Ever Bilena Blush Duo in Baked Fig Review

Ever Bilena Blush Duo in Baked Fig Review
As we are now in the era of contouring, a contour kit is now considered a must have for most makeup lovers. Though I do not contour my face that much, I still find it important to have a decent kit that can give us that sought-after Kardashian cheeks. (That's if you wanna be Kim lol) 

In the cosmetics industry where a brand-new product is introduced almost everyday, it's normal for us to gather brand new beauty tools, but nothing beats a good blush on for us to achieve a youthful glow. Couple a good ol' blush on with a contour powder of your shade and you're ready to face any red carpet event.

One particular blush and contour kit that I've been eyeing for some time is Ever Bilena's Blush Duo which comes in four variants, ranging from warm to cool tones. I picked the shade called Baked Fig which is not too warm and not too cool in terms of its shade. The other variants are too flushy for my taste. Two of them have too much shimmer as well, which I am not a fan of.
Ever Bilena Blush Duo in Baked Fig Review
Ever Bilena Blush Duo in Baked Fig Review
The blush duo is in a usual cosmetic container with a mirror and a blush brush which I do not use. Though there's nothing grand about how the product was packed, its compact and sleek design makes it travel and makeup bag friendly. 
Details about the product such as its ingredients and manufacturing information can be seen in the bottom portion of its plastic container.

I got the blush duo kit for only 220.00php, which is around four or five USD. A pretty affordable price for a blush and contour kit.

I got mine from a beauty outlet in a shopping mall but you can also purchase the product in any Watsons outlet as well.
Ever Bilena Blush Duo in Baked Fig Review
Here's a swatch of Ever Bilena's Advance Blush Duo in Baked Fig:
Ever Bilena Blush Duo in Baked Fig Review
-comes in different shades
- affordable
- easy to apply and blend
- the contour powder doesn't have a shimmer

- doesn't last that long

      Considering its price, the product is pretty decent. I couldn't say that it is the best out there, but it's good to know that something as affordable as what Ever Bilena is producing actually works well. It is definitely a good alternative if you are on a tight budget. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I'll surely get another shade soon. Though it doesn't last that long, I don't mind that much since I seldom re-apply either of my blush-on or my contour powder. The contour powder that comes along with it is also great for a nose contour and as an eye shadow.

       If you have tried the product already or if you have any questions, feel free to share them on the comment section below. I hope this post is of great help if you are eyeing on Ever Bilena's Advance Blush Duo in Baked Fig. Thanks a lot for reading and have a wonderful weekend vibes!

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  1. Nice!!

  2. This blush and contour kit sounds great and it being affordable is an additional plus. I have never really tried contouring...some day perhaps. I'm pretty happy with my cheeks.

  3. Hi my dear Tin, I'm glad to see your new post :) I really like your honest review - personally I haven't heard about this brand before, but good to know that it's budget friendly and that this blush + contour powder kit is matt - personally I'm not huge fan of shimmer powders too. What's more, that blush has lovely shade, which I'm sure, suits to your skintone perfectly and good to know that this kit comes in different shades so everyone will find something appropriate for yourself ;)
    Take care, dear friend :)


  4. I never heard about this brand dear! Anyway, I 'm still finding the perfect contouring kit! Hope to find it asap! Thanks for this review! ^-^

  5. I loved reading your beauty review :) The product looks really nice, mostly because of the lovely blush as I am not using contour that much. And, of course, since the price is that affordable it would be a shame not to try it out.
    This is the first time when I am hearing about this brand, but you definitely intrigued me and I will look more into it!

    Have a lovely day my dear!


  6. Oh gosh, I could never survive without my contour kit!!! LOL. This one looks decent enough for lazy days. Thanks for the review! <3


  7. perfect:)

  8. nice post dear :)
    kisses :)


  9. Oh I really like the shades darling
    Great review!