Yesterday I did a shoot with my younger brother for his little prince competition for our village fiesta. We were asked to submit a photo of my younger brother as it is needed for the judges to select the most photogenic contestant. I gladly volunteered to take photos for my brother's photo (feeling photographer ang peg hahaha). 
    Here are some of the photos I took using our Canon S30 digital camera. So clearly it's not a dslr camera as we don't own one and I don't want to hasle my cousins by waking them very early. Yep, I did the shoot very early (6:00 a.m) :D I'm glad my brother's awake by then though and very enthusiastic when I asked him to stand up and change clothes. (vain kid! tsk3x) As the photos are not so crisp, I used an online photo editor to do some touch-up of the pics. Here we go:

Fresh Start~

Btw, the second photo above is the one that we've submitted for the contest.

My kind of neutral~
Here are some of the shots I took with my brother looking like a pro model with my dad's vintage glasses. ahaha. My mother didn't agree to submit these shots to the contest committee because my brother looks like a blind beggar daw. LOL

Hey Soul Sister~
     You wouldn't believe me if I tell you that it was my 4 year old brother who took these photos. haha. The perks of having a vain sister. I actually "slightly" force him to take photos of me. But then he willingly snap the camera like a pro. I have a feeling he'll grow up like me--> not-so-vain and feeling photographer ang peg. haha
     Gema shots lang to! As you can see, I'm just wearing my pair of slippers. lol. I love the backgrounds though. They're perfect for an outfit shot. Must have a decent shoot in this place some other time this summer.

That's it~
Thanks for reading!
Love lots,
Tin :))

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  1. lovely boy and of course you! Nice blog, shall we follow? let me know

  2. your bother is such a cutie :) and he is photogenic, I hope he will be your fiesta price :)
    kudos for the nice pictures...


  3. You're brother is absolutely adorable, so so cute! I wish my brother was that cute, haha <33

    Cherry Jade

  4. Oh really lovely photographs your little brother is really cute. Now I´m following you in GFC I hope your follow me back!


  5. No doubt He'll grow up just like you :) cute little brother :)

  6. Nice photos Tin!! you will have a dslr cam soon enough :D

  7. @Ate Rica: vain ate? haha

    @Stephy: soon Stephy,sooon bwahha

    Thank you everyone :)
    I'm following you all now! <3

  8. how cute is that little boy :)

  9. Hi! I found your blog and your pics are amazing!
    Step by me if you have time! We might follow each other!