Vincent Ryle

Younger me in red shorts...what's with the sad face? haha
     Being the youngest child for 15 years, I always used to wonder before what it felt like having a younger sibling. When the news that my mom was pregnant came into my ears, I didn't really know how to react on it. *oh issues... but when Mama and Papa came home bringing with them a tiny little boy with a round face and violet cheeks, I felt ecstatic. I thought I'd cry and cringe because I know changes would come together with the new member of our family. Not to mention my older brother's constant ''re not a baby anymore!!!!' To my surprise, I never got jealous having a younger sibling! I even helped my mother in taking good care of our baby boy like changing his diapers, singing him a lullaby to sleep,preparing his milk and even washing his clothes.
We named that adorable creature above, Vincent Ryle. He was named after St.Vincent. We actually call him a lot of names from vryle, yan, ryle, bayle, groo to baboy. haha silly right? but we like it! lol 
I don't know if you feel like me but I love teasing my baby brother until cries and ask for Mama's help lol. I can't believe how time flies so fast. Vincent turned 5 last Friday. Another reminder that I'm older but I'm also taking it as another chance to become a better sister.ayeee ahha

Baby Yan here are some good things that I would always love to remind you as you grow old. These are just some of the reasons why you should be happy. I hope you will be able to read this post when you're older.
You are cute...stay cute forever!
You are handsome. Don't make too many girls cry in the future,okay?

            You are smart. You made it on the first place on your first year in school. I'm one proud sister!
You are creative. It's from your sister's genes okay? haha
I love it when you're naughty
I love it more when you are nice
You are loved! No matter what happens, always remember we love you.
You have two ates and two kuyas who will help you get through anything :))
Happy Birthday Baby!
Maternal Love *a photo of my mom and my brother
(c)2010. photo by yours truly :)

Baby boy you came to us like a rain
from a long summer,you know that?
Your existence was unexpected 
but greatly appreciated.
You are special.
You are a blessing!
I love you Baby Yan...

love Ate Bebet <3

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  1. naww too cute x

    would you like to follow each other as well?

  2. Awww your baby brother is adorable and he is blessed to have such a loving family (and a doting sister!) =]

  3. Aww, this entire post was so sweet! I also thought I'd be jealous when my younger sis was born and my mom was worried I would be but it turns out she was the one always jealous of me whenever I would hog time with my mom, haha.

  4. Awww....ur little brother is so cute!!! Im an only child and Im always wondering what it would be lie to have a little sis or brother :)


  5. i rarely say this for kids but ur brother is so cute and adorable :)

  6. great memories!
    Follow each other on GFC? please let me know.

  7. How cute! i wish i have a brother...we're all girls and i was the youngest for 7years but then didnt get jealous when my younger sister when she was born. Happy bday to ur dear brother :)

  8. Aww.. such a nice post! Your little brother is too cute! I'm the youngest in the family and I think I will probably be a little jealous if ever I'll have a younger sibling. XD

  9. He’s so cute! I love seeing kids smile. I miss my nephew/nieces. giglove

  10. Omg, such a cutie! I'm the youngest in the family and I guess have always been treated like a baby since then. I wouldn't have mind to have another brother or sister though :)

    Donah GiG

  11. hahahaha…..such cute pictures!! simply adorable! loved your post hun!! <3

  12. aww cute photos! I love how you are sentimental and you treated your blog like a scrapbook here :D

  13. this post is so sweet. We can feel all the love for your little brother and he looks so funny and ice.

  14. awww so sweet and cute! you're blessed to have a great family!

  15. Great blog!! Merry Christmas!!
    Can we follow each other on gfc and bloglovin?

  16. omg your little bro is way too cute! So sweet of you :)

  17. hahaha your little brother is so cute! not to mention photogenic too!

  18. What a fantastic way to honor your brother birthday.
    I bet he will hate this post once he is older :-)
    All the best to him, to you and all your loved ones

  19. This is such a lovely post! Your baby brother is so sweet. You're a lucky one to help show him the world! GIG

  20. aw the photos are so cute! i once asked my mum why i have younger siblings as i was the eldest haha


  21. Awwww! What an adorable post about your brother! So loving <3

  22. What a sweet tribute to your baby brother - I loved reading this! <3 #GIGLove

  23. what an adorable post!!! may God bless you and your family!! and happy holidays :D giglove

  24. Awww!! What a sweet post! Your brother is just adorable! They really do grow up so fast. gig

  25. Your little brother is too cute. They are cute when they are that age

  26. awww, such a cute post! They are so cute as children !!! God bless hun, and enjoy while they're still young!

  27. ka buota ba nga ate oi! heheh..