Demystifying Novereich and the Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers Novereich Agustin art exhibit
 One of the things that I love most about Cebuano artists is that they always find ways not just to grow as an artist, but also to create something that will set them apart from the mundane. Regardless of technique, medium or style, Cebuano artists have their own way of handling their brushes. 

One of such artist whose works graced Museo Sugbo is Novereich Agustin. Novereich's solo art exhibit dubbed as The Language of Flowers served as an open space for him to showcase his identity as an artist primarily by his chosen medium and subject. His works present beautifully haunting art pieces which will make any viewer simultaneously imagine and ask questions.

Novereich's work seeks to translate what flowers long to speak. Inspired heavily by the decorative style of Art Nouveau on the 18th century, his collection embraces jewelry, clay, and makeup that works perfectly together creating a modern, detailed and sophisticated works of art.
The Language of Flowers Novereich Agustin art exhibit
Novereich finished his Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts majoring in Interior Design at the University of San Carlos. The artist is committed to producing quality visual arts which evoke deep positive emotion. His fascination with flowers, as well as his powerful pursuit in producing one of a kind art, led him to create his flourishing The Language of Flowers collection. A collection which is as unique as the artist's name.
The Language of Flowers Novereich Agustin art exhibit
The Language of Flowers Novereich Agustin art exhibit
The Language of Flowers Novereich Agustin art exhibit
The Language of Flowers was initially showcased at the Art Center of SM City Cebu three years ago on December 13, 2013.

The female portraits on his artworks were made of air-dry or ordinary clay. Molded by the artist himself, the portraits are then painted and lacquered before being face painted using makeup and watercolor pencils. A thin clear gloss serves as the final touch of his two-month process of creating each of his 5x6 inches creations. 

Art as the common ground between life and death

“There will be time, there will be time 
To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;”
 – The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock, T.S Eliot

History will tell us that portraits were meant only for those who were important in terms of religion, royalty and societal status. Much of the paintings before were created to reflect a significant likeness to the subject. However, the art of today goes beyond its subject, it draws its viewers to its overall essence. In that sense, it wouldn't matter if you recognize the faces in Novereich's artworks, his art emanates deeper emotions.

One of his works entitled New Beginning sparked a series of mystery when stranger claimed that the face in his work is a portrait of her aunt. So many questions were left unanswered by Novereich and the stranger, and the incident itself is open to a number of interpretations. 

For the artist, the incident, though unfathomable, is a reminder of the vast purpose that art may serve. Art is no longer just an eye candy, but a wake-up call for each of us to value our lives and our family members especially the aging generation, which whether we like it or not, will soon meet the Father.

It was a pleasure to hear such tale coming from Noveriech and it made me think of trying my best to always do the right thing. We can commit so many mistakes in our lives and one of the things that we are so much guilty of is neglecting the old. Do we really have to wait for death to devour us until we realize how much they mean to us?

Art may or may not connect us to them, but we should be artistic enough to prepare ourselves for meeting life or death.

Creating Meaning: The viewer as the decoder

Similar to understanding literary works, art seeks to pose relevant questions which can be answered depending on the viewer's psyche and experience as his/her eyes follow the work. Novereich added poems in his art exhibit giving his viewers the freedom to interpret his art while allowing him to retain the subliminal universe that art has to offer.

So what does the language of flowers actually means? Since time immemorial, flowers are mostly present in any celebration. In some parts of Europe and in the United States, people have been giving meaning to flowers. Some even come up with flower dictionaries in an attempt to translate emotions into flowers.

For instance, roses generally reflect love, but when colors and numbers are at play, it may mean differently. A red rose may mean speak the language of admiration, while a white one may represent new beginnings.

The language of flowers is open to different interpretation, but in the case of Novereich's art, the meaning resides in the heart of his viewers.
The Language of Flowers Novereich Agustin art exhibit
One of Novereich's evocative poems posted beside each of his artworks.
The Language of Flowers Novereich Agustin art exhibit
As long as there are flowers, there will always be art. Florists, botanists, and other flora enthusiasts long argue about the meaning of flowers or whether floriography makes sense at all. I do not have the answers to such questions, but if flowers do have their own language, and if they could speak, would you dare listen to them? I will. 

If we are on the same page, head over to Museo Sugbo. The Language of Flowers art exhibit will run until November.

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  1. Hey Tin! How you doing?!

    I can see that you're surrounded and inspired by flowers lately! Such a great element of the infinite nature to obtain ideas and endless inspiration... I love flowers too!

    Also I love that this event helps artists to rise up in a certain place with an specific topic mixing decoration, poems, paintings.... It seems a GREAT GREAT idea that should be done in many other places to summon creative people!

    Love every painting and the poem is so beautiful itself

    Thanks for sharing, dear! And thanks for every comment, you're the best :D


    1. haha that is true Pablo! and I love to be surrounded by flowers! :D
      thanks a lot as well and I hope you had a wonderful week!

  2. I need to comment as this is probably one of your best posts. For one, they include flowers, then art, creative endeavours, colours, palette, poetry and all things I am passionate about. yes, the artist is as interesting as his name so thank you for introducing him to us. I won't be able to head to his exhibit but will try to google of find his page among the artists' circles as his artworks are fantastic. And to use the title The Language of Flowers is brilliant, a very Reggio Emilia approach in naming projects or documentations. Have a wonderful day Cristine!

    1. Thanks a lot Sir! I hope you get to meet the artist someday Sir and see his artworks. Thank you very much for your lovely compliment Sir. This is one of most difficult posts I've ever written. Somehow, I find it hard to write about a particular artist and his art.

  3. Hi Tin! In my opinion this event is great and I wish that I could take part in similar one in my country :) Personally I adore flowers, so connection flowers in different area of art like - poetry or paintings sounds like really creative and smart idea for me. And honestly, I love that poem from your photos - someone in really realistic and emotional way described love and embracing each moment.
    Have a lovely evening, dear!

    1. Thanks a lot for your lovely words my dear! :)

  4. Those big eyes just pull me right in. Very beautiful stuff! Lots of love -- Sham