Summer in December

 another adventure. another day, same sky, same friend, same feelings

Last Wednesday (Dec.19,2012) my best friend Love and I went to Sayaw Beach at Barili for a refreshing trip. It's somewhere in the southern part of Cebu. Somewhere very far from the City where I breathe.Went out of town to celebrate my last day of being a teenager together :D
so...but really, the reason why is because Love have this commitment with her co-majors to shoot their own game show as a project. She's taking up Communication Arts, it's one of her requirement. I also have this personal that I'm feeling so not well on that day and on the past few days. Let's just say my life had a very slow pacing. Need to get away was my drama.

Perfect timing for the start of our Christmas vacation.

At the bus...
Barili was farther than I expected. Around 2 hours from the City Terminal.
 That's love dreaming lolx what a cutie, I took the pics.hehe
 I don't really mind the long hours of travelling. The bus had its own music player ( the one that looked like a tv above). Most of the songs played are the songs on my Dad's playlist and some reggae.
I didn't only enjoy the ride and the long talks we had but also fooling around. Sorry if this is being mean. Love actually did warned me not to take photos of this couple behind us.But I did :D and I feel good.haha. Say hi to our disheveled hair *.<
Cheers for the both of us!

Now this is what welcomed us when we stepped out of the bus: 
An uneditted photo. As you can see the day isn't bright and the sky is gloomy. Exactly my type of weather :D
 You have to get down that wide stairs to get into the beach. If you're still riding to reach the place you'd doubt if you're really going to a beach because all you see are in green :)

A photo of the beach I took. Editted the exposure to make it look brighter but the truth is out there its sooo cold,windy (notice how the trees bend) and the waves are soooo high. (I'm not even exaggerating) that's probably one of the reason why you cannot see anyone swimming or even trolling in the shore.
Sayaw Beach is a catnip for cats who are hungry to waves,colds and unexpected adventure :)
 but maybe that was the best part hehe another good thing about the beach is that once you get there, you'd feel like you owned a beach resort. It's so silent in there and we're the only ones who were making noises. Creepy?
While the comm. arts people are busy doing their own thing. I did took a hipster-ish photo of myself.LOL
Perfect jump shot for you <3 :=":" big="big" capture="capture" for="for" haha="haha" love="love" p="p" thanks="thanks" the="the" to="to">
Now how could we ever let the moment pass without having a photo for the both of us? hehe
Here's Love summing up all I feel --->FREE! *bow*

What I wore on our trip :) hehe
 Nail Polish from Diffi. The color is Turtoise :) I really looked hard for this color and only found it in Diffi. It's actually a nail polish brand from Thailand. Can't even read the script at the back of the nail I think the color's pretty cool and it matched my shirt so well!!!
Aztec overload!!!!!!!! Wore my own DIY handprinted Aztec shorts
Know how here
Arm Candies!!!!!!!!
I love the pop of colors in my wrist :)
from Gold spikes to Colored Skulls

It was already dusk when we decided to go home.
Love with an up close shot of her chinky eyes hehehe we both have chinky eyes but her eyes are smaller than mine. A co-major of hers did asked me once during our trip if we are
Cool pic. , I'm the suicidal creature behind her wearing a blue printed dress.kidding.Not gonna end up killing myself as long as I have Love as my best friend #char

The day did got brighter so we decided to take a pic of us with the sky as our background.Achieve!~
Inspired by the film Catnip by Kevin Dayrit. The movie's really cool. Saying that w/out even watching
We even took vids of our selves with our own "perspective"
I'll just update this post soon as soon as I'm done uploading it.

Here's a caption to end this blog post:

It's not that fun if it doesn't end. And if everything is eternal, nothing would be important.

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  1. wow awesome bracelets! I wish I had summer in december :( Enjoy the sun!

    X Jenny

  2. scenery looks lovely and love the braclets :)

  3. Merry Christmas! You can check my christmas decoration post :)



  4. Thank you guys!
    Merry Christmas to all of you too :)
    THanks for checking my blog though <3

  5. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Belated Happy Birthday to you, actually we have the same birthday! Love your bracelets, especially the colors. Hope I can see the beach too, so jealous...

  6. Wow... This looks like you had a lot of fun during these holidays... I love the beach and cats and I'm sure I'd enjoy a place like 'the catnip'.

    You workout outfit looks comfy... cute bracelet... great necklace.

    Well, have a happy new filled with lots of fun and success!

  7. i love your shirt! can you teach me how to do the aztec print? lol