Ashi Behati

jongskie strike a pose!
close-up shot
make-up and earrings <3 td="td">
the shoes
Ashi Behati
Location: Hills View Subdivision Tisa, Cebu City
Model: Joanna C. Lañojan
MUA&Photographer: yours truly :)
Styling: MG
Earrings: Joanna & mine
All Clothes are from Joanna's wardrobe
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  1. I like this concept, and the earrings too :) oh, and the shoes...

  2. This is a great look for you... I love everything... especially the shoes and your earrings. Where did you get them??? Good job!

    Lots of Love!

  3. oh, thank you girls!
    you're so sweet :)

    @Belinda: The green and red feather earrings are mine, I got them from a local accessories shop in our place.The brown one is owned by my friend she got that at Forever21. :))thanks a lot~

    @Jaybel: Thanks Jaybel, just thought her clothes would match in our chosen location so we did it there. It actually looked better than I expected. <3

  4. The feather earing is realy cool. I want it too :D Wanna follow each other? I am already following you via GFC and bloglovin. Can you do the same dear?


  5. hello Veronica!!sure! I followed you back too dear.Thanks a lot.I really appreciate it.You have a lovely blog :))

  6. Very nice Tin! hehehe, Jhong looks really nice :D

  7. gorgeous outfit dear ,
    i love the earrings .
    actually the whole outfit .

  8. thank you Stephy!! yea she did :)
    I love how our styling experiment worked hehe

    thank you Keyti!