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     Hey guys, I just wanna share to you two of the trending news from Yahoo! ( If you've followed my blog for a long time you'll know how much I adore reading. Here's a random fact about me, I haven't watched tv for more than a minute for a very long time like a year (that long) because our television's broken. As a result I always spend time reading news from Yahoo (and other web sources) to keep myself updated from news (and gossip) kidding! hehe
     Basically I opened yahoo and find these great tips from their BeautyTalk section where they post a lot of useful tips. Here they are:

How to Find the Right Lip Color for Pinay Skin Tones

photo by bbs "Shalene Joyce Diez
In Bobbi Brown's latest makeup book Pretty Powerful, she advises women to look for a shade that is closest to one's natural lip shade. "The most flattering color will either match or be slightly darker than your lips," she writes.
In the case of most Filipinas, a rosy pink with brown undertones, like NARS lip color in Dolce Vita, works best as an everyday shade.
left = pink, right = brown undertone

Photos from 'NARS lipsticks'
 The other one is this:

Get an instant makeover with 5 quick tricks

1. Quick trick to revamp your look: Stand up Although we risk sounding like your mother, if you want to revamp your look, stand up straight. Your posture is hugely important to the way you look.

Having good posture doesn’t mean standing polka straight. You need to stand naturally, allowing your spine to curve in an S shape. Make sure when you are standing that your hips and ears are aligned. 


2. Quick trick to revamp your look: Eyes and lips Your eyes and lips are you chance to have fun and, if you want to give yourself a makeover using makeup, start with these areas. Firstly, find an eyeliner pen or pencil that matches your natural eye color. Then play around with designs.When applying your eyeliner make sure you keep checking what your liner looks like when your eyes are open so that you get the finished look you were after. Also, to keep your lipstick on for longer first apply a lip liner and use a lip brush to apply your lipstick. This will also give you more control during application.

3. Quick trick to revamp your look: Eyebrows We all know that your eyebrows can dramatically change your face. The right brows can frame your favorite features and change your appearance. If you have a long face and would like to make it look shorter choose a flat brow shape. Although a DIY job can work wonders, sometimes getting some professional guidance goes a long way. If you want to change your entire brow shape, book an appointment at your trusted salon. Then once you’ve had them re-shaped you could maintain your look at home with tweezers. 

4. Quick trick to revamp your look: Dye Changing your look doesn’t have to be expensive; it can be as cheap as you want it to be. If you feel like your wardrobe needs updating, take a look at what you already own. If you have a pair of trousers or skirt that fits well but is looking a little old, pop it into the washing machine and add in some fabric dye.

5. Quick trick to revamp your look: One statement piece 

Sometimes a total revamp or makeover isn’t necessary. All you need is one statement piece that ties together your outfit. To find that magical piece of clothing, try on lots of different items and explore new styles, cuts and colors. Ideally, your statement piece will have a wow factor so that it can turn an ordinary outfit into one that will turn heads. The key to getting this wow factor is to look for bold, unusual colors. Don’t choose a multi-colored item though, unless lots of your other clothes are plain. This is because you want to be able to wear your statement piece with a lot of outfits, so choose items in bold, block colors. Instructions: Your statement piece should be a little out-there and should definitely reflect you and your personality. Take time to find this special item and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

 Note: All images on the second post are from Yahoo

My Insights

         Of course both of the post are equally important right? The first post is very helpful for all Filipinas especially ladies of my age. I'm not being mean but I can't help to notice it when some girls of my age fail to match their lips with their skin tones. Anyway mistakes are inevitable and there is always a room for improvement. Most Filipinas have morena skintone so either rose pink colors or brown undertones will suite them well. I guess the best thing to remember in choosing your lip color is to choose a color close to your natural lip color. As for me I have this not so light/not so dark lipcolor but I opted on brown/red undertone colors simply because it looks good on me. What I'm using now are the lipsticks 'Romantic Red' from EB Cosmetics and 'Fresh Melon' from Avon

       And hey, I just found out that Red-Orange colors are good on me so I'm aiming for the lipstick 'Autumn Breeze' from EB Cosmetics or those Orange/Redish colored lipsticks from Etude

How about you guys, what lipsticks are you wearing? What color is suitable/looks good on you?

      As for the second post from yahoo, those 5 tips are also very important. It may be too simple that most girls neglect to think about them but they are all very helpful if you want to instantly have a good look.
Standing up straight won't only give you that instant S shape but it's also important in enhancing your posture. It is also helpful when you are having your photoshoots or any formal picture taking. You must have notice already how photographers asked you to sit up straight when you have your picture taken.

        Another quick tip is to apply some eyeliner and lisptick. I guess both will suffice if you want to have a fresh look w/out trying to look like a drag queen. It's most helpful especially if you're in a hurry or if you're a student like me. You wouldn't want to overuse make-up on your face in going to school right? Unless you have a school presentation or The same thing goes in filling in your eyebrows. If you have a bushy eyebrows then you might as well ask a beautician to shape those brows. In my case, I never reshape my brows because of my religious belief (joke) just kidding! it's because I don't know, maybe I'm too lazy to maintain a new eyebrow shape. hehe It seems fine for me because I can still fill in my brows the way I want them to be since I do not have a bushy eyebrow.*luckyme* It's important to maintain a reshaped brows, otherwise it would look worse so you have to pull those unwanted brows like every 3-4 days to keep those clean look.

      Dye your clothes. Well I don't dye my clothes. I've seen a lot of DIY projects about dyeing clothes and they look so easy but I don't do them. I'm not just into it haha. Maybe I'd do it soon probably when something happens like a change of heart? LOL But dyeing you're clothes is also helpful. That works well if you have an overloaded closet and you don't know what else to do with those clothes so you might as well re-invent them or the best thing to do is to donate those to typhoon victims :) 
     I actually prefer buying new clothes. Not those types which are branded and too high class. You can always avail awesome clothes from thrift shops right??? Whose into thrift shops here??????hehe ME :D

       The last quick tip is shall we say the most important thing to be remembered by fashionistas? I'll say yes to that. Like what they always say a shoes or an accessories may break or make an outfit, that's why it's very important choose an outfit that complements your shoes and accessories. You might feel like playing with your wardrobe but be careful. If your outfit is a bit plain and not so glamorous you can always choose a statement necklace or any accessories that will make you look two times lovelier than the person next to you hehee the same thing goes with your choice of shoes. Another thing to remember is to be cautious in wearing a pop of colored accessories. You may refer to the style and choices of Pinay bloggers Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy. You'll notice how they carefully match an outfit with colorful accessories.

Now here's a quick tip from me:
it's the best outfit/accessories/makeup any girl can wear 
regarding any skin color a smile is more than enough to turn heads
it can even brighten up the whole world.

Good Luck!
thanks for reading

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  5. thanks for sharing this, girl! everyone needs to know this!

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  6. thanks for sharing this, girl! everyone needs to know this!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

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