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         I'm not really into jewelries especially rings. I mean, I don't always wear them but I decided to have my own collections of them since I love looking at them. Somehow rings makes me feel happy. I just started collecting rings I love to look at which seems cute and fashionable.My rings aren't expensive but I love how they look and I'm proud owning them.hehehe.I haven't take photos of all the rings I have, I still have to buy a jewelry box for them and more of them of course.The rings above are just some of my favorites, I let my friends borrow them for our "Sweet Dreams" photoshoot. ;D
      Bought all items from Aizilym Enterprises, a local business establishment selling various stuffs. The place is located at Carbon Cebu. I love shopping there with my friends because their prices are cheaper compared to what's available in some malls. They always have discounts and sales on their selected products too.If you're really good at picking what's in for your taste you'll definitely have rings you'll surely love.

NOTE: All photos above are mine taken by bbs' Samsung digital camera. Thanks for this post, I've found out that digicam can make photos seem like taken via DSLR camera all it need is a little adjustments on the lights.
~ Tin

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