Lovely Lace Dresses from Landybridal

Every day in our lives we are always moving with choices. From the breakfast that we eat to our outfit of the day, we are exercising the power of our choices. It’s one of the most powerful things that innately drives human beings into living their lives. We can always choose to be happy or to be sad, it’s up to us. But perhaps if there is something that we do not cannot exercise its power, it’s probably when it comes to being with someone whom we could cherish and love forever.

I do believe in love but I do not believe that we choose who we should love. It’s like a mystery or maybe for some it doesn’t completely makes sense but I must say that our hearts choose who love. At this moment, you may correct me if you think I am wrong but I’ll stick to my belief :p

The moment of truth happens when we choose to say ‘I Do’ in front of the altar on our wedding day. OMG, why am I talking so much about weddings these days? Ahahahhaha I can’t even say that I am in love as of this moment. Chos! But seriously speaking though, my point is we do not choose who we love but we do close an important decision on our wedding day and that is to declare the promise of forever.

Ah, weddings! A day of beauty and love. On that important day, we do have to make a number of wise decisions just like on what to wear. Choosing a wedding dress is crazy but with stores like Landybridal, you can always have the one you are looking for.
Checking on their sites, of course, I went straight to the page where they feature their chic and stylish collection of vintage lace wedding dresses. I am in love and probably will be forever in love with anything vintage and lace.

It’s like wearing memory and moment with you. I know that there are hundreds of vintage wedding dresses out there, but here are three of the designs and styles that I am very much engrossed with:
If you’d like to see more of Landybridal’s treasure, well then check out their wide array of wedding dresses 2016 .

If you are getting married, but you want to keep everything low key and in consonance with your budget, here’s a good news for you: Landybridal is currently having a great sale. It would be so cool if you’d get the dress of your choice in an equally cool price.

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  1. wow nice dresses collection............. very beautiful pictures you have shared.

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  2. Lovely dresses Tin!

  3. You shared with us some really beautiful wedding gowns! :) Lately I have been writing down some ideas that pop up in my head that would be great for my wedding, kind of weird since I am not engaged! :D But I guess I am just getting older and kind of unknowingly starting to plan my future wedding! Haha, my boyfriend would probably freak out if he read this! :D
    Anyways, a beautiful post that was filled with a lot of beautiful dresses! Thank you Tin! :)