DIY: Tribal Print Shorts

There's no denying the fact that Tribal Print is one of the hottest trends in fashion. I've seen a lot of tribal prints before but it's when I saw this picture in tumblr that I'm inspired to make my own.
 Now is the time for you guys to do it yourself too. It's really easy plus, you don't need to spend some cash in making your own tribal print shorts.I don't really know how others did their own but what I'll show is how I made mine.


  • any shorts
  • a pair of scissors
  • a paint brush
  • a black textile ink
  • a permanent marker
  1.  Of course the first thing you need is the shorts. You can use any shorts you want as long as it doesn't look too dark. I prefer something that looks a bit faded to highlight the print. What I use is an old shorts given to me by my mom. You don't need to buy new shorts, you just have to have an initiative in looking for one. If you don't have any faded shorts you can always visit some thrift shops in your place right?
  2. The next thing you need is pair of scissors. You need scissors to cut off the outer edge of your shorts if you want it to have that same edge as the picture above. This is optional, you don't need to cut off edges of your shorts to make the tribal print. This is just to add some style in your shorts.
  3. Another thing you need is a black permanent marker. You will need this in putting the design in your shorts. This is also to prevent you in making mistakes if you're not that good in using paint brushes/in painting. Start drawing the design using the permanent marker. You won't have difficulty in painting if you do so.
  4. The design you made using the marker will serve as a guide for you in painting your shorts. You will need a paint brush and a black textile ink. The thinner the paint brush, the better. Thin brushes will enable you to have control in tracing the designs you have especially if you have a shaky hands while you paint.
  5. After painting the traces with the black textile ink, VIOLA! You'll have your own tribal print shorts now. I didn't know yet if the ink won't smudge after you do your laundry. Haven't wash my own tribal printed shorts yet but I heard that acrylic paint wouldn't smudge so I guess prints from textile ink would do the same since it's more appropriate to use in any type of cloths.
close-up shot

Thanks for reading! I hope this post will help you make your own tribal print shorts too.
Tin :) 

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  1. Cute DIY dear :) Been wanting to make one of my own but I always seem to find myself stuck in the laptop being online almost the whole day during weekends. Hehe. ;)

  2. Good job! I liked it... I hope I have time to do it...

  3. This is so awesome :) If I was the kind of girl who had a endless supply of denim cut offs lying around I would definitely give this a go.

  4. I think you can be a great designer someday... just keep working on it... this is awesome!

  5. such a cool idea! hope i can do it all by myself. great blog! hope you can check out mine too. <3

  6. thanks you girls!I really appreciate your comments <3
    hope you can do it too, I know you can.I hope this post help you :)
    love ya!

    @Nicole: sure2x

  7. Oh, this is a lovely post!
    Will try this soon :">
    Anyways, maybe you'd want to
    follow each other's blogs?
    Let me know! x


  8. Wow! That's really an amazing DIY! Love the outcome! Thanks for sharing this. I might do it sometime. :)

    -- M.

  9. Hey dear :) I left you something on my blog. Hope you'll check it out :)

  10. awesome tutorial dear ,
    i will definitely try this one out .
    two thumbs up !

  11. Thanks Keyti,sure
    I'll be looking forward to that
    I'm sure you can do it
    even more awesome than what I've done

  12. Very Cool! Thank you for this awesome tutorial. You're my new favorite ;)