her birthday gift last year so she's the owner of that FAIL facebeatles now hahahahha.
James Dean
One of my artworks I consider one of my best.lol. I just love how I achieved to show Dean's face in a paint. In the reference photo I had, the paint color is supposed to be blue but my younger brother took it. What remains is my red paint so it's what I used for this one.

Note: All artworks above are made by me. I used different photos from google too as my reference/guide to draw them.

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  1. They all look awesome. You have a talent... and an eye for Art :) Keep posting... :)

  2. Looks great tin!! School really is getting intense, See you next week in school!

  3. hi Steph (Lahlab)!!!!
    yey thankkyy,, interesting indeed but 100% tiring.LOL
    yey see you soon Stephyy <3