Eat Buy Try (Number One)

Trying to put up a new segment in blog inspired from Saab's. An original thought from, I'm not a blogger for the said website but I think this is a really cool and fun way to blog.

Below is the first list of my Eat Buy Try segment :) Don't forget to tell me your thoughts about this below.

EAT: Rai Rai Ken Japanese Restaurant
     For days, my BFF Shiela and I have been craving to try Ramen. I do not have any idea how but it surprised the hell out of me when she posted in fb that she's craving for one. I never posted about my craving though, but Ramen has been in my thoughts for days.

     We both agreed to eat together since then but we were still looking for the perfect time. Luckily, her sister Mikay treat us both. Heaveennnnn.

Salmon Sashimi

     I promised myself never to eat Japanese dish that are made with raw fish before. It was right after I read a list from the Guiness book of world record that the person who has the most number of worms in the stomach was a Japanese woman. She said from an interview that she got it from eating her favorite foods- Sashimi and Sushi! Both with raw fish!!! 

     However, I broke my promise when we dine at Rai Rai Ken. Mikay ordered a plate of Sashimi. We were actually having a hard time to chose what fish to eat since none f us ever ate Sashimis before. We end up chosing Salmon Sashimi though. I took the first bite and I was very surprised that it taste absolutely nothing. I couldn't taste anything fish-like while eating it. I felt like I was eating flavorless jelly! that was also because the fish was very soft. 

I don't know if I'll eat sashimi again but I'm curious about how does the Tuna sashimi taste like :p
California Maki

Batchoy Ramen

Yummy!!! This is what we've been craving about! I was very happy that Rai Rai Ken's Ramen didn't disappoint us :) Might as well try other Ramen flavors soon.
Pork Tonkatsu

My favorite!!!!! It was served with cabbage and sauce (na hindi ko alam kung ano). It's very yummy!!! and it's healthier too compared to the usual fried pork since the pork they served didn't have any fats.
Me, Shiela and Mikay
 My friends' sisters are my friends but my sister is not my friends' friend :~
 Thanks Mikay for hurting my stomach (in a good way) ;) Sa uulitin!
BOOM Japeness~ haha

BUY: Eye Brow Pencil from Daiso Japan

If you have visited Daiso stores, you've probably check their cosmetic products. I've visited the newly opened Daiso store in Ayala Mall (Cebu) for a number of times already and my visits made me curious about their cosmetic products.

To feed my curiosity, I bought one. It's an eye brow liner pencil. (See photo below)  I do not know the brand of it 'cause I can't understand Japanese characters, but of course I know it's an eye brow liner.duhh nasa packaging 

Anyway, I bought it cause I need a new eye brow liner and because it's packaging is so cute haha. It's in baby pink! My sister even thought I got it from Etude House. I chose the one with the natural brown color and indeed, it was literally natural brown.

The color was so subtle though that you have to apply it more than once. There isn't something extraordinary about it but I love how it has a brush and how the lead is retractable. The brush and the lead was placed in both sides of the pencil and I love the fact that it has caps on it, making it very hygienic. I love this product! but I can't promise if I'll re-purchase this again.

TRY: The 1975

My IG has been clogged by things related about The 1975. I didn't know by then that 1975 is a band but I already had an idea. I read a lot of posts about them particularly from young teenage girls. I thought this band produces One Direction-ish kind of music, so I thought I might as well check it out to pass my own verdict.

I listened to 'Falling For You' and some other songs released by the band. Somehow I didn't fell in love with any of them lol, but I have to admit some lyrics from their songs are quite lovely.

Their songs are okay for me though some people claim they suck. So NO, The 1975 didn't change me. I'm not a fan but I have to say they look pretty cool B) haha Nice try boys!

Here's Falling For You below:

Credits to Matty for this awesome GIF ending of this post :p
very well said Matty!

Have fun guys! I hope you enjoy this new segment in my blog
love lots,

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  1. mm I really like Japanese food, I think I could eat sushi all day! :D
    I had not heard about that band, but I will try to listen to their songs, hopefully they are not like One Direction as I really dislike that boy band!

  2. Nice concept and it shows more about you and the things you want to do. Will be back for 2 and 3 and 4 :)

  3. This is a nice segment! Very unique. I'm a fan of The 1975 (back when nobody knew about them yet. now im kind of turned off by how popular they've become LOL). You should try listening to their song 'Girls' :)

  4. Yay your post made me hungry. BF and her sister were just talking about eating Ramen the other day! :D And oh for the makeup, it does look like from Etude! I'm more curious now with 1975, it's a fave by a lot of youtubers that I watch :D

  5. Pork Tonkatsu and California Maki are <333 I'm cravingggg na. :)))

    More of a Japanese foodie than Chinese's :)))


  6. I love this new column, I hope you continue with it. Also, I'm too much of a sushi-lover; I know it's probably bad for me, but I love eating it too much to give it up. Also, I recommend yellowtail sashimi as well.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  7. oh my favorite! california maki!! :) lovely post dear! Now you made me crave for it again .. huhuhu..

  8. Oh no, I just saw those sushi rolls and now I'm hungry and it's 3am... :D

  9. Super cute post! the sushi looked delicious and I will try both of your other recommendations!
    I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other!


  10. aww, food look really delicious :) greetings!

  11. awww.. nagutom ako sa post mo! :D I love The 1975 too! <3

    So happy to found a blogger from Cebu YAY! :)

  12. Great post.the dishes looks yummy.
    Keep intouch

  13. Such a lovely post! I'm never get bored with Japanese food, moreover it's totally good for health. :D

  14. never tried sushi and sashimi Tine, i dont know,i just dont like eating raw meat :(

    visit my blog:

  15. Many things have changed over the past few weeks and I am trying to adjust. I've missed your blog too! I must say this is a brilliant segment Cristine! I have never tasted sushi and I don't know if I ever will. Raw fish? ick. I have only heard one song for 1975 - Chocolate, I think it's catchy (although their accent had me lost in translation). Teehee.
    Olive Needs Popeye

  16. niceee blog <3
    i am following you
    hope you will follow back :)

  17. ang scary naman nung story about the japanese woman with worms :S ill look into that nga. i love eating sashimis pa naman both tuna and salmon. you might like it better if you eat it with japanese mayo next time you feel like trying it again :)