How to Dress for Summer

     Just in case you do not know yet, I am currently residing in a country with a bipolar weather. One moment here in the Philippines, the weather will make you feel so high like Friday, and on the next moment, it goes gaga like my Monday mornings. 

     Summer already bid farewell two months ago, but somehow its unbearable heat never seems to go away. (Just like the love that we used to have chos!) Kidding aside guys, you'll know what I am talking about once you've visit the Philippines. Not that I am ranting because the Philippines has been tropical since time immemorial, but some days the calidity here is just simply unbearable. That is why, if you ever visit here, leave some of your coats and sweaters. Instead, bring with you summer dresses that will make you feel comfortable and fresh. Of course, pick something that looks decent enough if you don't want some chicos cat-calling you. lol

      I know you guys wouldn't want to feel sticky and stressed-out during summer or in any regular hot days of your life, so here are three tips on how you can dress for summer:
1. Choose dresses with light colors and breathable fabrics
I don't have to explain this further as I know that you already know how relevant it is to wear something light during the hot season. Breathable fabrics like chiffon can also help your skin breath easily so you don't have to worry about feeling sticky all day. This white sleeveless pleated mini dress by SURESONG is just perfect. It's white and made of chiffon. I love the simplicity of this dress and its aesthetic value. Just take a look at its design? How cute is it! 
2. Stay away from fabrics that will show sweat
This second tip might contradict the first one, but wearing light colored clothes/clothes with light fabrics won't work as good if you are naturally sweaty. Though nothing's wrong with wearing light clothes, the only trouble with it is that it would easily show sweat stains. And you wouldn't like that don't you? The solution for that is simple. You can either top your light colored top with something that has a pattern. Let's say you are wearing a white top made out of chiffon. Simply top it with a printed kimono that has the same fabric. 

Printed clothes are great for summer. Just make sure that the ones that you are wearing are also made out of a breathable fabric. This red long sleeve asymmetric offf shoulder midi dress by Since Then is a perfect example. Plus, it's off-shoulders!!! 

3. Love some length and sleeves
This is a post about how to dress for summer but why am I promoting dresses with sleeves? Climate change continues to affect our planet and wherever you are, I am sure that one way or another, you have experienced or witnessed its radical effects. As a case in point, skin experts advised us to protect our skin from the heat as much as we can. Sure there are sunblock creams out there, but what's better than wearing something with sleeves? It can instantly protect your skin even without having a sunblock products. This yellow floral-print shirt collar chiffon swing maxi dress by Différentes would sum up everything I just said. And hey, doesn't maxi/lengthy dresses look stylish AF? Ask Rachel Zoe for validity. lelz

     Those are all very basic tips guys and I'm pretty sure you know some of them. I'm just playing the role of a tape recorder here. lmao If you want to find more items similar from the dresses, I've featured above, visit For some #ootd inspirations, you may visit their Pinterest account and their Twitter account for updates and promotions. Thank you for reading this post and I do hope you'll have a wonderful week ahead of you! How about you guys, how do you dress to combat a humid weather? Let me know your secrets below. ssssshhhh I won't tell anyone! ;)

love lots,

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  1. I love it the second dress darling
    Cute picks

  2. I love the tips and the second dress is stunning

  3. I actually think it makes sense to wear long sleeves to protect ourselves from the sun. When I first saw people wearing long sleeves in Summer, I was surprised but now I understand it. That dress with long sleeves is gorgeous, I would totally wear it, even in Summer. Besides, there is often a breeze in the evening, hence long sleeved options are needed during the Summer .

    Wonderful selection dear. Here the weather has been bipolar lately too.

  4. Love the last dress, 'tin. It's classic.

  5. It is actually hood to learn something what women should wear as the fabric might be good for men too. I have this allergy to some cloth thus the need to try shirts or trousers on. And you are right, long sleeves do help thus I am always wearing a light jacket, in summer!

  6. These dresses look so pretty and unique. My favorite is the second dress! Love its style and color. :) Hope to hear from you soon! x

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

  7. Hi Tin! :)

    We barely had any summer this year. I think that we only had two weeks of true heat, which by the way I loved completely since I love hot weather! Most of the days in July and August were so cold and gloomy :/ I even caught a cold which resulted in an ear infection. :/
    Nevertheless, in those few hot days I did manage to pull out my favorite summer clothes which surely fall into the categories you stated above.
    I really loved this post and found out few tips that I'll surely use in the next summer.
    Meanwhile, I guess it's time to excited for fall! :)

  8. I really like your tips, Tin! And I agree with Maddie - here, in some countries of Europe, we barely had any summer in this year, so your advices will be very helpful in next year, I'll keep them in my mind, especially to wear something with long sleeves, it will be the best way to protect skin from the heat! :)

  9. <3<3 I had to read this article one more, because Summer is determined to stay here:)