San-san Cosmetics Haul + Mommy Makeover

     Reading my friend Stephanie of The Thoughts of Steph G 's reviews about San san Cosmetics, I couldn't help try their products as well. Steph always has good reviews about their products so I just have to buy some for myself right? 
    I decided to buy 3 products from them and a bath soap which ended up in my favorites list!
Make-up Set
php 180.00
    First I got this make-up set for 180.00. I love this make-up set because it's already complete that I don't need to buy other products. What makes it a good find too is the fact that it is affordable. The make up set has 3 divisions (eyeshadows/blush-ons/dual face powder/lipsticks).
     This is the first division of the make-up set. A 12 color eye shadow set! I love the fact that this eye shadow set has a variety of colors ranging from neutrals to the bright ones. However, some of the eye shadows are too subtle that you have to put on it for several times to make it visible. You may need an eye primer when using the eye shadows too because it doesn't stay long without it.  :(
     The next division has 2 blush on colors and a cake powder/foundation. I really love the blush ons because it is very pigmented. With just a single stroke from your brush, it already leaves a very good application so you don't need to retouch your blush.
     Another good thing about this make up set and the real reason why I bought this one is because it comes with a two-way cake foundation which you can use it as a powder or as a foundation. It smells so good as well and does a very good coverage.
     The last division of the make-up set has this gorgeous set of lippies. How lovely! This is a very big saving on my part cause I don't need to buy any lipsticks from them anymore as I already have this one. It comes with my favorite orange and red lipstick making it perfect.
     HD Concealer
php 105.00
     Aside from the makeup set, I've also decided to try San-san's HD concealer. It comes with 2 different shades (natural,beige) but I chose the one in Natural shade. The natural shade is lighter than the beige one. I haven't tried the product yet so I can't give my full judgment about this one. I love the packaging of this concealer though since it comes with a brush applicator.
Eyebrow Pencil
(Dark Brown)
php 55.00
Last but not the least, I got this eyebrow pencil. This works so well and is very affordable compared to the other eyebrow pencils I've used. The packaging says it's brown but I think it's a little bit darker than brown. Pero okay lng,kebs. It still works wonderfully!
    Last Mother's Day, I decided to give my mom a makeover. At first, I was hesitant to ask her 'cause she's not so vain although she loves makeup. When she agreed, I immediately start doing the makeover. Actually, I wanted to film this makeover but my camera doesn't have enough memory available.
    For my mom's make up, I used the items from San San Cosmetics. I chose soft and neutral colors because my mom doesn't want to look very dramatic. My mother is a big fan of soft and bright colors so I decided to use orange-nude based lip colors.

     My mom was very surprised about how she looked like after the makeover. I was ecstatic to know that she loved it so much especially her lip color. lol

What do you think of the makeover guys? Yay or Nay?

love lots,

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  1. I love San-san cosmetics. The quality of the make-up is great even though it's cheap. Great job in doing a make-over for your mom

    -Tootsie Jean

  2. Your mom looks beautiful with or without make up. Good job though :)

    Lou of,

  3. I use the HD concealer on my under eyes Tin and as a highlight on the bridge of my Nose and I LOVE it! grabe it stays on the whole day. Thanks for reading my reviews ha :) I bought at least 20 of the #3 eyebrow pencil na. HEHE. Your mom looks very pretty!

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  5. Thank you so much girls! :))

    @Steph: Wow, might as well do that too!! Can't wait to use it <3

  6. ang gdana ng skin ni mommy! and i agree the lip color suits her very well, good job :)

  7. Oh the eyeliner looks cute!

  8. I really like those type of cosmetics in which you can find everything you need- starting from eye shadows till lipsticks! I think that you bought a really lovely palette and that it will be a great product for the summer as the colors are very bright and vibrant!
    I also think that you did a really great job on applying makeup on your mom- I think it suits her very well- especially the lipstick! Good job! :)

  9. Great makeover! The lipstick color is amazing and your mom looks beautiful! :)

  10. I love San-san, especially their HD make up series! Very affordable yet of great quality.

    That makeover of your Mom turned out really great. I'm sure both of you were so happy.


  11. Nice items
    have a great weekend

  12. May potential ka maging make-up artist! Hehe :) Hey check out my blog, I have new posts up! Thanks :)

  13. I hear a lot of good reviews for this brand. And your mom looks so gorgeous after the makeover! :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  14. Love the makeover! Ang ganda ng mom mo <3 Never heard of this makeup brand before but I really want to try it out, especially that concealer!

  15. love the makeover! you did a good job :)

  16. YAY! :) Samot ni gwapa imong Mommy! :) I'm not into make up, but this product is worth to try the result is awesome! :)


    Jewel Clicks

  17. awww this is the sweetest post Tine! You featured your mum, i really love the lippie <3

    Visit my blog:

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