Day of the Dead Makeup

I know it's a little late for me to say this, but let me greet you a Happy Halloween! I hope you had a wonderful and a meaningful one whichever way you celebrated it. In our country, most of us relate it to our religious practices and beliefs. However, there are of course some people who celebrate it by attending or organizing a Halloween party.

Though I wasn't able to attend a Halloween party, I had a good time with my family. We spent the day praying for our dead loved ones and visiting their graves.  My younger brother loves to join Halloween Party, but our mom didn't allow us. Nevertheless, my brother had fun because I gave him a sugar skulls makeup look which was inspired by the Day of the Dead celebration.

Day of the Dead or Día de Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout the Central and Southern part of Mexico in honor of the dead. We don't have such holiday here in the Philippines, but I believe that we do share some of the practices done during the Day of the Dead holiday.

One particular symbol during the holiday is the calavera which means skull. It is commonly reflected during the holiday and one of the most popular ways of representing it is by using makeup. 
Here are some shots of my brother wearing the makeup look:
My baby brother is so game when I asked him to vary his looks and translate a specific emotion. I asked him to give me an angry face in the last photo. Seriously, he could be an actor someday! hahaha
When it comes to Halloween makeup, the look inspired by the Day of the Dead is my favorite look to recreate simply because it looks charming and easy to recreate. Moreover, it doesn't require so many makeup products and allows everyone to be creative on the looks that they want to achieve. 
Here's a shameless photo of me doing another version of a Day of the Dead Makeup Look:
For my look, I used jewel stickers and I added more colors instead of the regular black and red combination. Excuse me for the very awkward look. Takes a lot of courage for me to upload that photo! lelz
I do hope you like the makeup looks I created last Halloween. How about you guys, what makeup looks did you go for last Halloween? I would really love to see your makeup looks! hehe I'll try to be more experimental with my Halloween makeup next year. 

love lots,

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  1. We don't have the same tradition of painting our faces as Mexicans here, but we do decorate our graveyards.

    I loved your Day of The Dead make up! Both you and your baby brother look adorable. You have done a great looks very professional.

    1. Thanks a lot dear! We actually don't put makeup on our faces too. We don't decorate our graveyards as well, but we do offer candles and flowers in our graveyards.
      Thanks a lot for your compliment my dear :)

  2. Very nice makeup!
    Here in Spain there are many kids with costumes asking for sweets home by home (since some years ago because it's an Americam custom).
    And some people also carving pumpkins and decorate their homes.

    1. Thanks a lot Lys! :)
      I believe you do have colorful traditions in Spain as well! <3

  3. btw your baby brother made a great angry face! he has film potential for use...and to answer your question, I didn't do a costume or any make up because I don't celebrate halloween:).

    1. haha thanks dear! and oh I'm curious why you don't celebrate Halloween :0

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  5. Creepy and lovely for yours and scary and tough for your brother. Yes he may be famous on the screen one day :) Lots of love!

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. hahaha thank you for your lovely comment my dear! I think my brother would like to her your thoughts!

  6. Your brother looks cute even with the scary makeup on. Hihihi ♥