My Museo Sugbo Experience

      My brother and I visited the Cebu Provincial Museum (also called as 'Museo Sugbo'). We are both lovers of history.We always wanted to visit some place with historical value. This is the second summer that we were able to visit museums around the City together since my brother only goes home to Cebu every summer.
    Museo Sugbo is a great place to visit especially if you want to go somewhere cool and educational. The museum is also a great place to witness the glorious past of Cebu by its various collections of rare artifacts and antiques which are part of the Cebu's grandeur. I believe the place is also great for different kinds of photoshoots. I can only assure you one thing if you'll visit the place: it is surely worthwhile.

Here's a brief information about the museum:

photo from google images
     Museo Sugbo is the Cebu Provincial Museum located in Cebu CityPhilippines. Located at what was once the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) on M. J. Cuenco Avenue in the old Spanish-era district of Cebu called Tejero. It is some four blocks north of Plaza Independencia.

    Designed in 1869 by Domingo de Escondrillas, the lone architect in Cebu at the time, the Cárcel de Cebú was originally proposed as the Carcel del Distrito, the main prison for the Visayas District. After twenty years of use, a renovation was ordered in 1892, which added more buildings behind the main structure that now serves as the first six galleries of the museum.
    Records are not clear as to when the second story of the main building was added. But the architectural design suggests this to be during the American colonial period.
The Cárcel de Cebú housed not only criminals in its 135-year history. During the Revolution, many of the Katipuneros were incarcerated here without trial and many of them were eventually executed in nearby Carreta Cemetery. During the Japanese Occupation, guerrillas were imprisoned here after enduring torture under the hands of the Kempei-Tei, the Japanese secret police. After the war, many of the collaborators in Cebu were also imprisoned here. From the 1950s to 1976, the front section of the Cárcel served as the city jail, while the three structures behind were used as the provincial jail.
    I wasn't able to take a photo of the front view because my brother won't let me take photos in the street. You never knew what would happen ;)
Here's a side view shot inside the museum instead.

The museum's way bigger than I thought. 

This is me trying to do an "outfit pose" lol. I'll post my outfit shots soon. I'll just have a seperate post about it since I don't wanna hassle you with such a long post. History muna peg natin ngayon,k? ehehe. Now I just realized, the place would be really great for wedding receptions and such. I want my wedding reception to take place in Museo Sugbo!haha ambisyosa.

    The whole museum is actually divided into four galleries (two permanent and two special galleries) with different artifacts based on the time they were found or their categories. There are too many items I found and I can't possibly take photos of them all so here's just a few.
Different antique saints donated for the museum.
Antique Gold Buddha.
 Military swords owned by Spanish Encomiendos.
Chinese and Japanese porcelains.
Original letters written by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.
 A sketch made by Jovito Abellana after he was released from the Japanese prison.
 Japanese flag posted in one of Japanese military base during the Japanese occupation.
 A nespaper published during the Japanese era.
 Japanese military jugs.
One interesting thing fact about these water jugs is that their designs vary based on their ranks.
Typewriter on used during the American occupation.
 Sake cups used by the Japanese Generals occupying the country.
 Money.Money.Money. The museum houses lots of money used in the past.
 My brother beside the old military guns and a bomb (below).
      I can't believe The Freeman had existed a very long time. This one's their issue in Visaya with Don Leon Kilat in the headlines. o_0
 A Bayonet used by the Japanese soldiers. This kind of knife were used by the Japanese soldiers to demonstrate cruelty. Acc. to what I've read, babies were thrown upwards and then catched by the tip of a bayonet.
bayonet (from French baïonnette) is a knifesword, or spike-shaped weapon designed to fit in, on, over or underneath the muzzle of a riflemusket or similar weapon, effectively turning the gun into a spear.
A camera used by a journalist during the American occupation. 
Surrounding it are photographs and post cards issued at that time and some bus tickets own by Corominas. (brown cards below the camera)
What they so called the anting-anting of Leon Kilat. It was said that  he wore this as an interior clothing.

     Those are just some of the photos we took during our visit. Like what I said above I can't possibly take all photos of the items in the museum and I can't possibly post all the photos I took here. So, well if you want to see more I guess you should  go visit the place :)
    The whole museum closes at 5:30pm, some rooms close at 5 so we really did took our time efficiently to visit all the rooms in the museum and check out everything.
    Right before we leave, we made a wish in a wishing well at the back portion of the museum.
Yes, the museum had a wishing well and a wishing instruction is posted on it.

   Btw, the museum also had their own gift shop and coffee shop. (the one above) They said its underground used to be a prison during the Japanese Era. creeepppyyyy. Too bad we weren't able to check it out since it was already close when we get there.tsk!
    Nevertheless the entire visit was great and I feel so grateful to be able to visit the place. Visiting the museum made me a more proud Filipina living in Cebu.  :)))
       Now here's a How-To-Get-There instructions by Ms. of the blog Penfires!
 just in case you're living around Cebu and you wanted to visit the museum as well.(kasi hindi tlga ako expert sa mga sasakyan!lol)

      Museo Sugbo is located in M.J. Cuenco Avenue in the old Spanish-era area of Cebu named Tejero.
image from google 

The Cebu Provincial Museum is located in M.J. Cuenco Avenue. If you are coming from Mabolo or Mandaue take a jeepney with signage “Marteres” AND “Cathedral”. This museum is a few walks before reaching the corner of T. Padilla and M.J. Cuenco.
  • From Maguikay, Mandaue Coliseum, or Mabolo area, take a 21D jeepney. It passes by the front of Museo Sugbo. Fare from Maguikay is P10 per person, from Mabolo P8.
  • If you are in SM area, ride 01K and tell driver that you will get off in the corner of T.Padilla and M.J. Cuenco. Note though that you will have to walk 2 blocks to reach Museo Sugbo.
  • If you are coming from Colon, take 01K, it also passes by the Museum on the jeepneys’ way to SM and Cebu North Bus terminal. So therefore if you are on a DIY Cebu City Tour and you are already in the Cebu Heritage Monument area in Colon or Parian District and you want to check out the galleries of the Museo Sugbo, you can ride 01k. 01k passes by the Colon Obelisk.
  • When the 01k jeeps reach the end of Colon Street ( you’ll know because you will see the Obelisk), it will right turn all the way to Cebu Cathedral and then will left turn on the side of Patria Building until it reaches M.J. Cuenco Ave. When your ride reaches the corner, it will take another left turn, you will then be already cruising through M.J. Cuenco Avenue. A few minutes after, you’ll be by the side of the Cebu Provincial Museum.

How I Get There:
  1. We rode in a jeepney with the signage 12D going to Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.
  2. We cross the street going to Patria Bldg.
  3. We commute in a jeepney going to Mandaue with the signage 21A
  4. I  just told the driver to stop by the Cebu Museum. 
  5. You'll know you're there once you see the museum.

Entrance Fees:
Adults: P30 (Filipinos), P75 (Foreigners), P75 (Balikbayans)
Students: P10 (Filipinos), P50 (Foriegners), P50 (Balikbayans)
Senior Citizens: P10

Museo Sugbo is open from Mondays-Saturdays at 9am-5:30pm.
If you wanna  know more about the museum you may ring them with this numbers:  (032) 516-2205 or (032) 239 5626

Thank you for reading! Good luck!
If you're in Cebu and you're planning to visit the place,
I hope this post will help you.
If you're not in Cebu, I suggest you visit the place

Side Note:
*The photos above are mine unless otherwise stated.
***The photos I took inside the museum (e.g the photos are artifacts) were not taken illegally. The dude from the museum who welcomed us told us that it's okay for us to take photos but we can't use the flash of our cameras.

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    XX, IamJenniya

  5. Oh I miss Cebu. Been there last October 2011. But posted my travel posts duon sa travel blog ko. Nice post christine. I really miss travelling.. Thanks for this post and I will include this to the sights to see when we get back to Cebu.

    XX, IamJenniya

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