Lessons From the Wild (What I Learn from Disney's Zootopia)

I always have this manifestation that just like books, movies can also give us insights and inspiring thoughts that can guide us in living our lives to the fullest. Well that depends on what kind of movies you're watching because ehem there are those films that are, I don't know, shall we just say irrelevant?

I do spend my time watching movies when I don't really have anything serious to do or simply when I am just bored. Lately, while I was still waiting for the date to start my new job, I found myself watching Zootopia 2016 with my little brother. I was a bit hesitant at first to watch the film, but upon finding out that it has a really good rating at RottenTomatoes, I didn't mind heeding to my brother's request and watch the film with him.

I don't have any particular expectation about the film but I was very surprised to learn so many things as I watch the film jump from one scene to another. I was very happy that I was able to watch a very eye-opening and entertaining film that I got so excited to list down all the quotable quotes that I find worth keeping from the film hahaha And of course, because I love anyone who reads my blog, I decided to share what I learn from Zootopia by scribbling down my musings into this single blog post.

Lesson no.1
Life is complicated and change starts within us.
"Turns out, life’s a little bit more complicated than a slogan on a bumper sticker. Real life is messy. We all have limitations. We all make mistakes. Which means, hey, glass half full, we all have a lot in common. And the more we try to understand one another, the more exceptional each of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter what kind of person you are, I implore you: try. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize that change starts with you."

     Need I to elaborate more on what Judy (the main character in Zootopia, a bunny) said on the film? What she said hit me hard. When I was a kid I always thought that as long as I have some friends to play with, I don't have anything else to worry about. But as I got older, it seems like things got more complicated. Sometimes even messier than what I expect them to be. I also thought that perfection exists but it doesn't.

     Talking about change, it is easy to say that it always starts within us. But what we usually fail to recognize is that it is also something that we have to work on, all the fcking time. If we want change, an open mind is also needed. We need to be able to recognize our strengths and weaknesses in order to understand what are the things that we really need to change. Not everything needs to be changed.

     Truth is, when I decided to pursue a career in teaching, all I thought was making change. To change the bad things that I have witnessed in this world. I don't even have a clear picture how to achieve such an ambitious goal but I guess I can only create change one step at a time starting with my self. And it didn't take that long for me to realize than I can never achieve such kind of goal alone. I need everyone else around me.

Lesson no. 2
Dreams don't work unless you do.
"Life isn’t some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and all your insipid dreams magically come true. "

      Sadly, we cannot just dream and dream and let everything settle on where we want them to be. No matter what we dream of, we have to take initial action to pursue. If you want something badly enough, then go for it. I bet no successful person would tell us that they didn't do anything for their dreams. Some of them may have received help, but I would never believe that they didn't do anything to achieve their goals. If you don't start the engine, your car won't move anywhere.

Lesson no. 3
Listen to the right voices.
     Sometimes we feel defeated just because we listened to the wrong voices. And whose voices are those anyway? In times where almost everybody wants to talk we have to be careful who we should really listened to. Not because we've heard something doesn't mean what it says already matter.

     Funny how sometimes we have to toss even the ones uttered by the one we love. Just like what Judy did when her parents told her to quit her dream to be a cop in order to submit to the norms of their world, that bunnies don't become cops. I can really relate to what the character of Judy went through as I have been into many situations where I have to defy what my parents and my siblings said just because they do not contribute something to my dreams.

     I'm not saying that we should completely not listen to our parents or to anyone, what I was trying to say is that sometimes, in order for to us to grow and to move closer to our dreams, we have to forget what others are saying and listen to what our hearts say. We need to trust into what our guts is trying to tell us. It may not lead us to where we really want to be, but at least we've tried right? Moreover, I'm pretty sure that whatever the outcome is, our family and everyone else who love us will never leave us.

Lesson no.4
We all make mistakes and we have to own up the ones we've committed.
Our friends are people who we can be crazy with. But not even them are perfect. As human as we are, we all make mistakes, even the ones we love do just like our friends. And if our friendship with them is built on a very solid ground, then forgiving them won't be a difficult thing to do.
     Growing up, one of the things that I've learn is that forgiveness is not something that can easily be given away. Just like respect, we have to earn it. If we want to be forgiven, we have to take a stand to admit our mistakes first. We have to sincerely ask for forgiveness, should we want to be forgiven, just like what Judy the bunny did when she unintentionally hurt Nick's feelings. (Such a tearjerker scene scene by the way :p )

     Owning up our mistakes is also one of the first steps for us to learn something out of our mistakes. I know that it's not easy, it always takes courage to do that. The best time to find that is in the part where we realized how much the person means to us.

Lesson no.5
Be brave and never quit.
      As cliche as it might sound just like the rest, it won't hurt for us to be reminded of these simple things right? In this very pragmatic world of ours' , it is very easy for us to get caught into temptations that could lead us to unnecessary fears and worries. We fear of making mistakes without even trying. The worst part is when we throw all hopes that we have just to achieve a more secure tomorrow even though none of us could ever be sure of what tomorrow brings.
       I would be a hypocrite to say that I never have my fair share of fears and worries with me. Truth is, I can't even sleep so well at night without having to worry about tomorrow, about the things that haven't existed yet and of the endless possibilities. I'm such an over thinker and I couldn't just help it. What I could help though is to control my fears and try to focus on the promises that I have planted in every tomorrow of my life. It is definitely not easy for a pessimist like me to be an instant optimist, but I could be a realist. Reminding myself over and over again about the use of being brave would really do me so much favor and it is surely the same for any of you too.

       I'd like to go back to one of my mantra in life which goes 'I'll try anything once'. I fear to have regrets in the future and not taking the chance of at least trying to fight for my dreams. Contrary to what other people think that I am someone who can do almost anything, no, I'm not. I am someone who needs constant reminders and pep talks just to move forward.

       I still have this constant fear and my little worries within me, but for my dreams, I shall never quit!

Oh yes Carrot yes, let's hustle harder!
Side note:
I don't know why but I feel so kilig over the friendship of Nick the fox and Judy the bunny. hahahha They aren't even depicted as lovers in the film. lol Their friendship makes me feel like having a Nick in my life lol hahahaha

Thanks a lot for reading my blog. I hope you find my list of lessons relevant. If you have watched Zootopia already, what do you think of it? Did it it you hard to the core too like it did to me? If you haven't, then please watch it

Have a wonderful day. It's always too early to quit. Let's all conquer our fears and our dreams together. Carpe diem!

love lots,

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  1. Wow they looked so romantically involved with each other at that last pic! hehehe! I love that movie!



  2. Lovely post!!!


  3. Cool, i should agree that books and movies make us thinking and reflect or relate even!

    Now i think am gonna have to watch this one! I guess everyone who struggle today and inspired to get their dreams have to watch this! Nice post!

  4. Wow! Thanks for sharing these lessons. These are applicable in real life. :)


  5. So cool!

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  6. Hey there! Hope everything is going right!

    Actually I'm a Disney fan boy (even tho I'm 25 haha) but I really enjoy watching Disney movies over and over. Talking about the film Zootopia a lot of people is telling me that is such a good movie and as you mentioned before Rotten Tomatoes mentioned that the movie is worth-watching! I promise I'll see it as soon as possible, based on your recommendation I think it will be added to the 'favorite list' (and add that I'm an animal lover so you got me haha!)

    Have a great week, dear!
    Fungi Express blog

  7. Hello Tin! :) I'm huge fan of Disney and I'm really shocked that I haven't seen this film yet, ha! But thanks for your recommendation, I'll watch that movie ASAP, because even I'm 25 (like Pablo ;)), I really like creation from Disney and Pixar as well and in my opinion the movies from those two studios are better and better - they're perfect for child and for adults too :)


  8. I had pretty much written this off after a terribly annoying preview when I went to see the new Star Wars. But I know you have a big heart and a whole lot of smarts so it makes me think I was too hasty. I think it would probably help to have someone young to enjoy it with tho. Great review via life lessons, dear. Sending you plenty of love you sweet bunny you :)

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  9. Love this post!
    Kisses and hugs from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  10. I've seen this film yeterday's night and I think all you say in this post!

  11. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

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  12. Hi! Beautiful post))
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  13. I so much enjoyed this movie, even though, I am not a big cartoon lover anymore (even though, I was a huge cartoon geek when I was a kid). I love, love, love the multiple messages and positive qualities they were portraying through this movie. I would even dare to say that this movie was meant more for grown ups than for kids.
    This is such a lovely post Tin. I loved seeing this movie through your eyes as well and loved reading the lessons you caught!

    Have a lovely weekend sweetie!

  14. Hello, Cristine,
    Lovely post! I hope my granddaughter will learn those lessons as she grows.
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  15. this movie was so beautiful ! thanks for reminding me to watch it again :D

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  16. Now, I want to watch Zoopedia so much!!! This film seems great. I love how you took the lessons you learned from this film and elaborated on them...this is such a brilliant post.

  17. Loved reading these quotes. Please check out my latest Nail Problems beauty post.

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  19. I loved this movie soooo much! All the messages and the story and characters are so amazing! I felt in love with Judy and Nick's friendship. I agree with everything you said, had fun reading your post! :D
    Thanks again for your kind comment on my blog :)


  20. oohh, makes me want to watch this so bad! :D great breakdown of this movie :)

    Have a wonderful week ahead!
    Animated Confessions

  21. Hello Tin, I'm just dropping by to tell you that I saw Zootopia. Twice, ha! And I really like it, in my opinion it was cartoon, which was meant to adults more than for a kids, it was so motivating and inspiring :) Thank you for your recommendation, dear!


  22. Sooo cool and cute! :D Gotta watch this! :) x
    Helena - Swedish girl in Tokyo

  23. Great lessons,the 2nd one is so real and i love it

  24. I haven't seen this movie yet and now I want to! That second one though... ♥

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