PH Largest Private BPO Company Underpins Cebu Talent + Meeting Alden Richards

Convergys YOUNIVERSE Reinforces Commitment to Growth of Cebu Talent
To foster and continue their commitment to support Cebuano talent, Convergys spearheaded an extraordinaire event dubbed as YOUNIVERSE: Create, Celebrate in Cebu which was staged at the Ayala Terraces last October 18.

Local job seekers, employees, and other members of the community filled the mall in order to grasp a
the taste of Convergys' munificence in providing limitless career opportunities. The overall success of the said event sums up the company's dominance in Cebu with its eight sites and 13,000 employees.

Convergys President for Asia-Pacific Ivic Mueco said that their extraordinary growth in Cebu over the last 12 years is due to their talented and dedicated employees who deliver excellent service for their clients’customers. 

Mueco added that Cebu is a critical part of their operations in the Philippines and that they would like to stay committed in sustaining its growth by being an active partner in building their communities.

Moreover, the company also announced it is hiring 2,400 additional employees in Cebu from October to December this year, which is one of the highlight of the YOUNIVERSE event. 

Convergys Group Vice President of Operations Jojo Reyes said, “We are grateful for what we have achieved through the people of Cebu. We want to continue giving them the best opportunities by joining Convergys and growing in their careers; supporting global, top brands of every industry we support. Whether it is in telecommunications, technology, financial services, retail or healthcare – the choice is theirs.”

The day-long affair included fun activities, artist performances, and discovery of career opportunities at Convergys, where anyone can explore being part of the top BPO in the country. 

Convergys YOUNIVERSE Reinforces Commitment to Growth of Cebu Talent
We (my media friends and I) weren't able to witness most of the activities in the Terraces, but we were able to spend a few minutes of our time chillin' with event attendees. Convergys hired a really good DJ and I was ecstatic to hear the songs of Kanye West from his latest Life of Pablo album wafting on the evening air.

What It's Like to Meet the Country's 'Pambansang Bae' Alden Richards
Convergys YOUNIVERSE Reinforces Commitment to Growth of Cebu Talent
At the event, Convergys also introduced its newest brand ambassador, Alden Richards. The 23 year-old actor is undeniably one of the country's hottest and most loved faces in the entertainment industry. Among with his vast talent, he is best known as the other half of the AlDub love team opposite Maine Mendoza. Together, they conquer the hearts of millions of Filipino television viewers in their infamous Kalyeserye.

I have met Filipino celebrities before, but the closest I have ever been to one was with Alden. Of course, I didn't let the time pass without taking a selfie picture with him. Alden was very polite and very humble in answering the questions and submitting to the requests of the media men in the room. He even apologized to us for being late! The crazy traffic from the airport was definitely not his fault. haha I wasn't able to take decent photos of him because there are just so many other people who would love to be with him in a photograph.

After posting our picture on my Facebook account, a lot of people asked me how did he smell. Well, he smelled really good and he had a very ugh clear skin. 

Richards' success story underscores hard work, determination, and perseverance as key essentials in pursuing and achieving goals. These are attributes that the company finds in its own employees- something that the younger echelon of workers (including me) should possess.

The Perks of Working in Convergys
I have never worked as a call center agent and I don't have plans in working as one in the near or in the distant future (I elaborate on this below). True enough, Convergys is one of the most popular BPO companies here in Cebu, perhaps also in the entire Philippines. My older brother and a few of my acquaintances have worked for Convergys and here's what they said when I asked them about the perks of working there:
I can't speak for all Convergys' employees because as I said, I haven't worked for them. What I can attest though is how they truly appreciate their employees. I once attended a family day hosted by CVG together with my mother and my younger brother. The invitation, of course came from my older brother who is working there. We had so much fun at that day and the company definitely gave us a simple, yet very wonderful family blow out.

Why I Vow Never to Work as a Call Center Agent
Convergys YOUNIVERSE Reinforces Commitment to Growth of Cebu Talent
from left to right: (my fellow bloggers from Cebu Blogging Community) Nana Vi of, yours' truly and Nhagz of
Contrary to what most people thought and asked me for so many times (which is kind of annoying), I don't work as a call center agent. I don't have anything against call center agents and BPO companies. I even admire those agents who are working hard especially those who are breadwinners, single moms and working students. My older brother who works as a call center agent did helped us a lot especially in paying the bills. 

The reason why I don't work as one and why I don't want to is because it's not my passion. Simple as that. I don't want to commit myself into a job that I am not passionate about. This is a cliché, but I am a believer of the popular adage that in order for us to do great work, we have to love our work.

I don't get so much from m job right now, but it gives a really good satisfaction and it inspires me to get up and do the work laid into me. At the end of the day what matters is our happiness. As long as we love what we are doing and it's nothing destructive for ourselves or for anyone around us, then we are doing something good.

love lots,

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  1. madami talaga ang nag wowork as call center agent....isang karangalan sa isang babae ang ma meet ang isang sikat na katulad niya...

    1. haha di ko kinaya ang karangalan Arvin haha
      pero salamat sa pagbisita sa blog ko :)

  2. Arvin is cute:) lovely wefie of you two. This seems like a nice company. My sister in law worked in a call center for that her company closed, she works in T mobile, so I guess it is not bad that things worked out that way. I don't think I could ever work as a call agent. I hate to talk on the phone, I get very nervious when I have to. I prefer face to face communication.

    1. awww me too dear! not into phone call interaction as well hehe