3 Maxi Skirts You Need in Your Wardrobe

StyleWe maxi skirts wardrobe essentials
Adding a new item to one's wardrobe is hand down one of the most effective ways to update one's current fashion aesthetic. From brand new tops to the trendiest accessories, making your wardrobe fresh doesn't have to be expensive. Moreover, the item doesn't have to be vogue. 

One fashion staple that used to dominate the industry is maxi skirts. Maxi skirts, though often perceived as something one-dimensional can be the most sophisticated and most versatile piece that you can add on your wardrobe. Finding the right type, with the right length and type of cloth are the only things that you have to consider. 

Here are three types of maxi skirts that will revamp how your style:
StyleWe maxi skirts wardrobe essentials
1. Pink Simple Pleated Solid Maxi Skirt by Suozai
A lot of women would go for a well-structured dress when going to their first dates. But did you know that you can attain the same kind of romantic appeal if you are wearing a maxi skirt? Pleated maxi skirts are best when you are going for a formal, but relaxed occasion. It's simple, comfortable and very stylish. The trick is if it's in a solid color, you may match it with a top with fine prints and you are ready to go. 
StyleWe maxi skirts wardrobe essentials
2. Black Swing Cotton-blend Plain Simple Maxi Skirt by Suorang
The casual atheleisure aesthetic is everywhere these days. Adding an air of androgyny in our overall ensemble will definitely give you that effort less stylish look. A maxi skirt made out of cotton is less restricting and very comfortable. What's really good about plain colored maxi skirts is that you can pair it with different shoes. It's one good way to cheat on your usual skinny jeans and white sneakers combo.
StyleWe maxi skirts wardrobe essentials
3. Navy Blue Pleated Casual Solid Maxi Skirt by Suozai
A flowy maxi skirt made out a light material is a great option to deal the summer heat. Maxi skirts that are made out of chiffon are perfect choices for a day in the beach outfit. Doesn't matter if it's long or just a little below your knee. The light fabric will emphasize your torso area giving you that subtle sexiness without sacrificing comfort.

Personally, I've never been a fan of maxi skirts. but I've learned that there are actually a hundred and one ways how to style it depending on the occasion as well as on one's body type. Two things are most important to think about when styling such type of skirts: (1) choose something that will accentuate your waist regardless of its length; (2) wear it with confidence. The latter one is more important and will work not just in wearing maxi skirts, but also in any kind of clothes.

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How about you, what kind of maxi skirt do you love sporting the most?

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