Floral prints have always been a part of the colorful world of fashion. May it be any type of clothing, the lovely blooms of flowers will never go out of style. A flowery clothe is something every girl must have in her closet. It must be because of its natural power to match any kind of season, well especially summer!
Let's admit it, one of the best things about summer is that we were able to find time to go out and visit any interesting places. Not to mention those girly moments where you can experiment your own outfits.
Now let me show you what I wore on my museum visit with my brother.

             If you have a flabby arms or if you're feeling heavy, a black blazer will do its work ;)

Say hey! to the oh-so-awesome doors of Museo Sugbo. As you would've notice, the photos in this post have one thing in common- vintage touch! 

A hot and bright sunny weather is what's usually accompanied by summer but in some photos I used to do some  'emo, problematic facial expression'.haha drama lang yan

    The weather wasn't hot when we get into the museum since it was past 3 when we arrived. Somehow I still love to wear this flowy floral dress I purchased recently. I don't have a spidey long legs but who cares? I love to wear this dress and that's something I believe every girl should remember, wear what you love to wear.
In every outfit, your choice of shoes must also be considered. Because like any kind of accessories, a shoes may make or break an outfit. I opted for this black pumps with larger heel because I'm heavy and I know this kind of heel will make me feel comfortable as we stroll around the museum for a long time.
    My outfit isn't experimental as I tend to chose what's safe and avoid any drama. But of course, who would go wrong for choosing florals? Nobody.

Good luck,thank you for reading :)
love lots,

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  1. Honestly, I do not have a floral dress (poor me). Nice naman. Saw that post of yours sa museum eh. I miss Cebu. :)

    New post is up!
    XX, IamJenniya

  2. Darling you look! Adore your floral dress. Also if you have a minute id love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post

  3. Thank you girls!
    @Ate Jenniya: COme visit Cebu soon Ate :))

  4. I love ! SHall we follow> let me know xse

  5. Cute outfit! You look so pretty in those pictures. :)

  6. Great style, nice outfit <3

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    XOXO, <3

  7. Thats a beautiful floral dress!!! And those shoes are really original!
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  8. I love anything floral! It excludes a girly vibe which is a ++ for me. i love anything girly!

    I love your outfit! Perfect museum outfit. ;)

  9. Super cute outfit Tin!

  10. very pretty look:)

  11. such a sweet look ^^ lovely dress!


  12. Cute shoes!

  13. You look great with that look. Who cares what you wear what matter most is you're comfortable and u love what u wear. It's the confidence that shines.

  14. absolutely love floral dresses! can't wait to wear mine... the weather is still super rainy and windy=(

    lots of love xx

  15. Lovely. I'm a new follower! :) Follow me back on Bloglovin'

    Loves. June

  16. Love your blazer! I wonder where you bought it! It definitely looks fgood on you! <3

  17. Thank you so much everyone!!!!

    @Shugah: I got it from a local thrift shop in our place dear :))

  18. Great styling! Very preppy look! I like the dress very much, really suits the weather here!


  19. Hi there! Found your blog through Rica's. I like reading fellow kababayan's blog :) And so, you have nice outfit in this post, I always want to buy floral dresses like that too :)

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  21. Cute dress!!! I like this combination ♥