Baby Blue

The Hairstyle, Fishbone braid       

The Make-up, shades of blue
A close-up shot!

Candid shot

Baby Blue Photoshoot
Model: Nevelle July Quibido
Location: South Hills Subdivision
MUA/Photography: yours truly :)

    Here's just one of my post about my photos are part of our "Sweet Dreams" photoshoot with my girls last June. I posted it late since I don't want to mix all the photos together since we did different theme for each of the girls.Been busy too,so haven't had time editting the photos.
Note: All photos are just taken by a Samsung digital camera. I just did a little touch-up and editting for it.

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  1. very nice tin! keep doing what you love :)

  2. hehe thanks Steph! we'll do it together some time soon..ayt?! hehehe

  3. Thanks for following me in my blog, followed you too. :) I like the blue in this outfit...

  4. hello Jaybel!
    your welcome :)thanks for following me too.
    I love blue too, my favorite color <3