Happy Halloween

Photo by: yours truly (c) Taken November 2010 at the Calamba Cemetery
Hi everyone!
      Finally, It's Halloween!~The time of year where you can enjoy being ugly just by how you look (JOKE!jk2x) Ok don't take that joke seriously hehee. I mean this is the time of the year where you can enjoy wearing your halloween costumes, make-up's and halloween parties (if you have to attend any).There are too many costumes and make-up's to choose from and it's always awesome to share it with your friends. I've been seeing a lot of video tutorials about it in youtube. Choosing your halloween look is all up to you.

      This is also the time of the year where you can spend awesome time to chill with your friends by various activities activities after you chose your costume and halloween inspired make-up.These includes trick-or-treating (if you practice such), showing some art by carving pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns (if you have lots of money to spend in buying pumpkins "kalabasa")lol, lighting bonfires,visiting haunted attractions ( which is really cool), playing pranks (which I usually do even if it's not halloween), telling scary stories, and watching horror films (which I really love). Or you can simply enjoy some trips to breath some air.

      In my case, I didn't enjoy my Halloween by costume parties or going out on a trip or something. I spend my day selling flowers for people who are going to the cemetery for the All Souls Day. Anyway, most Filipinos go to the cemetery to visit their love ones even in Oct.31st or in Nov.1 just before the All Souls Day. This means I have two days to sell flowers and save money.hehe. Not a bad thing to spend a halloween. I feel happy to help the family business though.
      My family and I haven't visit my grandpa's grave (maybe tomm.?). My mom and I are waiting for my father to arrive from the witch island :D before we can visit my grandpa and of course to do our annual prayer and food offering which is a part of our family tradition. The usual thing starts from offering prayers, long prayers which includes prayers in Latin. A feast is to be offered in the altar as the family pray and should not be eaten nor touch not until the praying ends. This is because of the old belief that the food is for the souls of our dead love ones. So after the family prayed we give in a short time to "let the souls eat". I know that may sound silly to you or for others but that's part of the old Filipino tradition that our family still follows.
That's what makes us who we are.#char
That's it thanks for reading folks. Mind to tell me something about your halloween?
I shall end this blog post with this joke from tumblr:
  • me: hello 911 there's like a thousand dead people here
  • police: where are you???????????///
  • me: at the cemetery
Haha,.,Happy Halloween Everyone!~

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  1. The photo scares me..i don't really go to cemetery every Halloween. I don't know but i feel goosebumps! :(



  2. oh,doesn't your family visit your dead love ones in the cemetery?
    hehe it's okay!

  3. hello Keyti!
    thank you :)
    belated Happy Halloween to you and your family too <3