House of Lechon Review

       Hey guys! I know I've been missing for some time right now in my blog and I do apologize for that. I know I said I promise to make it up to you by catching up with your posts and of course, updating my blog. I don't intnd to break my promise to you today so here's my blog post for this month!

       The month of August is a very surprising month and I couldn't thank God enough for all of the blessings that I've received including those that are not-so-good. One of the things that makes August a more rewarding month for me is that I got the chance to visit the infamous House of Lechon here in Cebu City.

         And oh, before I forget, if you do not know what Lechon is, it's basically roasted pig. Lechon is one of the best or probably the best dish that we have here in the Philippines. If you are a foreigner who plans to visit the Philippines, don't ever miss eating lechon.

Nonsense Chika

          If you're from Cebu, you may have heard 'Rico's Lechon' as the best restaurant that serves lechon in the city. Although, I'm not a 100 percent sure, I've read somewhere on print that House of Lechon is basically Rico's Lechon. The food establishment just had some sort of a rebranding or idk from what I've heard from not-so-reliable sources, the owner had some misunderstandings with his business partner which resulted to the renaming or the resto. (kung maka-chika lang lol) But then I don't know guys, I'm not the owner, nor am I his business partner. What I do know though is the owner of the resto cause I saw/met him in a business related event last June. lol chika pa more

The 'Real' Review Starts Here
   Okay sorry for that nonsense talk, here goes the real review. lol Let's start by talking about the place.  do love the place. There's nothing wrong about the place. It's clean. The restaurant workers wear gloves when they prepare foods. The bathroom was very clean as well. I didn't find any dust or trash all over the dining area. You can really tell that the place was very well-managed. And the best thing about the place is its very good location. Although, it isn't situated along the highway, it's not that difficult to find. The place is not very spacious, but it does have its own parking lot where you can park your vehicle if you will dine in the place. When it comes to their service, the House of Lechon does have a really good one. The staff were very friendly and responsive. I do love the fact that they are also very happy looking. You can also say that the restaurant workers were also very much well-trained.

   Now let's jump to their foods and beverages. I love their drinks. I had calamansi juice which I ordered cold but you can also have it hot if you want to. Their shakes also taste good and flavorful.
           Their Squidball tastes really good! I would really recommend it. I think what makes it so good is its sauce. idk but it's really god so if you want to visit the House of Lechon, you may grab some of their squidballs while waiting for their lechon.
            The House of Lechon's Fried Chicken Skin which tastes okay. lol Not a fan of fried chicken skins but I think I lvoe the ones sold on the streets better. lol
          I love monggos. You can actually call me monggos girl. I'd eat anything with monggos lol I mean it's one of the best Filipino dishes ever. Unfortunately, the ones that we had from House of Lechon is nothing exceptional. ughhh Was a bit disappointed because I haven't eaten monggos for quite some time and I was just so excited to eat it again from the resto, but in my disappointment, theirs' didn't taste so good. I didn't tase bad, it's just that there is definitely something missing in it. And I know what it is: tuno sa lubi. Please House of Lechon people if you ever read this blog post, please add some tuno aka coconut milk in your monggos. For the love of God, please do. 

                  Nagmamahal, monggos girl lol
                  Just some regular chili cheese and cheese sticks but very yummy and cheesy! hehe
       Last but not the least, their very own lechon which is from Carcar. I love the taste of the lechon. It's not too salty, but I was very disappointed because it was something that I really looked forward to but then. ugh. Gurl, it was so dry. I don't know which one is drier, my hair or the lechon? lol

       I actually felt a bit bad about it because it's really not appetiing at all. :( Though its taste isn't bad, the dryness of the meat kills its good taste. The lechon's skin which is one of my favorite part in any lechon weren't crunchy when they served us our order :(

        Also, the sauce that came along with the lechon isn't good at all. I don't even know if it's really its sauce because it's too watery. And it doesn't have a good taste. Buti pa patis at suka or Mang Tomas nalang lelx (Soy sauce and vinegar are better) *Mang Tomas is a popular gravy style sauce in the Philippines.

      I don't know if I would like to go eat in House of Lechon again after tasting disappointment towards their lechon. I would like to visit the place again, but maybe I won't order their lechon again. Maybe I'll just try some of the foods on their menu instead.

        I cannot say that if I'll go back to House of Lechon or not, but I definitely won't recommend the place for lechon lovers out there. I hate to say this but their roasted pig is just not good. I'd rather eat in Carbon. lol And there's nothing special about my other favorite foods out there like monggos. I'd rather buy 2 cups of monggos for 7 pesos from our neighbor. lol

      Even though I won't recommend their foods, I still laud their good service and exceptional practice of cleanliness. Something that is very important for any food establishment to practice. If you guys wanna know how much do their foods cost, here are some photos of their menu:
      If you want to visit House of Lechon, you may find their resto at Acacia St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu. It's a walking distance from Ayala Center Cebu. For reservations, which I would recommend if you are going to dine together in  group, call them ahead at (032) 231 0958.

love lots,


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  1. If the lechon is like that, I guess I'll skip this restaurant. I would probably have one somewhere and maybe in my next visit to the Philippines. I was intrigued by the chili cheese sticks, wasn't it hot? Also, rare are establishments where servers do actually love what they do. Have a great day Cristine!

    1. Yes, skip na rin ako next time Sir. Di ko type lechon nila lol
      The chili sticks taste good Siir and nope they're not hot hehe

  2. Oh well that is too bad! The main attraction disappoints. I remember going to Jimmy Buffet's restaurant Cheeseburger in Paradise and finding the burgers not that great. But there was no big pig in the lobby to pose with. I cant believe you did not pose with him, he looked so cute :) Hope the remainder of your August treats you great. lots love -- shamu

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. hhahhahah I can imagine you posing with the big pig Shamu! LOL hahah but yes, he's so cute! should have posed with him hahah
      Thanks a lot Shamu! :)

  3. I like also lechon, dami niyan dito sa leyte lalo na kapag fiesta. Town fiesta o barangay fiesta madalas may lechon na handa.

    1. ohhh saan sa Leyte ang sa inyo Arvin? yes, talamak ang lechon pag fiesta! dito din sa Cebu lol

  4. such a shame that lenchon was dry! I would love to try this dish, but perhaps this is not the right place to do it. I don't eat meat often but once in a while I eat a bit, so if I ever visit your country that bit will be lechon...but not this place. Good to know that the staff and the cleanliness in this restaurant were on a high level. So maybe it is worth a visit, as long as we don't order this dish:)...the drinks look cute too.

    1. Yeah, very disappointing dear :( wouldn't want to go there again....but if you are to visit my city soon, please do try lechon :) it's one of the best dishes that we are proud of!

  5. The food looks pretty good in all the pictures I've seen. and Nice Place but Not worth wasting time here..I'm sorry, you're wasting your time and your money.

    would you like to follow each other on google friend connect and google plus? If you follow me,
    I will follow you back after it. ^^

    1. hahah thanks for your thoughts Tin! well, it wasn't the best experience, but it wasn't a total waste of time and money :)

  6. Thanks for the honest review!!!! <3

    1. you're welcome Kylie! I'm glad that you appreciate it! :)