Aizilym Enterprises Earrings Haul

       As a young girl, I used to collect stickers and paper dolls. They used to invade my bedroom and I can still remember how I used to play with them (my paper dolls) once I arrived home from school. Ugh childhood nostalgia! 

     Now that I’m older, I still have the urge to collect things. But instead of stickers and paper dolls, I now collect fashion accessories (and bottle of tears) chos! You may have seen my post about my fashion rings collection and I am proud to say that they are doing fine in their box. I think collecting things is one way of showing how much we admire or value beauty.

     I graduated from collecting fashion rings though but my hobby of collecting beautiful things still exists. Earlier this month I found myself shopping at Aizilym Enterprises. If you are a thrifty fashionista living in Cebu City, you’ve probably know the place. It is a store that sells various items from fashion accessories to gift items. They usually offer huge discounts on their items making them one of the most beloved stores for some shoppers here in Cebu.

     Some of the things that I bought from them are fashion earrings. (Fashion earrings are not genuine; just a fancy fashion jewelry) Even though their earrings aren’t real, I still feel so stoked seeing them because of their very unique designs. I couldn’t even find jewelry designs that their accessories have. Another thing that I love the most about the earrings that I bought is that they are very affordable. Believe me or not, all of the earrings that you will see in this post doesn’t cost more than a dollar! Yes, they are all less than a dollar. A smile bringer for a thrifty person like me right?

     I bought five earrings from them, but I gave one to my sister so I can only show you four of the earrings that I got from Aizilym.

Golden Pegasus

Silver Cats


For the Romantics

      If you want to buy yourself some fashion accessories or any gift items too, feel free to visit the Aizilym Enterprises at 37 Lincoln St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu. You may also contact their management using this number: (032) 256 3573. If you are a tourist who plans to visit Cebu, I think you should visit the place too. Aizilym is definitely in my go-to list if I am looking for a place to shop for fashion accessories or any other cute items.

What do you think of the earrings above? Do you also have a favorite shopping store that sells fashion accessories in a very reasonable price? Let me know your musings on the comment section below.

Love lots,

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  1. So cute earrings I like them all :)

  2. Hello Tin! Hope everything is going right!

    Well, I still feel like a kid and still buying some stickers and stuff like that, hope I can grow up quick, haha, jk! I think collecting things is one of the most joyful things you can do, because you set an objective and a passion for something relevant for you :D

    I like to collect fashion, design and photography books! They can really fill my soul and give me the right motivation/inspiration I'm looking for when I get lost!

    I can see that your jewelry collection is amazing, actually the pictures you're sharing are stunning and the light is perfect! Hope you can collect even more pieces from this store or from another one! My favorite jewels are from a Mexican brand Gala is Love, she's from my hometown!

    Have a great weekend and thanks for every lovely comment
    Fungi Express blog

  3. i need those cat earrings in my life! I love your choices, very unique indeed. and how long has been since i last visited your blog. it looks more exquisite than ever!

    Ms. Kei

  4. Ibang klase rin ang hilig mo. Iba iba na earrings..

  5. Nice earrings, love all of them!

  6. Really, really sweet earrings, I love the first ones <3 Are you interested in following each other? I started following you on GFC, I hope you'll follow back :*

    Best wishes, Gilda

  7. The animal earrings are too cute.

  8. Those are so sweet, especially the cats :X) Lots of love to you!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  9. can i have the contact number of the store?

  10. can i have the contact number of aizilym enterprises cebu?