Eat Buy Try (Number Two)

   Hey guys! welcome to the second post of my EAT BUY TRY segment on my blog. Feel free to read the first edition HERE. Enjoy!

EAT: La Vie Parisienne 

     La Vie Parisienne
371, Gorordo Avenue, Lahug
6000 Cebu City
"The first French Boulangerie & Grocery in Cebu. A great overview of tasty french wines and 
   My BFF and I decided to visit the newly opened French grocery and restaurant in Cebu. It has been very popular all over the media partly because picture perfect place and ambiance. You know how people nowadays are crazy over taking photos right?
     While photographs from the place looks so cliche and annoying in my newsfeed (FB), I can't say no to my BFF who really wanna see the artificial cherry blossoms all over the place.
     I should say that the best thing about La Vie Parisienne is its place. It is very spacious and beautiful. It's a perfect place to chill and relax. However, I do not find anything special about their foods and their service people aren't that nice.
     Hey, that's not a judgment but I said that based on my own experience. When we decided to have additional order, it was only me who went to get it. I ordered 3 glasses of drinks, yes 3, the attendant immediately hand me those 3 glasses but with no tray for me to carry it. I just find it so stupid of her to do that. I was like, Te? How am I suppose carry these glasses alone with my own hands? Clearly she wasn't thinking at that time so I have to ask her for a tray by myself. Plus, not a single smile came upon her lips. How sad.
    Some things are disappointing about the place but I'll still visit the place again because it's a great place to hang out.

BUY: Parisian Shoes

Parisian Shoes
700 php
 I recently bought this very comfortable loafers from Parisian shoes. I bought this one mainly for my work. It's not that I always go around in my work place but I need something comfortable to wear. Good thing Parisian Shoes have this comfty loafers! I always love how comfortable Parisian shoes are, even the ones with heels! Yes, I also bought shoes with heels from them and they never hurt my feet! lol Most of my shoes are from Parisian. I'm such a fan haha

TRY: Body Recipe Bath Soap

Body Recipe
Bath Soap
php 40.00
It's almost a month since I started using this bath soap from HBC. I bought this one along with my recently hauled San san Cosmetics. (which I wrote a review about HERE)
I have three good reasons why I love this soap so much, here they are:

  • It was made out of organic ingredients! (goat's milk, honey, oatmeal). I'm not a soap maker but I've read a lot of articles and research papers that proved these product health benefits on the skin. So much for a soap!
  • It's very affordable and effective. This soap works like Dove but comes on a cheaper price.
  • It smells so good that it almost serves as an air freshener on our bathroom. HAHA

The soap dissolves easily (you can use it for only a month) but it's worth it! Yes, I'll repurchase this product again <3 
Masabi lang: I use three different soaps everyday :p I only use that one for my body. hehe

love lots,

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  1. hi hun!
    I`m here the first time, and i really love it! is amazing!! your style is unique!!! <3333 i love it!!

    tell me what about follow each other?? Let me know please if you start and I inmediatly follow your back favour!! :)

    have a great day!!
    xoxo from Spain

  2. Haaay, may mga poor service tlagang ganyan ;) bilang customer parang feeling mo, iniistorbo mo p sila. Hmmp! Anyway, I am huge fan of Parisian shoes too! Everytime I visit smdept. Store sa ladies section of parisian is like a tambayan for me, doon ako lagi nagtatagal.. :)))

    Love ,

  3. oh, wow.. I think dghan kaayo kag post nga nagline up tin. haha., ara nya ta OOTD puhon :) xoxo

    1. haha Yea, ubay2x jud Te hehee
      yes,real soon Ate! we will ^.^

  4. wow.. that french place looks AMAZING!!! i can't believe that's in cebu!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. Ganahan ko sa idea ni Rica Tin! Hehehe. Apil apil ko :))))

    1. Push natin yun Jan! ahaha <3 kita kits again :))

  6. Too bad that place as a little disappointing but it looked pretty cool!
    Love those cute shoes!


  7. The French restaurant looks really beautiful. It looks like Japan town in San Francisco hahaha. Despite the bad service that the waitress gave you, I think that it's still a great place to hang out. I'd go there frequently if there was such a place like that here in Baguio. Great post

    -Tootsie Jean

  8. I love your blog's new layout! :) The croissants look sooooo deliciousssss <3

  9. i have so many things to say haha. okay first i like your photos here sis, they are improving and pansin ko that you are naturally good at framing shots :) next that place is beautiful! and lastly im also very critical of customer service, whether its a restaurant or even online shops. i hate it when the place and the products are nice pero turn off naman yung customer service. i feel bad for the business owner cause their brand is being misrepresented.

    1. oh my!! thanks a lot Shayne! <3
      couldn't agree more,the establishment should do something about their service :)

  10. i love reading your eat buy try posts! they got me hungry and envying your buys at the same time x

    Check out my new giveaway @

  11. I wish I could fly to Cebu and visit that place :) Nice photos!

    VernaBytes | style blog by Verna Abril

  12. Gorgeous place!! Nice blog, would you like to follow each other?

  13. love love those shoes,they are so pretty and they look comfortable too
    have a great weekend

  14. Wow! Beautiful pictures!
    You are more than invited to stop by my blog sometime :) If you like, we can follow each other!
    Keep in touch!

  15. awww... great photos! :) whenever I love to chill in the afternoon and just to drink wine. :)