Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation Review

        I love trying out new makeup products but before buying any, I love to read reviews about them first. That is to help me chose the right product also to ensure that I get the most out of the money that I spend. When Maybelline posted an announcement on their Facebook account that they are having a sale on their products, I immediately check the whole thing and see what products should I buy from them. Since I am looking for a foundation at that time, I bought their Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. I pick the one in Nude Light 4 shade as it suits my skin tone.

Maybelline's only lightweight air-whipped mousse foundation for 100% matte perfection
Ultra-mattifying powders and oxygen are whipped into a mousse formula to bring air-light perfection to matte. Ideal for normal to oily skin, medium to high coverage
This air-whipped formula lets air flow to your skin for lightweight matte coverage that breathes freely and covers flawlessly. Comes in 12 different shades.

The foundation is in a petite circular container made of glass so it is breakable. What I like about its packaging though is that it is very compact and very travel friendly.  One can easily bring it everywhere without worrying where to place it. I guess it can easily fit in any go-to makeup bag.
Details about the product such as its ingredients and manufacturing information can be seen in the bottom portion of the glass container.

I forgot how much the product costs regularly but because Maybelline was on sale when I purchased my foundation, I only bought it for 250.00php. That's around five or six USD.

I got mine from a beauty outlet in a shopping mall but I think you can also purchase the product in any Watsons outlet too.

-available in so many shades
- affordable
- feels smooth on the skin (doesn't feel sticky or something)
- doesn't cake
- has a somewhat satin finish

- has a slightly odd smell (can't really explain it that well but it doesn't smell good for me)
- doesn't give a very good coverage

      The foundation is somehow decent considering its price. I couldn't say that it is the best foundation ever but as a drugstore product, it is a good alternative if you are on a tight budget. I love how it feels on my skin and if you have it on your skin, I think you don't have to use any powder. It somewhat feels like a two-in one product. It makes me feel like I am wearing a foundation and a powder at the same time. 

       As for the coverage, it doesn't give a full coverage but it blurs your blemishes and even outs your skin tone. I don't know if this could be true to anyone, but after hours of wearing the foundation, it actually made my face feel oily, especially on my T-zone area. I do not know why and fyi, I don't have a very oily skin. I guess the product won't be great if you have a very oily skin. I'm not quite sure though but based on my experience, it does trigger the production of oil in my face.

       If you have tried the product already or if you have any questions,feel free to share them on the comment section below. I hope this post is of great help if you wanna know how Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Foundation works. Thanks a lot for reading!

love lots,

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  1. Never really a big fan of Maybelline, but this is something that I can consider. :) Thanks for the helpful insights!!!


  2. Wow! This one is a must try tinee! Check nako ni sa watsons :) Thanks for sharing :)

    Rica |

  3. I think this could be perfect for powdering over concealer since its has a light coverage :) I better check out watsons now

    <a href="> Passion Blog </a> |

  4. tried this before, but made my face oily.. so i had to return it :(

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  5. The only mousse foundation I tried was from essence, it wasn't bad but I used it up quickly. How was your experience in this case? I feel like with mousse products one needs more product, so they end up not being as affordable as they seeem. Lol.

    Great review sweetie! I see in the comments that some other also experiences oily face problems. My face is oily so it probably wouldn't work for me.

  6. Yeah that smell is awful, lol. Not a fan of this foundation, it was flaky, went into every pore and crease, stuck onto dry patches, lay on my skin and got very powdery, it was a big fail for me.

  7. Personally I'm huge fan of mascaras from Maybelline, but I haven't tried any foundation from this brand yet, so good to know that this one in result isn't as much great as you thought. I have oily skin, so definately I won't purchase it. Thanks for your honest review, dear Tin!

  8. Nice product!!

  9. i think i should give it go! x
    jess x |

  10. Great review, it seems an interesting product. I'm your new follower, a hug ♡

  11. I didn't like this one because the coverage was not that good!

  12. I have tried it and it is perfect for the price!! Great review :)

  13. I have tried it and it is perfect for the price!! Great review :)

  14. Have a great evening, Tin! :)

  15. Thank you for the great review Tin! I am always keen on finding out more about products from Maybelline! I haven't tried this mousse yet, but I surely would love to because in summer mousse is a really great alternative to foundations because I personally don't like full coverage foundations when it comes to summer. Firstly, because some days are very hot and humid (and I do want my skin to breathe as well :D) and, secondly, because my skin in summer has a nice subtle tan - why hide it under loads of makeup, right? :)

  16. Great review and i love your honest opinion about the coverage
    I love full coverage

  17. thanks for sharing your thoughts!! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  18. Have a great evening,my dear friend :)

  19. Ayy super favorite ko to sis! Too bad wala na daw ito, kasi mag buy sana ako back up. I apply it using damp blending sponge. ang ganda ng effect!

    1. Awww would like pamn sana to buy din sis for back up hehehe
      Havent tried applying it with a damp sponge sis, ma try ko yan next time!