What I wore on my Sinulog laag with my best friend Love. This is extremely late, but here goes nothing! haha Seriously this is just my way of preserving our time together. I really had a great time praising the Lord and being with my friend at the same time. Too bad we didn't have the chance the go to the church that day because of too much people. (and of the procession) I know we would be walking for miles and go bumping with lots of people so I want to wear something comfortable yet fashionable.chos!

The stripe top is actually my giveaway prize from Ate Rica's blog. She always does a giveaway and I always win! haha kidding :) I love it though. It's my only stripe blouse since I never purchase any stripe outfit.
The top is really something. It had a denim collar full of white pearls! No need for me to bother any statement necklace.

Details by Details:
         Here are some of the close-up shots of what I wore :)

    One of my favorite necklace! It says "lucky", as I am trying to catch my luck on that day. haha. What I love most about this neck lace are the birds parallel to each other holding the banner. They look irresistable. I opted for this necklace since I don't wanna look too overwhelming since my top already had its pretty beads.

        I chose to wear these rubber shoes since I know we will be walking for a long time.

A top made of cotton and vertical stripes would call for a short maong shorts. Well, mine's not really that short, it's adequate! haaha besides, this one's very comfortable to wear.

One of the shots (above) taken by Love at the Senior Citizen's Park across the City Hall. The place was really nice. I love how the structures around it compliment to each other, providing me a perfect perspective to take an outfit shot.
A photograph I took near the park. That one's actually an old building. I have no idea who owns it now or what they use the building for. The only thing that's on my mind at that time is to have a photoshoot in the building. The place is a way too perfect! 
 Cebu's pride ---> lechon baboy!!! At that time, lots of people sell various products around the park, a food stall selling lechon baboy (roasted pig) is just one of them.

After checking out at the S.C Park, my friend and I decided to go over the pavement going to SRP.
 Another place great for outfit shots! I love the bricks and the flowers along with it!
My Japanese best friend Love! joke, she's not Jap but she's really my best friend who's actually more of a confidante to me :)
Forgive us for our vanity shots! 
I love our wacky faces in these photos.
Thanks Love!
( sa uulitin :p )

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  1. I love how comfy your outfit looks! And the lechon is making me really hungry. ;(

  2. hahaha thanks dear <3
    It makes me hungry too...haha

  3. love your stripe top! :) especially the collar part :) fasiyon kung fasiyon. hehe. and the lechon!!! haaay gluttony na jud ni nako. hhaha

    see yah around girl! :)

  4. @anythingariel:
    haha dina-ugan rana's contest aie :D

  5. i like your pearled collar
    looks like a fun time you two had :)

  6. I want the lechon and your pearl collar top! waaaaaaaaaaaaa! <3

    Ericka of

  7. I just stumbled accross your blog and I love what I have seen so far! You have a great blog filled with many interesting posts.
    Maybe you might consider following each other on GFC and Bloglovin? I will wait for you on my blog!

  8. I liked your post, I would like to follow each other? let me know.

    Happy week.

  9. I like your collar top. You were so lucky for winning that :) what a fun post




  11. I LOVE THe outfit for sure!! Serious you're looking so cute! I'm following you now! feel free to follow back! Love!! xx

  12. Cute look Tin! i just wore jeans and a tshirt :D

  13. ermergerd!
    so cool dear.
    you look so chic.

  14. love the collar of that shirt, how pretty!