3 Prom Dresses Under $200

Even though I have never experienced prom (my high school alma mater didn't allow us to have it), I do believe that it is a monumental event. As important as it is, it is natural that young people would panic about it just to make it extra special.

I remember clearly how some of my high school students before used to spend much of their time preparing for their prom. One of the things which they particularly stressed about, especially my girls, are their prom dresses. I do understand my girls since I couldn’t agree more with the notion that the dress is one a prom’s highlight; though it’s not the most important thing about it.

Some of them booked for an appointment with a seamstress, some rented a dress of their choice, while there are also those who opted in buying a ready made dress like the prom dresses uk.

I cannot imagine what my girl went through, but I’m sure you do if you have experienced prom yourself. Compared to the hassle that ladies from the past decades had, these days, the rise of online shops makes shopping for the best prom dresses 2016 much easier.

Now if the process is easy, what you have to worry about next is the price of prom dresses. Depending on your choice, some of them could be a little bit unfriendly for your wallet. And because of that, I have here 3 cheap prom dresses under $200 that you can choose from.
This CRISS-CROSS BACK HALTER BEADED CHIFFON V-NECK A-LINE dress from SherryLondon’s short prom dresses collection is perfect for petite girls. But of course, anyone in any size can rock this one as well. I do love laces and chiffons; not so much with beads. This red is simple, but it looks very elegant. You know what I think on how to really rock this one? Pair this with sneakers and you’re ready to steal the show!
COST: £110.98 or 145.97 US Dollar.
If you are blessed with a pair of lovely long legs, then you may want this LACE APPLIQUED SHOULDER STRAPS LONG CHIFFON PROM DRESS. Prom dresses that are in bold colors are some of the mainstream choice these days so if  you wanna jump into the bandwagon, red prom dresses would be the perfect match for you.
COST: £130.98 or 172.27 US Dollar
Elegance is the key to success if we are to talk about effortless style. What’s the best way to achieve that other than wearing black prom dresses? This SHEATH/COLUMN BODICE SPAGHETTI STRAPS SLEEVELESS BEADED LACE LONG PROM DRESS is a perfect embodiment of class. With the absence of beads and appliques, this dress doesn’t disappoint with its sexy cut and yes, laces! :p hehehe
COST: £150.98 or 198.54 US Dollar

If you were to attend a prom right now guys, which one among the three options above would you choose?

love lots,

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  1. Gorgeous dresses, I love them all. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hello my dear Tin! I really liked your post, considering the fact that prom dresses can be really expensive, so spending less than 200$ on unique dress is really great bargain! :) What about your selection, I love first dress, it has lovely color, which reminds me about coming Fall, it's pure perfection! <3
    Have a wonderful evening, dear!


  3. Gorgeous! Love the first dress <3


  4. So fab!

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  5. Hey Tin, hope you're doing right! Thanks for every comment on my blog, I really appreciate your opinions!

    I think this is so an interesting post for those girls who are about to graduate, because yes, between the end of the school year and a lot of stuff you don't really want to spend a lot of money in a dress but you want to look fabulous that day! So this cheap but cool options are really impressive ;)

    Thanks for sharing, Tin!
    Have a nice day!
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  6. Great list of the prom dresses! :)


  7. Stunning choices.

  8. great choices dear!
    love 'em all.

    ❤ keyti

  9. The black is truly gorgeous! It is sexy, but in a cool classy way!
    Thank you for the inspiration!


  10. hi dear...If I had to choose now, I think I would perhaps go for a cocktail dress. Long dresses are very glam, but sometimes it is nice to try something different and for prom a shorter gown can also be a good choice. Wonderful selection of dresses, love them all.


  11. Nice photos!


  12. Nice post! We don't have prom in my country, but it always seemed cool for me. I like the first dress, it's not that long, but it still looks elegant. Thanks for sharing, these dresses can be pretty expensive.
    Make sure to visit my blog, maybe we could follow each other: shoppingholic-dreamer.blogspot.com