A Fun + Fearless Day with Cosmo PH

      It always makes me feel grateful when I get the chance to meet new people and learn new things. Not just regular people and things, but those that I can consider as a sprinkle of God's wonder into my life. It wasn't that long when the amazing Jewel of Jewel Clicks sent me an invitation to go to Cosmopolitan Philippines' inspo event here in Cebu. Who wouldn't say no to an invitation sent by one of the bloggers you admire? Jewel is so sweet and cool and you should follow her blog if you haven't! What's more is that there is so much promise with the said event as it aims to inspire Cebuanas by bringing some of the country's successful women in different fields.

     Cosmopolitan by the way, is one of the hottest and most popular magazines. The event was held last Saturday May 28, 2016 at the Garden Bloc, Cebu I.T Park. It was a part of their anniversary celebration which they started celebrating in Manila and brought here in Cebu. The event was co-sponsored by Avida and Skin White as well as other brands such as Bos Coffee and Nail and Butter.
    The event started at 4pm in the afternoon, but I've heard that Cosmo already prepared a series of fun-filled activities as early as on the May 27th.
      The main event was hosted by CosmoPH's EIC Ms. Jillian Gatcheco. After a fun guessing game sponsored by Skin White, we were then introduced to the fearless speakers handpicked by Cosmo.
     The first speaker introduced to us by Cosmo is the renowned fashion and beauty photographer Shaira Luna. Shaira is one of the most popular fashion photographers in the Philippines today, but she had been making waves even as a child. She actually became a household name as she became a commercial model for a milk brand. Prior to the event, I do not know so much about her other than she is a popular photographer shooting some of my favorite local celebrities.

      Shaira started her talk by asking us if it was okay for her to sit on stage. hehe She is so cute when she did it and it was because according to her, she felt more comfortable talking about herself while sitting. She then shared with us her struggles as a young person finding her path. Contrary to what so many people believed that she would become a doctor, Shaira didn't become one. She had her fair share of confusion and fears too. She told us that her life wasn't all glitz and glamor and that there are things that she had to learn in a difficult way. She was lost, but then she was found by photography.

       Shaira didn't study fashion photography so she learned so many things by herself from her experiences and creative experimentation. Listening to her made me feel rejuvenated from my fears and yes, very fearless. I was inspired to pursue another path which I longly desire. She told us that just because we do not end up as what many expects us to be, doesn't mean we are a failure. It just proves that we are brave enough to find our own mark. She also told us that cash isn't everything in this world; that it will eventually come if you are doing your best.
     The next speaker who graced the stage for us is Candy Magazine's former EIC and author of “In Case You Come Back” Marla Miniano. Just like Shaira, Marla also comfortably shared with us her personal experiences as a young person, particularly as someone who experienced quarter-life crisis. Marla also braved her way towards her success by working hard and by defying a life already laid out for her.

     Marla also shared 7 things that she was glad she didn't know when she was 20. I can actually relate to almost all of the things Marla told us especially when she said that some people and relationship has to grow. Not because we no longer want it, but because there is a good reason why we have to let them go.

      Marla published several works already but I actually haven't read any of them. But once I finish reading the books I sleep with, I'll definitely read her works. Particularly her book of poems!
     After Shaira and Marla's talk about being fearless in defying odds and pursuing dreams, we were then introduced to Cosmopolitan Editorial Director Myrza Sison, who shared to us very relevant notes about the transformative power of beauty. I learn so much from Ms. Myrza, not just about being beautiful inside and out but also some of the ugly truth about beauty.

      Miss Myrza reminded every woman in the event that we are all beautiful regardless of our race, size, culture, skin, etc. She then gamely answered all the questions asked to her by the audience just like Shaira and Marla.
    The last, but definitely not the least speaker who inspired us is celebrity stylist Kat Cruz-Villanueva. Some of Kat's clients are famous local celebrities as well. Kat shared to us some of her experiences as a stylist as well as how she treats her clients. She also shared to us so many tips on how we can dress according to out body type. After her very informative talk. Kat then entertained questions from aspiring stylistas.

     Cosmo cocktails were served throughout the event as we listened to the fun, fearless females who talked about their passion. I was beyond ecstatic by the inspo event brought by Cosmo. Thank you so much, Cosmo!

      I still feel worried, but because of the event, I am more motivated to do my best and to be brave not only in reaching my goals but also in living life to the fullest.
My bff Shie and I lmao our faces lol
       I hope Cosmo will continue bringing inspirations and love to every Filipinas. Have a wonderful day dear reader. Never forget to be fun and fearless!

love lots,

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  1. That sounds so exciting! I used to love reading cosmo.
    Christina ♥ https://caliope-couture.com

  2. Hello Tin! :) That Cosmo's event sounds really impressive - I remeber that when I was teenager, I used to read this magazine a lot and honestly, I'm a little shocked that the event was SO good, because after all of those year, when I want to read Cosmopolitan again, I thought that it's a little bit tacky for me (or maybe I grow up...?:)). Anyway, backing to the event - I'm so glad that Cosmo invited so many inspiring people and they focus on the topic of fearless women, who do in theirs lifes what they love, it's really motivating to make dreams come true.


  3. Beautiful pics, Tin. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Happy new week, girl.

  4. Wow so glad you were able to attend this fantastic event. Those speakers seem so wonderful. The ugly truths about beauty really stuck with me and were actually a little painful to see. I have felt the effects of not being wordly beautiful my whole life while watching others do so much less and get so much more. Glad someone is brave enough to discuss such things. Lotsa love -- Sham

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  5. How lucky are those who were able to listen to those four presentations. Eye openers for all and inspiration to many. All the best Cristine!

  6. Such an interesting post!! LOved all the pictures!! :)

  7. It sounds like an awesome event and so interesting to hear these lovely speakers!


  8. Sounds like an awesome event with interesting topics

  9. ay, parang ang saya ng event!!! totally want to attend that!! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  10. Lovely post hun! I like this so much.

    JENNEROUTFITS.COM a blog dedicated to kendall and kylie jenner’s best outfits.

  11. i had goosebumps after reading about that attractive people ugly truth bit cos i feel like im not attractive enough hehe! - and then sabay "its time to believe in your own beauty"<3 na touch ako!