What's On My Make-up Bag? + SummerCollab Giveaway Winner

Finally able to take photos of my make-up bag and its content. Can't wait to share it to you guys. Nothing's really special about the contents but I hope you enjoy my humble share ;)

My make up bag is actually a cute little bag that I got from Misen, a store similar to Daiso Japan.

The Contents

Let's talk about the basics first. These are the things I put all over my face. I have one face powder, one foundation and a BB stick.

1. Face Powder from Careline. I've been using this face powder for years now. I'm using the one in Natural shade since it's perfect for my skin tone. The face powder doesn't last all day but I love the fact that it contains Vit.E keeping my skin healthy. Also, I never had any problems on my skin using this product. 

2. Powder Foundation from Maybelline. I do not use this one. I use this for emergency make up session. 

3.BB stick from Maybelline. I apply this one all over my face before putting on my face powder. I love how light this product and how it instantly give me a fresh look. I got so many compliment about how "glowing" I look whenever I use this product. However, it doesn't last that long contrary to its 24-hour long wearing boast on its ads.


1. Cheek Mousse from Nichido in Pink Champagne. This one is a shiny, velvety blush on. I love the fact that this gives a very subtle color. Makes me look like I have a natural blush.

2. Bronzer/Blush On from Ever Bilena in Gold Icon. I use this under my pink blush-ons. This one is to "sculp" my round face so this one's really a go-go. I love how it comes with a built it brush and its beautiful shimmer. 

3. Blusher from Etude House in Grapefruit Jelly. This is the most recent product I added on my make up kit. So far I'm loving this product. At first I do not like this because it's too subtle, but when applied above my powder, it looks great. It looks so natural and this gives me a very nice glow too. Moreover, the packaging is so cute, as expected from Etude House. I love the powder puff the most, it's so cute! Don't you think so?


1. Eyebrow liner from Daiso Japan. I use this one everyday to line my eyebrows. I love this one because this gives a very natural color. Not so light and not so dark, the color is just right. I think this is perfect for my everyday look.

2. Eyebrow liner from Ever Bilena in Kleopatra. I use this one if I want my eyebrows to look more visible. Usually I use this during special events. I like this one because it lasts all day so I do not need to do any retouch.

3. Black liquid eyeliner from Fanbo Cosmetics. I already bought 3 or 4 of this liquid eyeliner. I love this one because this stays for a very long time even though it's cheap.

4. Diamond eye shadow from Korea. I forgot what brand is this 'cause it already faded but I got this from my sister.This one have two shimmering colors. I used the copper one all over my lid and the cream one under my eyebrows.

5. Paganini Collection lip brush. This one's a gift from a Christmas party with my best friends. I use this to apply my lip balm.

        I use different lippies depending on the day or my mood. I keep a few of each kind. I bring 3 lipsticks with me, a lip tint, a lip gloss and a lip balm.

1. Lip Tint from Tupperware. I got this from a giveaway I won last year. I seldom use this.

2. Lip Gloss from Watsons. I use this lip gloss for my friends who want an instant make over from me but I never really use this one. I do not like the "I just ate lechon look" lol

3. Moisturizing lip balm from Watsons. This one's my favorite lip balm ever! I love how it moisturize my lips and at the same time giving it a subtle color. I use this before I put any make up on my face.

4. Matte long lasting lipstick from Wet n Wild in Cinnamon Spice. I've been reading a lot of good reviews about Wet n Wild lipsticks. It so happened that my best friend wants one so badly so I bought 2 lippies of the same brand. One to give to my friend as a gift, and one for me. This is deep red in color and I love how matte this lipstick is. This also lasts long so this one is a real must have for me. I usually wear this when I feel so bold and feeling like a vampire lol.

5. NYX matte lipstick in Indie Flick. Orange is one of my favorite lip color! As soon as I saw this lippie, I fell in love with it! I use this one when I want to achieve that fresh look! I love how matte this lipstick is. It is matte but it does have a velvety feel when I glide this on my lips.

6. Lipstick from VOV Korea in Fushion Orange. I also got this from my sister as a gift. This is a sheer lipstick. I'm not a big fan of sheer lipsticks but this one's orange so..this is love! I usually top this on my NYX lipstick :)

I think I have more than what I need for my lips inside my bag but I usually choose from these 3 lipsticks.

1. NYX lipstick
2. Wet n Wild
3. VOV

Lately I've been very fond of reading 'What's On My Make-up Kit/Bag' blogs. All thanks to NothingSpaces for providing a very good list and featuring various bloggers to share the contents of their make up kits. 

I hope you enjoy this post. If you had a post about what's on your make up bag/kit, I'd be very happy to read them. Please share with me the links of your posts below.

Bonus! Last month if you've read my blog, I launch a summer collab giveaway with three other bloggers!
Now the day has come for us to announce the winners of the giveaway. Here they are::

1. Pau-pau Alagao
2. Yen Morales
3. Leahlyn Macatangay
4. Abby Matic


If you are one of the winners above, please do check your emails and reply what prize you want. First come, first serve! 

Please reply on the email until July 6, 2014. If we have not received any reply until the deadline, your entry will be disqualify and we will choose another winner. Thank you so much for joining and congratulations!

love lots,

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  1. how cute is that etude house blush powder, looks like one of those barely there blush colors. Which at first i thought i wouldn't like but now it feels like its a must in a makeup bag so that i can match it with bold lipstick colors :D

    btw mon petit lapin pala means my little rabbit *i googled* hihi

    1. hehehe yes ang cute niya sis, the color is so pretty too hehehe
      aww how nice of you to look for it sis, di ko alam meaning nun 'lam ko lang French cya hahaha thank you sis!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love seeing what's in other bloggers' makeup bags! Love all of your products <3 You know, I've never tried anything from Etude house before (I know, I know... I'm weird haha) but a lot of my friends use their products. I guess I'm gonna try it now.


    1. Me too Kylie! I've seen yours' and it's one of the most interesting read I had <3 You're quite good at make up too so hopefully I'll see make up tutorials in your youtube channel <3

  3. I've done what's in my bag tag but not this! I'll try to film naman din! :D That pouch is so cute! A friend of mine is a fan of VOV lippies :D The EH blusher is of course, so darn cute!

    1. Awww...sis patingin!!! yes,soo cute..minsan ayaw ko cyang gamitin lol

  4. I love your make up products Miss! Great swatches too!

  5. Wow, you have more makeup than me - I'm really lackng on the face paint! Cute makeup bag =)

    - Che


    1. oh,really Che? haha I don't think so hehe anyway, thank you so much

  6. Love your collection of lipsticks.the shades are just awesome
    Great week.have a great week dear

  7. love the etude house blush and nyx lipstick!!! nice makeup bag! :)

    Animated Confessions

    1. Yes, they are great investments for any makeup bag dear :)) Thank you!!!!

  8. kikay kit! so cute the etude house blush powder tin! :) so love it♥

    new post ♥

  9. I bought powder foundation from Etude today! Excited na ako to try it <3 But I applied a little in the store and mukha naman maganda.


    1. oh really Kylie?? I'm excited to see you use it too <3

  10. Congratulations to the winner! :)
    This was such a great and interesing post- I loved seeing what you have in your make up bag! I would definitely love to try that NYX lipstick, I have heard so many great reviews on NYX products!


    1. Thank Maddie!!! Please share yours' too!!!! Would love to see it!!! Yes, that's true NYX products are really great!!! :))

  11. I use maybelline foundation too everyday lately. It has really nice oil control properties and very portable too. I really gotta check out that orange lipstick from VOV Korea. The color's so vibrant!

    A Hint of Sunlight

    1. Yes, perfect for summer ang color niya hehehe <3

  12. I use maybelline bb cream, but not the stick. I am not really into make ups. This post makes me want to buy these essentials as what you've said "for emergency" hahaha baka may biglang lakad. :) Great post!


    1. Heehehhe okay lang pretty ka naman Jewel kahit no makeup! <3

  13. Nice products!
    Followed you on instagram (@losaway)


  14. Oh I love seeing what is in your make up bag! this post was so adorable.

    I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other to stay in touch.


  15. Great products but I really loved your bag, is so adorable! :)


  16. You have a lot of stuff in your cute bag Tine, haha i only have 1 lippie and a baby powder in my bag and the rest are notebooks and pens haha! I will buy 1 product from Etude H. soon talaga!

    Join my GIVEAWAY here ;)
    Visit my blog: www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! that's very few but I think that's more than enough coz they're essential items in a make up bag <3 cge, please let me see hehe