Pretty in Prom

    Prom is definitely an event that young girls looked forward to. Not only because they can look and feel good about that special event, but also because of the fantastic memories that it can bring to their lives. Not to mention the bond and the smiles that they can share with their friends and classmates.

    As some of you might know that I am teaching now, I am actually handling high school students'. And yep, they will have their prom soon. I mean very,very soon because it will happen next week! As their teacher, I only want the best for them especially for my girls. Most of them are planning differently and most of them had a hard time because we all know that preparing for a prom isn't easy. Sometimes, for some girls, it can bring stress.

     However, it wouldn't be that difficult if they can check out cheap and affordable prom dresses that are even sold under 50! What could be better if something affordable is of good design and quality? The best solution are the prom dresses available at PromTimes.

     Checking by their website, I've some very affordable dress which are very pretty. I find it hard to pick my top three favorite prom dresses from them, but here they are. Here are three of the dresses that I would recommend to any girl going to a prom:

First is this light sky blue chiffon dress which is floor length. I love how ethereal this dress could look like to anyone. The lace details on its top somewhat reminds me of innocence and elegance at the same. The bomb in this beautiful dress actually lies on it sexy surprise number at its back. Click on the dress' link above so you'll know what I'm talking about!

Some girls wants to keep it long and simple, however, there are girls who wants to embody the princess in them. For those girls, this ball gown sweetheart organza dress is perfect! I love how this can simply steal the show. The minimal details on its top makes it look so classy. What's good about this ball gown is that, even though it's a ball gown, it doesn't feel heavy to wear on so anyone wearing this dress wouldn't feel any less comfortable.

Last but not the least on my list is this short knee length dark navy blue chiffon dress. You know how much I love blue and dresses so this one is like an ideal dress for me. Not that I'm attending a prom lol hahaha but I must insist that this could be a fairly good choice for girls who wants to keep everything short and interesting! just like poetry :)

     If you are planning to check on buying something online well you have to be careful. That's a given fact these days because some stores might give you something you wouldn't want to wear.  In Promtimes though, you can check and read various testimonials from their previous buyers to ensure that they are only selling legit and beautiful items. You are always free to check their site for that!

     If you are someone attending/preparing for a prom, I hope you'll get the dress of your dreams and the night that you will always cherish!

Good luck!

love lots,

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  1. Great prom dresses...They are all beautiful..

  2. Love it! Matching colors looks great! You look beautiful!