Make-up Session w/ Sis :)

        Hey guys, it's actually our semestral break so got enough time to rest but I'm definitely bored to death. I spend most of my time reading, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, watching movies,making some illustrations (which I will show you soon) and doing nothing :) hehe
        Anyways, yesterday was Sunday, a day-off for my sister and fortunately she's bored like me too. Even bored after we've watched the film ' The Mistress' . Sorry if you're a fan of John Lloyd and Bea but I must say I really don't like the film. Never like most FIlipino made film though :]
       Ok enough of that talk about boredom, you might as well get bored reading my post too hahaha.
What I'll show you here are some of the photos I took last night after I did a make-over session with my elder sister. This make-over session I just said made us (my sister and I) wash off the boredom we have. So, here is it:

Here's what her make-up looked like
Here' a closer look of the eye make-up I did for her. I chose to apply neutral colors since I haven't tried doing her make-up and I know neutral colors are always good for anybody. Also, if you wanna be safe in using eyeshadow colors. heehhhe :D
Here's her lips. I chose a light and soft color for her. I know any lip color will match with the neutral colors of her eye but she wanted to have it that way (soft). Well that will depend on the occasion on where will you wear a make-up anyway.On her case, I want to give her a natural and sweet looking look.
Sweeter Smile :)
Her "safe" satisfied look hehehe make me feel happy and smile too
FInished Look- hahahaha we actually argued about the photo caption LOL but we end up agreeing about it and laughing haha

I tied two small braids from the sides of her head. What I really want is to give her a fishtail braid but that's isn't possible because she have a very,very,very thick hair. I'm not even exaggerating :)

just so you know guys, my sister and I looked very different from each other :)
she had longer nose and high cheekbones
It's her request to edit her photo like this one, a music player frame.LOL
OKay, enough of her vanity photos , here's what I use to do her make-up: 
I used Skin White face cream as a make-up base before I applied everything else.
After applying the make-up base, I applied a liquid foundation in 'soft beige' from Ever Belina Cosmetics and face powders to set the foundation off.
The one which I labelled 'number 1' is the one I used to color the middle part of her lids

here's my cute liquid eyeliner!!!!!!!!!!I sooooooooo love it!~
What it looked like. Exactly why I love it.It has pointed tip which made it easier for me to apply especially on the closest line of the eye and in making the perfect wing eyeliner tip
For her make-up, I used two mascara. The one in the left side is from Avon, the one in right is the high definition mascara from Ever Belina Cosmetics. Both are rich black in color.
After doing her eye, it's time to apply blush-on. I gave her a soft blush, she didn't want to look comical. Pardon my fail ombre nails hhaha I love this brush anyway, it's because of its animal print :)
After setting everything in place from the eye to her cheeks, I applied her lipcolor. I actually used two lipsticks for her. The first one above which is Fushia Pink from Avon and Fresh Melon next to it also from Avon. After I applied the lipsticks, I gave her lips a slight touch of the peach colored lip gloss and viola! her make-up is done.

We end up our make-over session by picture taking. All photos are taken by her cellphone camera so pardon me if it's a bit blurry :) P.S I'm not trying to make a make-up tutorial here that's why I don't provide a step-by-step photos of how I did her make-up. The reason why I'm the one doing her make-up is that my sister doesn't really know how to. She even asked me to download a make-up tutorial video for her to learn. hehe. If you wanna know/interested more in make-up tutorials as well as doing awesome nail arts, you can check my friend Lahlab's blog here: .She always have something awesome to offer.
   That's it, thanks for reading!
Tin  :)

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  6. She looks great :) you have skills, =)

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