3 Easy Hairstyles for a Beach Day

3 Easy Hairstyles for a Beach Day
The cold weather served to us these days makes me feel nostalgic about so many things. Although I enjoy the sky's drizzling love, it makes me long for the summer sun whilst sporting my favorite long sleeve off the shoulder top. I've been thinking of beach escapade but my time's limited for a moment. (Gotta go to work on some weekends!)

On the bright side, it gives me more time to prepare for my love affair with the beach soon. A wonderful day on the beach entails loving the midday sun which we can enjoy a whole lot better when we the most suitable hairstyle. I would normally want to let the wind rape my hair, but then I wouldn't want it to get on my way as I enjoy the picturesque azure scene. Going to the beach isn't also an excuse of having a bad hair day so here's my short list of easy hairstyles perfect for a beach day. And yes, you may step up your hair game with these too!

3 Easy Hairstyles for a Beach Day
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If you're feeling lazy or in a last minute going to the beach, the simplest way to style your hair is to simply use scarves. I do have a fair share of scarves in my closet which I rarely touch. Never a big fan of wearing scarves, but I do used them to spice up my bags and yes, I do wear them on my head when I am on the beach.
3 Easy Hairstyles for a Beach Day
hairstyle from www.eastwillowgrove.com
Some ladies like my mom just can't get enough of beads and stones to adorn their head. If you’re one of those lovelies, a day on the beach won't hinder your love for gems. Accessorize your gorgeous looks with a headband of your choice. Whether it's an embellished or a plain one, headband can keep your hair in place and can also help you create a bohemian hairstyle by tucking it in. It's definitely one of the easiest and most versatile hair accessory that I know. Who could imagine that with just one simple accessory, you can easily recreate one of the best 30 Best Celebrity Hairstyles of 2016 which you can also rock on the beach? 
3 Easy Hairstyles for a Beach Day
hairstyle photo from www.divinecaroline.com
Channel your love for the beach by sporting the iconic fishtail braid. Though I am not well-versed on doing braids, they are one of the most effortless ways to achieve a delicate and sophisticated look. With one or two elastic bands, you can easily recreate any braided hairstyles that we're seeing out there. If you are having a hard time doing braids like I did before, you may want to check out some of the best video tutorials in Youtube. 

Aside from a pretty hairstyle, a day on the beach won't be as blissful as having a good outfit. It's not necessary to have the best and the most expensive clothing because what's more important is that it makes you happier and more confident as ever, right? I for one, do not invest in expensive beach outfits but I'd love to have something cute to wear. If we are on the same boat, feel free to check out some fab and affordable finds in fashion stores like StyleWe and JustFashionNow. I haven't tried ordering from them yet, but I have read a lot of good things from them.

There you go with my quick list of beach day hairstyles. Which one would you love to sport? I can't express how much I crave for that blue sky+blue water combo right now. If I could go to a beach as of this instant, I would! But I have to understand and wait for that supreme moment because adulting lol Have a wonderful week ahead and if you're craving for the vast stillness of the beach as well, here's a poem for you to enjoy.

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  1. Love ittt! I hope that when I try the styles, it would turn out just like the ones in the photos tho lol!

    xx jhanzey.net

  2. I love fishtail braids! *-*
    Lovely tips dear!

  3. I wouldn't mind spending a day at the beach either. There is something about sea wind in our hair that makes our heart sing, isn't it so? Sea is the accomplice in our restlessness- as Joseph Conrad wisely noticed.

    I really like your hairstyle inspiration! That scarf idea is lovely. I do wear scarves to the beach sometimes. I often wear hats. Braids are also a great idea! They always look nice. I love to braid my hair.

    Have a lovely day sweetie!


  4. Beautiful inspirations for beach hair, Tin. TFS! Happy weekend, dear.

  5. Hi Tin! I love your hairstyle's inspiration, dear, in my opinion all of 3 of them are perfect to go-to the beach. I wouldn't mind to be on the beach now too and in my opinion 2nd hairstyle will suit to this ocassion perfectly - it doesn't seem easy, but looks chic and a little bit different. :)
    Hope you're having lovely evening so far, my dear Tin :)


  6. I wish my hair was long enough! :(


  7. Hi Tin!

    Thank you so much for sharing those hairstyles with us, I surely needed some inspiration! :) Late;y I've been kind of lazy with my hairstyles - it's either straight hair, a ponytail or a bun, so this blog post came just in time for me to experiment a bit! :)

    Many hugs and kisses to you wonderful girl!


  8. Lovely hair style. Love it

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