An Afternoon at the Jesuit House Cebu

    Beneath the bright lights of the modern city lies the beautiful history of Cebu City. I couldn't point out the exact reason why, but I always find myself asking what's the story behind almost every old buildings erected in the city I'm living in. It's as if they are just waiting for me to listen to them, to listen to each of their glorious tales.

     Ever since I was a little girl, a certain old structure located in Zulueta St. never fail to catch my attention. Eyeing at it by the limited view in a jeepney's window, it looks like an old, unattended granary. But, I always know there is something wonderful inside that plain structure. Years pass by  the curiousness within me just grew. It was only a year ago that I've found out that that granary looking is 200 year old Jesuit House in Cebu.

    The Jesuit House in Cebu is now considered as one of the most prominent heritage houses in the Philippines. It is still debatable whether the house was built on 1730, but recent historical facts support that the house was built way before 1730.
    I love the fact that even if I visited the museum alone, a tour guide was assigned to guide me and inform me a number of significant facts about the museum.
   The Jesuit House has a miniature of the old structures erected in T.Padillla St., Cebu City.
My tour guide told me that before, houses used to have the first and second floor of their houses in concrete, but it was later forbidden mainly because of safety purposes.
An old map of Parian before.
The museum posted a number of tarpaulins that contain relevant information about it's history. Perfect for visitors to take down notes, but I'm a lazy one so I just took a photo of them. lelz. Feel free to read! ehhe

The fire department shown above stands still today. It also serves as a fire department as of this moment too. If you visit Parian, you'll see the fire department.
Above is a photo of a miniature of what the Chinese galleons before looked like. You can spot the difference between a Chinese and a Spanish galleon by looking at the photograph below. Photographed below is a Spanish galleon.
The miniature in the photo above is a model of the San Diego. (info. in the photo below)
When the renovation in the Jesuit House started, archeologies found several animal bones, porcelain wares and even a number of perfume bottles. I'm glad they didn't found any human bones. That would be nasty lol.
Most of the perfume bottles found were perfume bottles of the ones made in France. so that means sosyal ang naninirahan sa house, bongga!
    My tour guide told me that if someone who doesn't have a high rank in the society visits the house, they have to wait in the bench photographed above. Notice how its lower art resembles a cage? that's for those who are bringing chickens with them. They are not allowed to bring their animals inside the house so they have to leave them in the bench. Pretty cool right?
Carved in the house was the symbol of the Jesuits. I do not know much about the Jesuits so I look up to them over the internet and learn some from this website. You're welcome!
An old cart used by the house workers before.
This is the staircase leading to the back portion of the house.
I wanna swing.....
The house is pretty big. House like this is my type of house!
Carving in the wall above the main door of the house that indicates the year when the house was built. Año in Spanish means year, that means the house was built some time on the year 1730.

My tour guide then left to give me time to roam around the house and take photos. Of course, I wouldn't let the day pass by without checking out the dope bedrooms in the house!
Check out this beautiful antique bed!
Frames, furniture and other belongings from the respective owners of the house were displayed in the bedrooms.
By the way, if you are curious, yes, it's a little creepy roaming around the house alone especially in the bedroom area. Even though I went to the house in broad day light, the deafening silence of the house freaks me out a bit. 
I don't know why but the antique things inside the house seem to have their own life with them making me feel like someone was with me the whole time while I was roaming around the house. Also, as you've noticed the photos aren't bright because it's really quite dim inside the bedrooms. It was only the light from the windows and the small lamp that gave light to the room. Moreover, there are so many mirrors in the room. Check out the photos below. Took them in the same room.
People who lived in the house before must loved to make themselves looked pleasant because of the mirrors. lol I also found bottles of perfume in the room. Those are really old perfume so I didn't dare open the bottle and smell it no matter how curious I am about its smell. Who knows what will happen to me after smelling the perfume. lol
Even the chairs in the bedroom looked really creepy. P.S I didn't dare sit on those too because I was scared it might move or worst I might break them because of my weight! aahhah
Here's a photograph of the picture inside the frame situated in the room. It feels weird and strange to look at photos of really old, let's say dead people. Don't you think so? But I must thumbs up to the head  dress of the woman in the photo. It's so chic and pretty! ehhehehe
I was in the bedroom for quite a long time checking out the stuffs in there and then suddenly I heard the piano outside the room playing! My heart went gaga so  I hurriedly rushed out of the bedroom only to find out that one of the house's caretaker was playing the piano!

I really thought I was in a horror film and that time because he was also playing a very sad tune. And then he was like "hehehe" when he saw me. He might have noticed the fear in my face when I hurriedly rush outside the room.
The bride and the perfume.
A photo of a bride was also in the room. I love how dramatic this photo is. The bride also looks very beautiful and mysterious in her long gown. She must have looked ethereal on her wedding day. I wish they had her gown in the house, so It tried looking for it in the cabinets but the cabinets were empty so I guess it's lost with time.
                        So much drama in the bedroom because of its serene silence and decors.
After checking out the house' bedroom, I went to the other side of the house that stores a collection of vintage cameras and appliances like an old television set and that thing below. I don't know exactly what is that. Tell me on the comment section below if you do :)
The house also houses old and antique statues of God and saints just like the ones photographed above.
Here's another interesting thing about the house, when they removed the ceiling of the second floor for renovations, they found out that there are some carvings in it. Some of the carvings are Chinese characters. They are not so sure though why and who carved those.
The dining area of the house. So big, so elegant!
Saw some dope old bottles of soda and beer produced and sold before. Check out that old Royal and 7-Up bottle. Some of the drinks contained in the other bottles aren't used and sold these days anymore. Like what's Teem and the one with a Japanese character at the back? I wish someone could tell me what exactly are those and how they taste.
    An afternoon spent at the house was a wonderful learning opportunity for me. It didn't only gave me so much time to learn more about my city's history and culture, it also gave me the time to rewind and relax. Yes, I do find it very relaxing to visit visit museums and so it is refreshing for me to learn something new too.

If you wish to visit the 280 year-old Jesuit House in Cebu, here are some relevant information for your future visit. I do hope you'll get to spend a great time in the place like I did.

1730 Jesuit House (Cebu) is located at Zulueta Street Parian, Cebu City, Philippines
You may reach the house' personnel with this number: 0935 998 4966
For the price of 50php (a dollar), you get the chance to visit the whole house/museum with a very informative tour guide who will accompany you.

I shall end this post with a brilliant from a brilliant piece in Philippine literature which I have recently read. here it goes:
 "A Filipino is one who is distinguished not only by one’s knowledge of the
world’s progress but also and more importantly by one’s understanding of one’s race,
people and country – the ideals and morals that are cherished herein. How can a
Filipino claim to call himself educated when he has conquered the world yet he is
ignorant of his own culture and origin?"
- What Is An Educated Filipino? by Francisco Benitez

love lots,

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  1. That odd device you found is called a juke box. You put money in it and then press a button and it plays whatever song you want it to. It is like an IPod from the 60's :) Glad you survived the haunted house. What? Didn't the guide tell you all about the ghosts dwelling there? He must have thought you would be too afraid to go on :) What fun to find a buried treasure like this place. Happy week to you, gorgeous, and much love!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. hahaha I see, so it's kinda like the karaokes that we have today, yight? I was actually thinking it could be what they called the juke box but since I wasn't that sue, I just decided to ask hehee
      thanks for the info. Shamu!
      And yp, I'm glad I survived the "haunted house" hahaha

  2. I might be old because I recognized that juke box and the rest of the soda pops. I do love old houses but having the photographs of the people who stayed there before are kind of creepy for me. My imagination is telling me that they roam their eyes as you walk along their possessions. I am glad to see a lot of old things that survived. I really want to go to Cebu and your posts will be my guide.

    1. hahah how did they taste like Sir? I am very, very curious of their taste actually! I also felt the same way Sir, but thanks to the broad daylight outside the museum, I was able to manage my fears. lol
      Please do Sir, I'd be glad to read your posts about my beloved city :)

  3. The images just speak for them,they are amazing and they speak volume

    1. Thank you :) such interesting thoughts you have dear!

  4. I love visiting such places!! Great post :)

    1. I hope to read some posts about a certain museum in your blog soon! Thank you! :)

  5. this is really enchanting and mysterious!!! i love how there's so much history! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  6. first of all, thank you for taking the time to write this post....and you selected great photos. Jesuits are very interesting, I was always fascinated by their intellectual approach to faith. The whole educational system as we know it was established by them. They were the first to organize studying in the form we know it today.

    Very interesting article. I'm a history lover, so it is perfect for me.

    1. You are welcome dear and thank you very much for that information. I never knew about that! I had a very little knowledge about the Jesuits, really. I never learn anything about them in school! Thank you very much. Your comment inspired to further my readings.

  7. Such an interesting post, Tin. Beautiful pics, looks like you spent an amazing time visiting this place.
    hugs honey pie

    1. Thank you Lenya! And yes, I did had an amazing time :)

  8. Personally I'm huge fan of everything conected with history, so I think that I'll enjoy visiting this place in the same way like you did, Tin ;) And the last quote is right, we should appreciate the culture and origin from our country, it's really important:)

    1. Thanks dear! I love history, it's one of my favorite subjects :) and yes, I do think it's very important for us to know about history especially the ones related in the place we are living in!

  9. Personally I'm huge fan of everything conected with history, so I think that I'll enjoy visiting this place in the same way like you did, Tin ;) And the last quote is right, we should appreciate the culture and origin from our country, it's really important:)

  10. wow Tin! this makes me wanna visit this place so much but the problem is wala kuy kuyog huhu mahadlok ko magsuruy diha mutingog nyag kalit ang piano but this time walay caretaker nga nagplay lolz! Seriously Tin, im glad that you made a post about this place, maybe next year i'll visit, so please keep making post about the history of cebu! Anyway, creepy kaayo ang bedroom jud lolz pero aminin gwapog gwapa ang owners hahaha!

    1. ahahaahhahaha lelz yeko raman kau mag suroy ikaw ra usa Sar,ako raman sad usa ni ara haha
      If you have time, you should visit the lace too Sar, it's really dope, well at least it is for me! hahaa
      Cge mag post pa ko about mga historical sites sa Cebu, hehe lagee!! creepy lang ilang peg hahaha

  11. thank you for your visit and comment:) It was lovely seeing this historical building I'm imagining how was it to hear that piano played must have felt like it was a haunted house!

    1. You are always welcome! Yes, it felt like that! hahaha I almost freaked out at that time! lol ahahhha

  12. The pictures are so awesome!:)

  13. I like your blog, its really dope.
    Do you want to follow each other?
    If you want, than follow me, and let me know in comments, so I can follow you back with pleasure.