Magnificence: Capilla Sta. Ana in Toledo City

Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo City
Before heading to the city of smiles, I stopped at the copper city with a heart of gold that is Toledo. Widely known for its mining industry, Toledo City is approximately 31 miles away from the City of Cebu. I have decided long ago to explore what's good within the city, but wasn't able to do it for some reasons. It is a long overdue desire and I am ecstatic that I was able to do it before the Lent.

With the limited time that I had, I was able to quickly explore the magnificent Capilla Sta. Ana which  stands proudly in Sitio Sta. Ana in Barangay Ibo of Toledo City. Unlike any other religious chapels, Capilla Sta. Ana houses jaw-dropping religious relics from some arts of Europe and America.

The chapel is a private-owned structure by a Toledo native named Lilian Yared who married a Canadian, Michael Overs. From their fast-food business in Toronto, the couple was able to built a fortune which enabled them to travel all over the world.

The compassionate couple decided to share their blessings to Lilian's native town where they decided to build a foundation which aims to benefit the marginalized communities in Toledo.

When her husband Michael dies, Lilian decided to build a chapel where she could keep the relics and artifacts that they have gathered from their travels.

The European architecture-inspired chapel has five rooms. Two of which serves as prayers rooms, while the other two are available for a baptism ceremony and a museum where one can see the delicate relics of the Overs. The last room serves as a classroom.

One of the relics inside museum is a framed work which features the bones of different saints and a bible which dates back to 18th century. Taking photos inside the museum is forbidden which explains the absence of its photograph in this post.

Along with life-sized icons of saints, renaissance paintings from Europe graced the wall of Capilla Sta. Ana. The chapel also has an 1859 Steinway piano which the Overs acquired from New York. From its candle holders, to its mesmerizing stained glass windows, almost everything inside the chapel were originated abroad with the exception of three statues of the Child Jesus (Santo Niño). 
Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo City
Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo City
Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo City
The Chapel inside Capilla Sta. Ana
Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo CityCapilla Sta. Ana Toledo City
A stonework which reflects the sufferings of hell and purgatory
Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo City
A life-sized replica of Michelangelo Buonarroti's Pieta
Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo City

Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo City
Outside the chapel is a garden called the Labyrinth. Replete with well-manicured greens which forms a maze and figures of angels and the Virgin Mary, the garden is an ideal place for meditation.
Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo City
Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo City
Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo City
Find me charot!
Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo City
Capilla Santa Ana is at 920 Diosdado Macapagal Highway, Sitio Sta. Ana, Brgy. Ibo, Toledo City, Cebu. How do you get to Capilla Sta. Ana? Ride a bus or a van going to the south. Stopped at Toledo Public market. From the public market (mercado), ride a tricycle going to the Barangay Ibo. Explore and don't be scared to get lost. You may ask the tricycle drivers to drop you in front of the chapel. It shouldn't be difficult to find as it is located in the main road.

The entrance fee to the museum is 100php for local tourist and 200php for foreign visitors. Students are only entitled to pay 50php. The entrance fee is inclusive of a tour inside the chapel which means a tour guide will accompany you as you go inside. Capilla Sta. Ana is open from 10:00am to 4:00pm. It is available for entry from Monday to Saturday.

I hope you'll find the place as fascinating as I did once you get the chance to visit it. 

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  1. Hi sweetie, I loooove it! Cute post ❤

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  2. Toledo seems to be a lovely city to visit. I hope I get the chance to visit it some day...and Cebu too. This chapel you showed to us is very beautiful. If I ever end up in Toledo, I will stop there for sure. The maze in front of the chapter is wonderful too!

    Have a lovely day sweetie!

  3. I actually just had a project which related to a labyrinth. But I never had a chance to see and try a labyrinth journey until now. You are so lucky! I wish I could be there in the middle of it and feel the atmospher of, you know, being in an actual labyrinth meditation type of thing. I am not sure if there is any particular procedure to do it, but I just want to try at least once. Haha. Great post, Christine! <3 Hope you still remember me. Hahaha

    From Jakarta, Indonesia
    with love, Imme ❤

  4. Hey there!

    I finally dropped by! Hihi.. Anyway, I really love how you go around such wonderful places and gush about their beauty and history. This one is no different, sweeet!

    My cousin and I have talked about going down south but alas, panay drawing lang! So your post about various places there somewhat manages to quench the desire to travel in your hometown and the neighboring provinces. Still, experiencing things firsthand is the best, no?

    Oh yeah, I'm planning to post some of my (old) poems. Do feel free to drop by my site and let me know what you think about them, ok?

    Til then,

    Tine I.
    Treading through Tine's Line

    1. Awww hi Tine!!!

      thank you so much for your wonderful words. Let me know when you'll be coming to Cebu. Would love to meet you and give you a first hand tour of our city. hehe <3
      Will definitely check your poems Tine! :)