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    Warm and wonderful. Just two of the words that can describe how it is like to be wed to someone that you love. Although I couldn't imagine how it is like to be with a significant other for a lifetime, I've witnessed love everyday of my life. I've seen it in different forms and in different ways, but probably the best example that I have seen is seeing my parents together for more than 25 years.

     Sometimes I wonder how two different people decided at one point on their lives to live together forever. But then only one answer satisfied my curiosity, it was love. And we all know when two people say their promises of forever, it's on their wedding day.

      Whenever a wedding takes place, it's always a special event that should be cherished. Of course, for an event like wedding, everything must be given special care and attention most especially the wedding dress of the bride. Whether we admit it or not, it's definitely one of the most important highlights of the event, that's why brides only want the best wedding dress for their wedding,

    Unlike before where they have to hassle themselves looking for the perfect dressmaker, today brides can easily purchase their ideal wedding dress by a legitimate online shop just like Cocomelody. The shop offers various types of wedding dresses from the traditional ones to the chic and modern beach wedding dresses of any bride's choice.

   I even took the advantage of browsing their website and look for the best one's that I really,really like. Of course, I have to share them with you and here they are:
What comes into my mind whenever I hear the phrase beach weddings are flowy wedding gowns. Long and flowy weddings are for me perfect for a beach wedding even though the bride might walk into the sand. The flow of a beautiful wedding gown would be just like the waves in the ocean. Serene and calm like how a bride should be.

The applique in the dress makes it more beautiful. I love the minimal design in this gown. It is truly simple but nevertheless beautiful.

Laces are like one of my favorite things in the world. Looking at this V-neck gown made me go crazy for a while. This gown is so clean and simple but it looks very sophisticated. It must be heavenly to wear this one on your wedding day. Just look at how the godly the model looks like wearing the gown above! Well, I can only imagine now. lelz.

      Some brides wants their dress to stay traditional. Howeer, if you are more of an experimental bride who wants to channel your quest for adventure in your dress, this short satin wedding dress is perfect for you! Who said you can't wear something short just because you're the bride? Nahh It's your wedding day honey, follow your heart!

Whether you are getting wed later this year or the next year, you can never go wrong in shopping at Cocomelody. Their collection of 2016 wedding dresses are just as stylish and beautiful as ever. It's actually something that I like about them because they only think of what's the best for their customers. 

Here's one from their line of 2016 wedding gowns that I am in love with! It has its vintage mood in it but it goes pretty well with sophistication and beauty! You know this is also something that I would love to wear.

There are so much more that you can check out and try at their website. Also if you wanted a really good deal, please do yourself a favor by checking their sale which is currently happening now! What I can assure you is that they are too good to disappoint you.

Whatever dress you are wearing on your wedding day, always remember that love is always in fashion. It's probably the only thing in this world that never goes out of style.

Good luck on your wedding day!

love lots,

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  1. What struck me were not the dresses but the first three paragraphs why people marry. As a sign of love, two individuals promise to take care of each other and then bind themselves with a rite called marriage. It is a wonderful thing and my regret in life. Just sharing!

  2. Yes, why not a short wedding dress. Let the other fellows at the ceremony see what they will not be enjoying that night ;)P So happy your parents have been together 25 years. I fear their generation is the last one to do such things. Everything must be so instant and right now for us these days, patience and problem solving are getting to be lost arts. But there will always be those who make it! Lots of love, sweetie!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  3. Oh, wow, congrats to your parents! What about your selection, I totally adore each dress from your post, dear, but to be honest, 1st dress is my favourite one, it's so beautiful, Tin :)

  4. pure elegance and beauty!!! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions