3 Smart Alternatives to LBD

little black dress alternatives
Our classic little black dress or LBD is one sure way to look instantly chic and classy. Regardless of our individual style and sense of fashion, we can all agree that black is one (if not the most) sophisticated color. With that in mind, I bet we can always find an LBD in any section of women's dresses in online stores everywhere or in any girl's wardrobe. I personally have two which are some of my favorite items in my closet. 

A black dress is truly a wardrobe must-have, but what if you would like to spice up your wardrobe a bit by adding some colors to it? Choosing a colored clothing is a little taxing for some of us, but there are really good colors which you can easily slip on just as how you choose your LBD. There are a lot of colors out there, but here are just three of the smartest alternative to LBD that I can cross my fingers with.

Don't have an available black dress as of the moment? Grab your white dress! While some people think that white can be too plain or boring, it doesn't have to be. The key is in finding the one which has a good cut, style, and patterns. The white colored cocktail dress above is an example. It's white, sexy and definitely perfect for a special day on a beach.
Neutral outfits are also good alternatives for the black colored ones. You may opt for a coffee colored dress, or go ahead and choose a stronger and more appealing piece like the army green colored dress above. The dress is perfect for any casual date. Who would have thought that a tunic dress would look so fab? It also goes perfectly with knee length boots. It's no wonder why even popular celebrities like the Kardashians/Jenners wear it all the time! And nope, not a fan of them, but let's admit it, they look good! And so are you! ;)
LBDs are perfect for romantic dates. Many girls would opt to wear them with their minimal accessories because it translates elegance and beauty. Think about Audrey Hepburn. How stunning is she in her LBD and pearl earrings! 

You can look stunning as well in a rose nude bodycon dress. The bodycon dress is great ways to look sexy and preppy. One of the trendiest clothing materials these days are suede. On the other hand, rose nude color is also shaking the fashion industry. The color is perfect for girls who are pretty much into pink and neutrals. It reflects sweetness, but at the same time, class. Footwear such as ankle strap heels would be perfect for them.

This digital age of ours' doesn't limit us from various sources where we can avail different women clothing online whether we want something that is made for formal occasions or cute dresses for casual situations. I usually buy some of my clothes online now, though I still prefer buying from physical stores within the city that I am living in. However, there are just some women clothing which is exclusively available on online fashion stores like FashionMia.

How about you guys, where do you usually buy your clothes? Of course, there are countless women clothing online where we can get our desired items, but the most important thing is that we are happy about its quality and that the fit is right. I hope you'll always find what's best for you!

love lots,

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  1. I do agree with you. LBD is a timeless classic, but it is nice to spice things up a little- at leas once in a while. I personally think that a little white dress can look just as classical and chic as the legendery LWD. I love your other suggestions too. Gorgeous military green dress...a very trend choice.

    That pink dress is amazing too. Pink is always a very feminine and girly choice, right?

    1. Yes! that pink dress is so pretty and I really love it too! <3

  2. Hey, Tin! Hope you're doing great!

    I agree with you :D okay LBD is a timeless classic that will remain as a great piece forever, but sometimes it is okay to take some risks and change a little bit in order to stay creative, don't you think? These are great options and of course it all depends on your skin tone and your personality!

    Even tho the pink option is my favorite one!

    Tons of love!

    1. Love them all too Pablo and yes, the pink one is so pretty though I'm not a very big fan of the color

  3. Ahh, I am totally smitten by the gorgeous pink dress! Is it suede? If so, then it just has to be mine! I guess I am still a very girly girl in the heart, even though, I am turning 25 next year :D
    This was a really cool article dear Tin, because I always love finding out fashion alternatives, though, I must say that LBD will always and forever be my favorite - it's just so iconic and classy <3


    1. Yes, my dear, it's made of suede! I'm pretty sure it would look stunning on you as always! <3 thank you and you are welcome as well dear!

  4. Hi Tin ! :) I love that you proved in this article that LBD (i.e., just like Maddie said, iconic dress) is really easy to find alternatives to that dress. Personally, I can't agree with your opinion about white dress more - I really like to wear white dress, especially during summer. What about neutrals colors, I adore that khaki dress from the photo, great selection, Tin! :)


    1. Aww and you look good in any colors my dear!
      thanks a lot dear! <3

  5. Yes indeed, TBD is a must in every girl's closet! I also own two! But I would change them for a white dress for example! Great selection and post :D


    1. Your skills in styling and fashion will take you to so many places dear! thank you so much for droppin' by!

  6. its so true nude + rose nude dresses are everywhere :O pati jackets and tops i love et :)