How to Have A Work Wardrobe on A Budget


     The adult working life is far different from the student life. You may feel so relax about budgeting while you're still a student, but it's a completely different thing once you graduate and start working. You feel great because you don't have to worry about assignments and school projects anymore, but then once you started working, a number of things will pop up for you to think about.

     I remember when I was still a student, I rely on my parents for almost all of my expenses including my wardrobe. For instance, if I need to wear something formal for school, I just have to ask my mom for it. When I started working, a sense of financial independence also grew within me although not totally, (cause I still kinda sck lol) but I tried to be financially independent in a number of things like my expenses for transportation, snacks, personal necessities and of course, my work wardrobe.

     You are lucky if you do not have to observe proper clothing attire in your work, but it's definitely a different thing for people like me who are working as a teacher, or for those ladies who are working in the formal business world.

      We do have uniforms for my job before, but when Friday comes and we don't have to wear uniforms, I declare that it was a constant challenge for me to choose what clothes should I wear the day after Thursday. If you have been or in the same boat with me and your budget's really tight, well these simple tips might work for you.
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Build A Budget
Budgeting is one of the most important skills that any adult must master. If you really need to buy new clothes for your work wardrobe, then you should definitely include it in your monthly budget. For instance, you may set 5% of your monthly income as your clothing budget. It shouldn't be that hard and I bet you can buy one or two pieces of clothing from it. Keep a collection of functional pieces first before you play around with your work wardrobe.
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Call in the Classics
Talking about functional pieces, nothing beats the classics. Start with outfit pieces like white blouses, black midi skirts and slacks, neutral colored bags and shoes, and a well-structured blazer. Invest in that one killer set of corporate outfit that you can always grab anytime. And fyi, I only have one black blazer! lol Keeping it in your wardrobe will also help you in budgeting as you can always consider any of those that I mentioned above as your base for your work outfit.
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Be A Clever Shopper
Quality is always over quantity. Let's say you already have the basics in your wardrobe. But, what if you have to replace for a short period of time just because they no longer serve their purpose? The answer lies in mastering the art of intelligent shopping. You have to figure out whether the material is going to last long. And nope, the price of an item won't determine its quality so you have to be really careful. Check the fabric, the stitch, the material used, etc. Consider everything that can give a clear picture about the durability of the item you are buying.
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Expel Extra Expenses
If you really want to get serious about saving or budgeting, then you might also consider cutting out those extra expenses that you don't really need. For instance, if you have to buy snacks or lunch for work, why not make your own and just bring it? I'm sure you're gonna save some by doing that. As for me, instead of commuting two times going home from work, I cut it into one by finding a route where I can just walk instead of commuting. You can also opt for alternative rides too. If you are going home by taxi or a private vehicle, maybe you can also opt for a cheaper alternative to riding in a public transport. That way, you can use the money that you spare for your work wardrobe.
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Mix Match
Are you a bit uncomfortable with wearing the same pieces over and over again? Well, the best solution for that is for you to also master mixing and matching pieces from your wardrobe. You can mix a classic piece with something more trendy. You can also upgrade your look by adding just a tiny pop of color in your outfit. If you can, you can also dig it by playing with your accessories.

I am actually not a pro yet in budgeting and I must admit that I have so much to learn yet. What I  have clearly understood though is that budgeting is of utmost importance in every aspect of our lives, not just in building up our work wardrobe. I learned all those tips above from gathering ideas from different sources and based on my personal experience as a working adult. I do hope you'll find them useful and relevant to your current working situation.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Developing our budget skills is very important, especially when it comes to our work wardrobe. Our work clothes need to be functional. Moreover, we need them for pragmatic reasons. For example, if we overspend on our personal clothes, we can always impose a shopping ban on ourselves. However, if we make mistakes with buying office wear or if we go over our work wardrobe budget it can be a serious problem because you can't really impose a shopping ban on yourself for something we really need! Plus, looking presentable at work is essential. Whether we like it or not, there are many professions where dressing according to certain rules is a must. Hence, one must develop special methods when it comes to buying clothes for work.... setting a moderst montly budget is a fantastic idea because it allows us to take our time with buying things ( for example we can only buy one item per month and make sure it is a high quality one ).

  2. I am really glad that it's not a requirement to dress at work since I work in my living room. But still, as much as possible, I don't work in my pyjamas. I wear jeans, shirt and a comfortable shoes for work.

  3. Great post hun! I love this so much.

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  4. Thank you dear for your helpful tips!
    To have a budget and be focused on functional pieces is soo important to save your money!
    Have a nice day!

  5. This post is absolutely beautiful!

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  6. Wow, dear, these are very clever! I sometimes buy my own clothes, but mostly only casual things. My GF buys all the nicer things as my taste I am told is not so good. Great article! Much love -- Shamu

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  7. Great tips, Tin. Totally agree. Working in the formal business world I know what you're talking about. It's important to shop for the right items, it has to be classy and timeless for my job.

  8. I love the advices you gave, dear Tin! I can't agree with you more, that in adult word, you have to develop some of skills like spending money on funcional and budget-friendly clothes to work. And btw, I have had no idea that there is dress-code when it comes to the teachers, in my country(Poland) teachers can wear what they want (ok, but they have to look as if they came out of a bandbox - no mini skirts, for example). Anyway, I also think that it's better to invest in quality, not quanity, what's more, it's always great to buy formal clothes during sales. And wow, you have one black jacket, Tin, I haven't had about it! :)

    1. oh wow, yes dear, it's a very common thing here. Most teachers are really required to wear uniforms :D heehe you are always welcome dear and thank you for your lovely words as well!!! <3

  9. These are all very useful and helpful tips! Thanks for sharing!


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  11. I totally love such posts!! So inspiring, interesting and impressive. <3

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  12. Great tips,i always like pieces that wear again and again
    Pieces that i can also style differently

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  14. So nice said.I wouldnt add a word more. Maybe we could follow each other let me know :)

  15. Tin, I am in the same boat you are in as I am in exactly the same situation. I thought that it was hard to be a student financially, but, boy, I was wrong. Ever since I moved out of my parents place it has been a constant battle in my bank account - money just seems to go it's own direction and no matter how hard I try to save up, most of it is gone sooner than an ice cream left in the summer sun :/
    I am working in an insurance company, therefore, a uniform is a must. I never thought that business attire is actually more expensive than, for example, the casual type of clothes I love wearing on the weekends.
    Hopefully soon enough I will be able to stand on both feet securely and rock that business suit :)

  16. Have a great evening, Tin! :)

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  18. these are great useful tips!! :D

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  19. Considering the fact that I will be starting my placement in twi weeks time, this post has been really helpful. I will surely take on your tips as I prepare to join the world of 9-5pm.

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