These picture were taken during my bonding with my friends (MEaN Girls) last semester. I know this one's too late to post but still I wanna treasure the happy moments we had by blogging about this. Everything goes as what we've planned except for the fact that some of my friends didn't get the chance to go with us
 ( Joanna, Sherlyn, Juvelyn,Janna,Stephy).We decided to have a whole day bonding despite of the fact that we were really busy in school.
The fact that Seven Eleven was a craze in Cebu, my friends and I decided to drop by to have a brain freezing experience of it's mountain dew w/ ice and coloring  a.k.a Slurpee.JOKE!
It's Slurpee time! LOL L_R: Jim, Krizhia(xiang2x),Sharlene (bbs)

I don't know why, but somehow I love this blurred shot by April hahaha that's bbs and me btw. :))
The best thing about this "laag" is that we don't have to spend more cash coming from our wallets. We have Jim to cover almost all of our expences because by that time when we decided to hang out together, Jim is courting my friend Krizhia.

Okay, sorry for these solo vanity shots.Just love these photos for showing my clean and clear face ahaha #feeler ang peg

What I wore during our hang out:
All of us decided to wear our group shirt. It's a V-neck yellow colored shirt with a printed sketch of our doodle. More details about the shirt here:

Pair it with my black shorts and black leather fringe bag to make myself look more casual and adventurous. You wouldn't want to look too "bongga" or exaggerated when your purpose is to chill and relax with your friends. Well maybe that may also depend on the venue where you chose to hang out.
A pair of these studded red shoes completed my casual adventurous look. Perfect for a long walk and chilling with friends.
I opted for this gold scalene triangle ring from Aizilym Enterprises. Thought this would be a perfect match for my yellow shirt and studded shoes.

After we chill our brains with a freezing Slurpee, we immediately went to "Tambayan"- a local movie house located in Mango Avenue, Cebu City. A perfect place to hang-out with your friends/barkadas.Here are some of the photos we took while we wait for our turn to take over one of the room in the movie house. These were taken outside the front gate of the house.The two photo collage are from the inside of the movie house.
It's me and bbs again :D vain lang?
My beautiful friend Krizhia (xiang2x) and I
It's me and the beautiful XIang Zirkie again
The only four MG members who were able to make the "laag"
bbs and ap2x.....April's holding her new Smiley earring
Here are some of the photos I took inside the movie house. L-R: (1) A family sketch of the family who owns the movie house. It's a family business after all. (2) A collection of saints and pictures of the Holy Family including the bust of Christ. The family's a religious one indeed.  :)
&& here are some of the screenshots I've captured as we watched our chosen movie. Can you guess from what movie these shots came from? Well, obviously it's a horror film (which I'm so into). I won't post more of the screenshots I took, might as well freak you out or scare the sh*t out of you.LOL hahaha
A photo of us MG's outside the movie house with the cool grafitti as our background.
 Noticed the word "Tambayan" in the grafitti. I really think it's cool. Only in taking photos though.LOL
A stolen shot I took for the "EMO" side of Jim..haha took these since he doesn't really want to have lots of pictures of himself.
Midnight in Mango.It's already dark when we finished watching the movie. A great day to spend with friends.
Must add these cool photo of them while walking towards the highway to ride a jeepney home. I love how the lamppost looked like the sun. LOL
 Of course, I must end this post with thanking you for reading and showing you my posted look in lookbook.nu. Please do hype this look if you ever got a lookbook account. HERE

That's it, thank you for reading!
Here's a quote to ponder:

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light. 
-Helen Keller

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  1. WOW HA!! Salute ko anang Jim nga naka gasto nnu!! Sorry I couldn't tag along :D I still love you all!!

  2. hahahha lagee Stephy! mintaha jud ning naa tay amiga gipanguyaban haha kay naay laki makagasto sa laag.lol
    It's okay uie!daghan pa next time hehehe

  3. Looks like fun :)


  4. Looks like a fun day! I know that movie, and I love that movie too. It is insidious ehehe... if I guessed it right...

  5. Thanks for the follow, I am now following you back :)


  6. @Jaybel:yea we did :)
    It's always fun to have some friends around hihi* you guess it right Jaybel! hehe that's Insidious

  7. All of these are great pictures, am glad you had a wonderful time out :) Than you very kindly for the sweet comment, I'm very pleased you enjoy my blog!! I am following you back...please don't worry about how many followers or posts you have, just be yourself & people will like you and enjoy your blog!! It's a wonderful blog :)) Have a gorgeous week doll! Lots of love to you too xx

  8. Reading this made me miss my highschool barkada! What a happy day for you. Love your shoes btw. <3

  9. hello Ms. Dainty thank you!

    @Mill: sure it is,thank you dear.Love them too :))

  10. funny post :)

    mind to follow each other via bloglovin? tell me if you want :)


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  11. i really like this post ,
    it is so fresh .
    i love seeing photos
    of friends .
    makes me smile .

  12. ur so beautiful sis :-)

  13. Love your ring and these photos of you!!! so cute!! *.*