Cebu Parklane Int'l. Hotel Introduces Its Newest Ambassador

Cebu Parklane International Hotel Ambasssador
To  further  establish  the  hotel’s  brand  in  the  social  media  platforms,Cebu Parklane International Hotel introduced its newest brand ambassadors Rowell Ucat aka Medyo Maldito and Snake Princess on  one of its afternoon soiree with the media.

Together with their manager Ms. Lourdes Maglinte, the popular Sugbuanun social media influencers signed a one-year contract with the Parklane Hotel's general manager Ms. Cenelyn Manguilimotan.

When asked why Parklane chose Medyo Maldito and Snake Princess as its ambassador, Manguilimotan explained that aside from their existing popularity, the fact that they are both Cebuanos is the main reason why. Their decision to tapped Ucat as their ambassador also coincides with what Parklane is promoting - Cebu.

"The hotel (Parklane) is promoting Cebu so it's just right for us to choose somebody who is a Cebuano", said Manguilimotan.

Manguilimotan  added that their ambassador must have the heart of a Cebuano which she believes Ucat and Snake Princess possess.

With  Medyo  Maldito’s  wit,  straightforward  and  at  times  harsh  memes  about  friends, falling in love, moving on; undoubtedly he has captured the hearts of his more than 300K followers. 

 Aside from the usual  hugot video content  he produces, he promises to  let his followers experience  how  it  truly  feels  to  stay  at  the  only  hotel  in  Cebu  that  stands  for  Cebu, Parklane.  Ucat’s memes evolved from simple tweets and quotes, to hugot and banat conversation pictures,  funny videos  on  reactions  to  everyday  situations,  and  now  to  his  latest  Inday Hugot series.  

Rowell Ucat a.k.a Medyo Maldito is not just a social media influencer but also a Bisaya songwriter  of  the  VISPOP  entry  “Sa  Imong  Heart”  and  “Hahahasula”.  He  is  also  a playwright of the play “Gugmang Giatay”. 

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