My Father is Tarzan

My father is Tarzan.
Oh no, my papa doesn't have those pandesal-like abs in his abdomen.
Nothing's legendary about my father's belly, but papa,
my papa is a legend.

He cannot sway from one tree to another,
but he had taken us to the
highest tree of individual growth.
I never once saw papa
in a physical fight,
but he had defended us
from the gorilla punches of poverty.

Papa doesn't have superpowers
but without words,
he understood us,
tamed the wild animals within us, and
united us even in our most savage state.

My father is Tarzan,
king of my jungle heart.

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*Disclaimer: My father is  not and does not look like Alexander Skarsgård lol 

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  1. Hello my dear Tin! I really like your poem, it's really beautiful and I think that your dad is also pround that she has such a daugther like you, my dear, personally I could say the same about my Dad :) What's more, I love that you emphasize the fact that someone could be hero, even if she/he doesn't have some special superpowers :)
    Have a lovely evening, my dear!

  2. This is really beautiful, I can read and understand english, not perfect but I undestand your poetry and find it wonderful!


  3. Hi there! The poem is really beautiful and the feeling you're putting on it is heart touching! My dad passed away last year but I know there are ways to keep him in my soul forever!

    Have a lovely evening and let us know if you see the new Tarzan movie! ;)

    Fungi Express blog

  4. Oh and by the way, thank so much for your last comment on my Kardashians posts, it made my day, dear :D

  5. Such a lovely poem dear! ^-^
    So in love with Alexander Skarsgård!! *-*

  6. The reference to Tarzan is very creative so as the use of words. I like how bloggers diversify their posts and show their many facets. All the best Cristine and have a great day!

  7. That is a fantastic tribute to your father. You are another fantastic tribute to him as well. Much love -- Sham

  8. First of all thanks Cristine

    Lovely Poem!

    Hazel | Online Shopping

  9. aw ang sweet naman sis <3
    natawa ako dun sa pandelsal bit hehe