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Regardless of your job, there will be times where you have to wear something formal. In my job right now, we are not required to wear something formal everyday. Neither do we have to wear uniform, but just as I said, sometimes we have to wear something a little bit more formal than what we usually wear.

If we are in the same boat, here are some formal formal dresses for women which you can choose from which you can choose from. I recently explored the internet for some information, you know, for some inspiration. And I was lucky to find the website called I was lucky to find the website called Fashionmia. I don't know if you've heard of them guys, but I think they've beeen all aound the web lately, gaining some love form their fashionista fans all over the world. I love that they are selling fashionable yet very cheap clothing that any girl can afford. Fashion doesn't have to be expensive right? I guess we can all agree on that, unless you're a Kardashian, then you gotta wear Balmain. lol

Featured in this post are three of my top picks from Fashionmia on their dresses for women section. Well, I didn't buy any of these, but these beauties serve as my fashion inspiration. And if I ever have the chance to pick some items from their site, these are the cheap clothing that I would totally dig.
For formal dresses, I would often prefer clothes which has plain color, but something bold and printed wouldn't hurt right? I do love this floral printed bodycon dress from Fashionmia for three reasons: (1) It's floral. I mean who doesn't love floral? It's timeless and I think that in the world of fashion, it's one print that would never go out of style. (2) It's red. I don't know if you know this guys, but next to black and blue, red is another favorite color of mine. Somehow, the color makes me feel bold and powerful. (3) It stands out. Its print and its color would never require any woman any piece of accessories. I think the dress itself is enough to show what girl power is all about!
I bet that in any formal occasion, you'd never fail to see anyone who wears black. I don't have to elaborate, neither do I have to explain its elegance. It's also one of the colors which are easiest to pull off and can be worn in any woman in any color. Plus, look at that lace patchwork! You know how much I love laces. haha
What's better than a dress which is floral and classic at the same time? For some reasons, skater dresses for women are not considered very formal. Howbeit, if it is designed and created like the floral printed dress above, I believe that it would do justice to the occasion that requires formality. 

Normally, I would wear a dress in a plain color and throw my black blazer on top of it whenever I would go somewhere formal. uh, yes, I do tend to go for something safe especially when I am in a hurry. Looking at those dresses from Fashionmia, I am now very much inspired to try on something new and spice up my style when it comes to wearing something formal.

How about you guys? What do you normally wear on formal occasions? Also, where do you shop for your outfits? Let me know your answers in the comment section below. Thanks a lot for reading!

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  1. Hello Tin! Since I've changed my job, I'm trying to wear more formal clothes, especially dresses, because this part of wardrobe is really easy to style. I see that this webstore has really lovely selection of beautiful formal dresses, I adore the last, floral one, plus, I find it as perfect for each season! :)
    Have a wonderful evening, dear!

  2. Great collection these dresses looks super cute