Ear Candy: CATTSKI

I'm not an accredited music blogger or any of the kind but I wanted to share this wondrous and cool music I just heard last week in one of my busy nights editting our short film project. I was trolling around fb to kill time waiting for my downloads to finish when I caught a glimpse of an interesting post by one of my friends in fb. This friend of mine shared a link going to soundcloud ( a site in w/c you can freely upload your music). I've been to soundcloud before checking out music too and so what happened is I opened the link and VIOLA! my ear is tasting its candy-CATTSKI. >.<

         I don't really know much about her but when I checked out her page in fb, I've found out that she's also a Cebuana like me. I was a bit surprised since I am truly amazed with her voice that I thought what I'm hearing is a popular song abroad. She had a very nice diction and believe me, her voice is so powerful you'll catch yourself clicking the 'play' button again and again.
          I'm always a fan of Indie musicians in our country but most of them are from Manila. As what I'm saying I'm not fully aware of the very talented Cebuanos we have. After listening to almost all of CATTSKI's soundtracks in her soundcloud account, I feel much proud to pinned the FIlipino music in me. Her music makes me a much proud Cebuana too.
         Also, I've found out that she doesn't limit her talent in just singing songs, most of her songs are composed by her too. Her music never fail to sooth away my stress after a long day in school. I love all of her songs like the Secret Crush, Being Good, Me,50's etc. I always find them amusing but my favorite song from her is her newly release 'Monsters'. This song will gear up all its listeners to a new level of appreciating music to its fullest.

I feel I’m braver now to face my demons
I’ve finally learned to use my angels too
I think I’m finally ready to live my truth
Cause right now that I’m without you
There’s just nothing to lose

I feel I’m stronger now to own my feelings
Strong enough that I can stand my ground
And I’m aware that I still can’t let you go
But there’s nothing to hold on to now
You’re nowhere to be found

**     I used to be so worried
        You might run away
        I fought so hard to make you want to stay
        I hid you in my closet, I put you on a leash
        But even then you’ve managed to escape

***    And all the monsters have left the building
       Cause there’s absolutely nothing they can take from me
       And all the sirens have stopped their screaming
       The police have stopped their chasing
       They got nothing to pin on me
        Now that you’re gone

Repeat ** and ***
You were my everything…
You were

Repeat *** 

From her soundcloud:
Monsters is a track from Cattski's latest album 0:00:00 (Zero).
Words & Music by Cattski Espina
Instruments & Electronics by Jad Bantug
Produced by Cattski Espina
Recorded & Mixed at 1032 Recording Studios, Cebu City Philippines
Mastered by Dave Donelly of DNA Mastering, California USA
Available on iTunes & Bandcamp.
Released by 22 Tango Records
Published by ICO Music Publishing
Go to www.cattski.com to download the whole album for free
or you can choose to purchase it too.
Here's where you can check the lyrics of her songs:

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