Fretty Barili

    Hey guys! last Sunday my bhestfriend Mel (who I usually call "fret/fretty") went out of town to get away and feel the summer heat.char! We decided to go to the Sayaw Beach in Barili ( a province located in the southern part of Cebu) since my friend really wants to go there and I wanted to there again.Yup, I've been in the place before. It was last December on my last day as a teenager. I spend that day with the other best friend I have (Love).
     I always wanted to visit the place since it was sooo "virgin" I mean it was clean and not crowded like other beaches and Cebu. The other reason why is because I don't have to spend much just to have a good time at the place. It's really a perfect place to hang-out especially if you're with your loveones :) (and broke) haha.
      Now here are some of the pictures my bhestfriend and I took during our pretty trip in Barili.

I finally got the chance to wear my self made floral hair wreath. I may seem normal in those photos but really, it's sooo hot. Good thing, I bath myself with sunscreen lotion.

My fretty wanted to have her pictures taken with the rays of sunshine on her face. I can't say no to her so those are the pics :))
We were actually planning to have a mini photo shoot on the place but my fretty's camera won't cooperate :( something's wrong with it's battery. I could only wish I bought mine. Nevertheless we still enjoyed the place and taking pictures since she had her cellphone with her! Naks,kasi wla tlga akong cellphone haha.
LOOK! I'm in my fretty's shades~haha Love this pic! :))
Some photos of the lovely sunset in Barili. kung makaligo ng dagat wagas?! haha We really made the most of our time in the beach. We end up being the last people who went home.

A vain photo collage to end this post.haha
Dude, I'm with Julia Montes! haha...If you're not familiar who Julia Montes is, she's a famous Filipina actress. If you do, thumbs up if you agree with me?! :D
Seriously, I'm looking forward in visiting the place again. I don't know when maybe next year? next life time? I don't know, I don't mind when as long as I have my best friend with me.
A pretty place wouldn't ensure a happy summer but a friend by your side will always do ;)
That's it,
Thank you for reading!~
I'm wishing you an awesome summer.

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  1. This made me miss my bestfriend even more :( She's in a different country at the moment.

    Anyway, love the selfmade flower head piece! Youre so talented girl!

  2. I haven't gone to the beach this 2013. I envy you girls. :)

    XX, IamJenniya

  3. Thanks Ishna! :)

    You will soon Ate Jen! I'm sure you have an awesome summer too <3

  4. Lovely photos! <3

    Ericka of