Meditating in Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple

I walked under the starless sky as
darkness completely clutched the holy place
with its razor-sharp claws.
The Master was nowhere to be found.
No guidance, no consolation
entered in my ears.
A faceless voice cascaded from the sky and said:
Listen to the universe and you'll find Him.
I heard the distant barking of the dogs,
the leaves slicing the damp mist,
the secrets of the crickets,
 and the belching of the road dragons.
I sat motionless silent as the fat moon.
A fire within me dampened my eyes.
In my isolation, I met the Master.

- Cristine Despares

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  1. amazing post :)
    Have a nice day :)

  2. Hi Tin! Like always, I'm impressed on your poem - it's really moving and beautiful and even though I'm not such a spiritual person, I really felt presence of Master, I really did! Looking at your creativity, I'm more than sure that you're better and better in writing, keep that good work, dear Tin, because you're so talented.
    Have a lovely evening, dear friend! :)

  3. So lovely! The words are so vivid, the pacing divine and the imagery is wonderful. Your words are so soothing, so strong. Lotsa love - Sham

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  4. perfect words for those images!! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

  5. Tin you're such a good writer and a great poet, your words are perfectly placed and they just bring me a lot of peace :) Such a smart movement to put the poem with these magical pictures. Keep doing it great and enjoy the weekend!

    By the way, I just noticed you have a new header... IT IS BEAUTIFUL! ❤️

  6. Really interesting post) thanks for sharing)

  7. Nice, nice. I am inspired to write a poem again. Love the two monk figures. Have a great Sunday!

  8. Such an amazing poem dear! ^-^
    And very beautiful pics!

  9. The poemis really awesome,am impressed by how well written it is
    Great pictures too