The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Leather Pants for Women

Leather pants for women are one of the hottest pieces of clothing you can ever wear. They look glam, chic, fabulous and wearing it will certainly make you feel like a rock star. That is if you will pair it with the right clothing items. If not, there is a high tendency that you will look cheap and trying hard.
If you wish to finally be a fashion risk taker, it is about time that you get over your fear of leather pants for women. You just have to make sure that you avoid the different fashion faux pas that people tend to commit by following the do’s and don’ts mentioned below.

•    Do pair it with a denim jacket.
To pull off the casual leather pants look, you must pair it with a top in contrasting fabric and a denim jacket is one of the fabrics that is in contrast but greatly complements the leather material. Just simply put on a loose tank top and layer a denim jacket over it.

•    Don’t pair it with matching leather jacket.
You may be tempted to do this. After all, the monochromatic looking has become all the rage nowadays, right? However, pairing a pair of leather pants with the equally trendy leather jacket will be an overkill. You will end up looking like a member of a biker gang instead of a fashionable chic.

•    Do pair it with pastel colors.
Leather pants will give any outfit that instant rock star look. If you wish to tame it down, you can pair it with fun and flirty pastel colored tops.

•    Don’t wear it to work.
Sure, leather pants are one of the trendiest pieces of clothing in the fashion industry but it can be quite selective. You can wear it to a party, a club, a bar but you should never ever wear it to work. No matter how dressed up it may look, it will not be corporate enough.
•    Do layer.
The key to pulling off the leather pants look is to conceal the crotch area. That is why it is recommended that you wear long layers to conceal it. Plus, layering is also a great way to look stylish during the colder months.

•    Don’t pair it with a tight fitted top.
When it comes to choosing a top for your leather pants, you should keep it loose, slouchy and comfortable. Some of the items that you can wear with a tunic, a button down top, a sweatshirt, a tank top, a basic tee and much more. However, you should never ever pair it with skin-tight tops as it will look over the top. After all, this outfit is all about balance.

Once you have mastered the do’s and don’ts mentioned above, you can get the hang of wearing leather pants for women. You can get some of the best from While it is usually worn during the winter season, you can still wear it all year round, especially if you keep in mind the tips mentioned above.

***Disclaimer: All photos not mine. All credits go to the owners.

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  1. Great tips Tine! Although I often tend to do away with leather pants because our country's weather can be too stubborn. Maybe except for Baguio and Tagaytay. Still, I'd love to try wearing one someday. | Bloglovin' | Instagram

  2. Great tips, will keep these in mind. I love leather pants a=with a lace top, a mix of sweet feminine and edgy!

    The Flower Duet

  3. Love this post so much

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  5. Heh heh, biker gang!! Vroom vroom :) What great suggestions, dear. Leather pants can be very sexy when done right. Lotsa love -- Sham

    All Things Bright and Lovely

  6. great tips! I don't have a pair of leather pants, but now that I've read your guide, I might consider buying them...they can be a bit tricky too wear, but they are that one item that can make us feel like a star!

  7. I totally agree Tin! and Dont wear on a summer day while riding a jeep! HAHA

  8. I really like your tips, Tin, especially to not to wear leather trousers to work, because in my opinion they're not suitable to dress-code, even when they'll be paired with the most elegant white shirt and chic black jacket!

  9. Lovely tips! With the help of these tips, it will be eaiser for me to pull off and wear my leather pants ♥

    Wannderzel by Hazel