Happy Birthday Ate!

My sister and I
Taken during her birthday
(don't know how old we were in this photo)
One of the Sundays we spend with the whole family. How I miss those times when all of us would attend the mass ceremony together (with me and my sister wearing dress) * My mother never allowed us to go to church not wearing dress* I can't believe how ridiculous I looked like with that pink funny looking dress AHAHAHHAHA
     Truth is that I am always jealous of seeing sisters having fun with each other. I only have one sister (elder) but we were never close to each other. Not that we grew apart from each other or anything, it's just that we were almost always different in everything. For instance, she love Korean foods while I love Japanese foods or she's tall,I'm short. I love gore and horror movies while she love romantic films. and..ugh. The list of our differences is absolutely endless!
     My friends are not her friends,and her friends are not my friends. We never have a mutual friend and we always fight over the same things again and again. We often hate each other's guts too but then give me siblings who never fought with each other?
     Even though we live under the same roof, we seldom spend time to have fun with each other. There were times that I get jealous with her boyfriend too 'cause I feel like he's more special to her than to me or any of our family members. And coz they spend a lot of time with each other and visit different places than she did with me. Sometimes when I look at them lookig so happy I remember the times when we were young and play with each other a lot. *We used to pretend that she is Pikachu and I am Richuu* It's not that I really hate my sister and her bf about that, it's just that I wish we do and share the same things together too.
     In spite of our differences, I love my sister. She's the only sister I have and my mother always tells us to treasure each other as we are each other's gift. Maybe it's my fault why we are not close because at the first place, I never tried hard enough to get close with her and tell her what I really feel. Last Saturday was my sister's birthday so I'm taking this day as an opportunity to tell the things I've been longing to tell her.
     Hi sis! I don't know if you'll be able to read this but here are some things that I'd like to tell you. I'm sorry I do not have the courage to say these to you in person. You know I do not act as the emotional one in the family and because I am afraid of losing it as I am very emotional while writing this to you now.
  • Thank you! You may not know it but you inspire me a lot! Everything you do makes me want to become a better me. At first, I just want to surpass you because I'd hate mom and dad to compare us, but now I couldn't think of anything else but to thank you. Thank you for being the best that you can, as you inspire me to be the best of me too. I'm a real big fan of yours!
  • I'm sorry....
...I'm not the best sister in the world
... I act so mean and selfish sometimes
 ...for not being there when you need me and for not listening to you when you need someone to do so
...for not giving you the chance to know the real me and for not making an effort to get to know you too
...for damaging your pc, your doll house and the doll Mommy Tessie gave you (believe me, I didn't mean any of it :(
  • I love you
...I'm sorry it took me a while to let you know this but I love you
...If I were to choose a sister for a thousand times I'd choose you. You should know that you're amazing and perfect by just being you. I couldn't wish for anything else for you but happiness! the kind of happiness coming from you and something that you could share to the rest of the world. That even when times get tough and you need to face a storm alone, you'd manage to smile and consume a piece of that happiness.

     Happy Birthday Ate! I love you and I will always do. I love you even though you changed the Wi-Fi's password :p I wish we'll spend more time together soon and grow old with each other, and love each other more than Ana and Elsa, and let go of the things that we do not need (yea,like the song from Frozen haha) I promise I'll keep the effort to be good for you and for our family. I cannot wait to tell you all my dramas and plan a trip with you.
Once,again Happy happy birthday! May you enjoy this day and everything else under the sun :)

*I'm sorry as this is a badly written post. No offense to your degree in English.lol

I gave her a make over :p *My sister sucks in putting make up, one of the things we differ hahaaha
She got no make up sense like I do, but maybe that's why God made us sisters. So we can fill each other's gaps. 
BTW,don't tell her about this 'cause she actually forbid me to post her photos online. Sorry sis :p

Mirabella lang ang peg?! haha

love lots,
Your siobee Bebet

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  1. Happy bdaaay to ur sis.


  2. Happy birthday to your sister! :) Hope you two can spend more time together. :)


  3. Such a sweet post I wish I had a sister but I love my two elder brothers :)

  4. Awee this was such a sweet and heartwarming post! By just reading this post i can feel that you love your sister a lot! :)
    I have an older brother with whom I fought probably all the time we were living together. But now we have perfect relationship which I wouldn't trade for the world! :)


  5. Hey there, completely IN-LOVE with your blog, just followed you on GFC (193), would love if you follow back :)


    MandySharesLife FACEBOOK PAGE

  6. You two seem very close, and very lucky to have each other as sisters. Beautiful post, and happy belated birthday to your sister! :D



  7. wow such a lovely post! great job x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  8. Happy bday to your sister!
    Your blog is great, I followed you on gfc and bloglovin :)
    Hope that you can visit our blog


  9. awww... sweet post! Happy Birthday to your Ate! :) me and my sister are close to each other. We don't hang out like we used to now because she is now married pero okay naman :)



  10. Aww what a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your ate! <3


  11. That was such a sweet post. Lucky for you, you have a sister. I'm the only child in the family and it's just me and my mom. Happy birthday to your sister!

    You did a good job with the make-up! ^_^ Hello kababayan! I'm from Dumguete, not far from where you are :D

  12. Oh what a lovely post :) I don't have any sisters, I have two brothers and they are way older than me so we don't really hang out either. Which does not mean I love them less :) So happy you shared so many deep feelings with your sister! I'm sure she will love this post when she reads it. I'm following you on bloglovin :)


  13. Awww, i am really jealous seeing how you two loving each other. I wish my sister and I are as close as you are, but this doesn't mean I don't love her. It's just that what we are, not so close. that's a very heartfelt birthday wishes for sister so I'm sure your sis would love this.

    Have a great day!