Count your blessings,define what you look for

     A lot of first time experiences happened to me this year. Or let us say I've been braver to try new things this year. I am always an over thinker and as much as I hate to admit it, I am a pessimist. I do not know exactly why, but I always tend to stay inside my comfort zone.
     Since the start of 2014, I've been trying to change some of my perspective. I got this new idea to push myself to the limit and try different things. I encouraged myself to join various competitions that will hone my skill and recognize my talent as an artist. #chos! I am very happy that I won most of them. I trained my mind to think that it's okay not to win but I gotta try. I need to try.
     A lot of good things happened to me this year and I'd like to believe that these things are not because of luck but blessings from above.  Below are some of the blessings I received this year. My main purpose for listing them down is not to brag but to share to you my happiness and to remind you my dear readers that it always pay to take courage in everything. Who knows, that little courageous act of yours might take you to where you belong. Sometimes we need to get lost to find meaning in our very existence.We may not make the right decisions at all times but everything that happens in our life keeps us going. Wait,why do I sound so inspiring here? labo.

Won MagTV's photo of the week
A picture of you and your art work
Our Wanted Picture of the Week winner is Kamags Christine Chan (PICTURES with your art pieces ) with a caption, "Sometimes the best way to find the real you is to indulge yourself in art..."

MAGTV is a local magazine show based in Cebu. It was aired in ABS-CBN and yes, it's quite popular. 

I never dream to see myself in TV. Honestly, I'm not even crazy about the show and as a matter of factly saying, I haven't watch any of their episodes. It was my BFF Shiela who pushed me to join MAGTV's photo contest. She said it only needs to be a photo of you with your artwork, and that I made some decent artworks worthy to be appreciated. So with my pusher friend, I submitted my entry above.
Won Mugna Poetry Writing 
3rd place
I love writing poems that is certain. But I never join any poetry competition prior to latest Mugna poetry writing competition in our university. Not that I do not have the courage to join but because I couldn't find any sense why I have to submit/write poems for a competition  :)

'What Happened Last Night'
I never dream of becoming an actress but I love acting,really. Not for popularity or whatsoever but for art's sake only. I am very lucky to be chosen as one of the cast for our play last month. The whole cast and crew of WHLN were ecstatic because of the play's overwhelming success. It was beyond our expectations but we knew then that we did our best. It was my first time to act in front of many audiences. I have to admit I still hope for a sequel :)
Picture with the main casts and producer of Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan
I was more than lucky to have a picture with the main casts of Lav Diaz' film during its first screening in Cebu. ( I said FIRST because I'm hoping for a 2nd screening).Feeling close kay Sid Lucero si ate hahaha. Norte, End of History is considered as one of the greatest films of 2013. A real masterpiece. New wave to the Philippine film industry. 
Graduated with academic award
Cum Laude
This is not because of luck, this is because of hardwork (and sleepless nights)
Got positive feed backs during Mugna Creative Writing Workshop
I haven't joined any creative writing workshop before prior to the latest Mugna creative writing workshop held in our university. The led panelist was Dr. Eulysses Aparace, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Cebu and a recipient of Palanca Award in poetry (english category). To have your work read and critique in front of writers and literary critiques is overwhelming enough for me. To know that they love your work is heaven.
Won Ang Suga's Art and Journ Photo Contest
1st place
This made me feel very happy too. I never joined any photo contest before and I thought my entry wouldn't make it. The news came to me like an earthquake. I was very surprised when my BFF texted me that I won. The photo above was my entry for the category 'The Filipino'. I received a cash prize of 500pesos and a certificate for winning.
Qualified for the 3rd Badlis Creative Writing Workshop
   Furor Scribendi has chosen ten young aspiring writers to consist the third annual Badlis Creative Writing Workshop to be held at the Katarungan Hall, CNU, on Saturday, March 29.
The panel will be led by Palanca award-winning writers Januar Yap and Jona Bering.
I am lucky enough to be able to attend another creative writing workshop held in our university. Headed by another Palanca awardees, one day absent from work was worth it. Although the poems I submitted for Badlis were not very well received as the poem I have for Mugna, what I learn from the workshop is more than enough for me. Not to mention the free fried chicken for lunch hahaha
Baby Brother is 1st honor and recipient Wisdom Award
I'd be too narcissistic  if I'll just blog about myself so here's another spark of sunshine. The little boy will shine brighter than I do. Credits to me of course hahaha :P

That's all for now. I hope I'll have more things to thank for,as life itself is already a blessing. I shall end this post by a quote from one of my favorite actors and TV character:

If there's something that you really love doing, give it a try. Now is the time. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. Only now :)
Good luck readers! before you sleep and in every waking moment of your life, always remember to count your blessings. <3

love lots,

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  1. You are oh so very inspiring. :) Congrats on all your wins and attempts! Both are amazing.


  2. Oh tine! You are so awesome jud! Grabeeeh i cant even! hehe Anyways, you sound enlighten here and glad to know that you are so blessed this year :)ps. love the quote below, it hits me ^_^

  3. What an inspiring post! I especially love the closing sentence. You're so right... Life's too short not to grab every opportunity! I'm happy that you've had a super blessed year so far. A positive attitude will always reap positive rewards, diba?

  4. Galing galing naman dear.! Keep up the the hard and good work, it might take you to places you never think of. ;)


  5. Wow I am impressed- so many awards, you are definitely great at what you are doing! You are definitely very inspiring! :)

  6. I love how I can relate to what you were saying in that first paragraph. I've been trapped in a comfort zone due to pessimistic thinking for so long and have been working on breaking free. Congrats on all your accomplishments. May 2014 bring you more success.
    Take a look at this month's featured drawing.
    Olive Needs Popeye

  7. oh wow! you are one amazing girl! yay for girl power! galing galing :))) anyway, may i kung sino pa yung isang dude sa main casts and producer of Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan? yung nakasalamin? para kasing kilala ko siya eh. i mean, personally. pero di ako sure. haha. please reply to my blog ate para mabasa ko agad. salamat. :)

    anyway, i also write poems! hope we can be friends! hihi


  8. Wow congrats to you tin!!! :) So happy for all your achievements. :) Also to your cute brother :)

  9. That's very inspiring. Thank you for sharing dear.


    Really appreciate it if you could visit my blog.
    Let me know if you've followed me. I follow everyone back!

    Sandy | SMXYC: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion.

  10. Congrats Tine! I wish I could have seen your face in your grad pic!