5 Versatile Pieces for Your Summer Wardrobe

5 Versatile Pieces for Your Summer Wardrobe
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The absence of the rain and with the sun staying out a little bit longer means we are now welcoming the summer sun. The hot weather might be harsh, but it won't hinder any being from witnessing the wonders that come along with it.

Aside from strengthening our protection from the summer heat, another thing that we have to deal with is our wardrobe. There are time-tested tips on how to dress for summer and with those tips come some of the most versatile pieces that can spice up our summer #ootd. Because summer in the Philippines has officially begun, here are 5 versatile summer ready pieces that every girl in every size can style from day to night.
5 Versatile Pieces for Your Summer Wardrobe
If cardigans are for autumns; then kimonos are for summer. Kimonos are not only chic and easy to style, but they are also great cover ups against the summer heat. It's light weight material is also a perfect match to avoid unwanted sweat. Whether it's a plain kimono or something that has a unique kimono pattern, it's definitely one of the most versatile pieces that you can own. Check out some fab kimonos at your favorite fashion stores like StyleWe
5 Versatile Pieces for Your Summer Wardrobe
I love it when I can combine comfort and fashion regardless of the season. Maxi skirts, as we all know, are not only comfortable and flattering, but they’re also very versatile. If kimonos are cover up for your arms, maxi skirts are cover ups for your legs. Maxi skirts are also great ways for you to get creative with your summer get up as it can match various tops.
5 Versatile Pieces for Your Summer Wardrobe
If the summer  heat is too much for you to bear, think of tank tops! Tank tops in bight colors are great to combat the summer heat plus you can easily pair it with any bottoms such as shorts or skirts. Tank tops are easy to wear, easy to style and easy to pack making it on the list of versatile pieces for summer. You may shop one of the most well-sought tunic tops at JustFashionNow.com and other various fashion stores. 
5 Versatile Pieces for Your Summer Wardrobe
Another fun and versatile top for summer are cold off shoulder tops. I personally love off shoulders especially when it is embroidered. Embroideries, especially those that resembles flowers could be the extra details that could make a statement in your overall summer ensemble. Regardless of the time and season, I do keep some of my beloved off shoulder tops in my wardrobe, because why not? Buy one or two of those statement makers and own the hottest time of the year!
5 Versatile Pieces for Your Summer Wardrobe
When summer arrives, aside from bright and bold colors, pastels also cascade into my thoughts. Somehow, those sweet looking colors makes me think of my favorite flowers. Surprisingly versatile, a pastel dress is perfect for any summer outing. You can flaunt it on a sunset beach party or in a midday gathering. It's fun and feminine vibe will never bring any girl down. 

I am beyond fortunate to be able to spend my weekend with my family as our own summer gathering. While the summer sun is truly fun, don't neglect your precious skin by putting on sun block lotion and moisturizing creams. I particularly follow some of Korean skin care tips, some of which are here: https://blog.stylewe.com/10-step-korean-beauty-skincare-routine/ as I am now very much interested in Korean beauty products. lelz 

Whatever skin care regime or clothing suits your taste for summer, don't forget to have fun in the sand. Let me know what other pieces should I add on my short list above. Also, which piece do you think is most versatile for a summer day?

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***Outfit photos are from Pinterest. Arrangements and edits by yours' truly. Credits to the owners of the photographs.

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  1. Love the maxi skirts and kimono, kimonos can really look sexy and well covered at the same time...

    Madame X
    The Flower Duet

    1. That's true dear! that's one of the reasons why I love it! <3

  2. Off shoulder is certainly the rage this season. I am not complaining :) I also like kimonos, some of them are so artistic and lovely.

    Much love my gorgeous friend!

    All Things Bright and Lovely