GT Cosmetics Moisturizing Cream Review

GT Cosmetics Moisturizing Cream Review
      I can already feel the blazing sun on my skin and the sand playing on my feet. The calming voice of the sea serenades me as I close my eyes. That's what summer is all about, and with that warm season around the corner, it's a no brainer for all of us to come-up with our own travel essentials including some of our favorite ways to protect our skin from the sun's harmful rays. While enjoying our time making memories at the beach, we all need a sunblock to get us covered; keeping our skin sun burn-free and healthy. 
GT Cosmetics Moisturizing Cream Review
  In my case, I am using GT Cosmetics Moisturizing Cream. It is marketed as a whitening/moisturizing cream, but I am using it mainly as a sunblock because of its high SPF content - SPF 60. I used to be quite hesitant to use the product at first, but the moment I used the product, I was shook by how it works. It does work so well not only as a moisturizer, but also as a sunblock cream. It used to have that white and pasty look when applied to the skin, but with their I believe, enhanced version, it no longer has that pasty look nor does it make one's skin feel icky.

     If you're not familiar with the product, GT Cosmetics is a Cebuano brand that crafts and offers local, handmade beauty products such as soaps, creams, and lotions, that have refined coconut oil as a base. I have tried other products from them including their toner, facial soap and lotion, but nothing beats their moisturizing cream when it comes to efficacy. I figured it out while putting on the product on my skin before hitting the beach under the midday sun. The sun's heat was harsh at that time, but surprisingly, I didn't have any tan lines or sun burn, all thanks to GT Cosmetics' moisturizing cream. Ever since then, I've used the product whenever I have to meet Mr. Sun for a long time. Here are more details that you have to know about the product as well more of my thoughts about it:
GT Cosmetics Moisturizing Cream Review
GT Cosmetics Moisturizing Cream Review
A hydrating day cream for a softer, smoother, fairer look. Nourishes skin with anti-aging, moisturizing, and whitening ingredients; brightens and lightens to even out skin tone; protects with SPF 60.
GT Cosmetics Moisturizing Cream Review
GT Cosmetics Moisturizing Cream Review
The foundation is in a petite circular container made of plastic. One can easily bring it everywhere without worrying where to place it. I guess it can easily fit in any go-to makeup bag. Details about the product such as its ingredients and manufacturing information can be seen in the on its box which houses the container.

GT Cosmetics moisturizing cream is available for 193php, that's more or less 4USD.

I got mine from a local drugstore but you can also purchase the product in any beauty outlet nationwide. It is also available online via BeautyMNL.

- affordable
- has a good smell
- effective sunblock cream

- not available on some malls and beauty outlet

In all fairness, I am very satisfied with my cream from GT. I am not sure if it works well as a whitening product since I am not checking its effectivity on that matter. I do not have any interest in getting whiter as I am contented with my skin color.
If you are heading on a beach and you are still looking for a sunscreen, you might as well try the moisturizing cream from GT Cosmetics. I hope it will work for you just as how it worked on me.

love lots,

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  1. I am so fair skinned I have to use a ton of cream for protection. It sounds like a great products but I would need a barrel probably :) Lots of love to you dear!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  2. great review dear and i loved your pictures
    I like that it's protects from the sun,that's a big yes for me

  3. Hi Tin! Personally I really like to get to know local brands, which offers handmade beauty products, this cream seems amazing, personally I'm huge fan of everything, where I can find coconut oil, so I'm sure that it would be the same with this product, especially considering the fact that it protects from sun as well.

    Have a lovely evening dear,

  4. Great product!

  5. It is always a pleasure to learn of some local brand. This cream seems lovely.

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